Children of Crimson

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In the complex world and geography of the world of Mistian,where the science and industrial revoltuin is at it's peak as magic's been dormant for many centuries accept for a few who still remained
untained, there are current issues abiding it as the threat of economic and social collapse looms over the haft of the globe, especially among the country of Endian, who greatly fears the death of
it's position as one of the main superpowers as other countries rise up, Lilith, who with her unnerving ambition,managed to rise from poverty to being a major political player within the Endian
government, see's the potential opportunity to use it to her advantage in order to keep climbing up the latter, even as her hunger for power threatens to crumble all her efforts into dust.

As Lilith ventures onto her schemes, social upheaval begins to rise, Jacob, a Anivan guard captain whose struggles to maintain order in the capital city of Eael as riots, protest and a series of
political and spiritual moments starts appearing, all while trying to contain his stress and worry over his failing financial, his own guards corruption and existential crisis about even his own
identity. In the other side of this is David, who goes from a simple apathetic and cynical young man trying to make ends meet to an idealist being a part of one of the major spiritual and political
movements, the Levican, lead by the charismatic sorcerer and leader Jensen who leads the movement through the idea of how one should humble your soul in order to let it be raised to your fulliest
potential, with Jensen desiring for those who have longed for the return of magic into the world

As this country steadily begins both an downward spiral and a steady collective awakending, the characters will go through mnay obstaclrs as they attempt to get past, fight off or take adavantage
of a increasing changing world as magic makes a slow return, the indsutrial revoltion entering it's peak for Endian and a world preparing itself to either break or recreate itself from within


Oh and by the way this first chapter is less world building and more about the character, which I would like to let you know just in case you get a little bit confused.

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Sand and Soul

Submitted: November 21, 2017

          Staring into the red sun as it settles down under the blissful waves with lustfu... Read Chapter