The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Here's Episode 1. Enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning of the End

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017



Just like the usual, I woke up late today. The reason is, I binge-watched an anime series Rin suggested last night. By the time I finished it, it was already 11:30 pm.

Since today is Monday, there should be a flag ceremony to be conducted at the school grounds, but due to some reasons, it was postponed for next week. Hence, I have some more minutes of time to prepare myself for school.

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, and classes start at 7:30. I have one more hour to prepare. When it comes to this I won't take my breakfast at home in order to save time. Every time that I come late at school, I always go to the school cafeteria to eat my breakfast-slash-lunch combo. That said, being late at school isn't always bad because I can save money this way, though it is not advised to do it all the time.

I sped down the road without minding if my school uniform is creased or not. At this rate, I will arrive at the school gates in 5 minutes.

I arrived at the school gates one minute late than estimated. I look at my watch for the time, it was 7:03 in the morning.

As I walk towards the school building, the cellphone in my pocket vibrated. I hurriedly grabbed my phone to see what is the message is all about. The message says:

{I am sick, so I can't attend to your class for today. You can do the things required in other subjects at my time ONLY. --ma'am joan}

What timing.

If that's what it is, then what is the purpose of rushing all the way here? But it is a thing that we students can't expect even if we prayed for it to happen everyday, so let's just be grateful.

Ma'am Joan, surely Math has taken a toll on you.

I continued to walk while humming to myself. What rudeness it is for a student to become happy at his teacher's sickness. But hey, I am not the only one.

I reached the building in which our classroom is located. By the way, the building is located on the farthest edge of the school, and our classroom is on the farthest side on the top floor from the stairs. It is indeed troublesome because the building has four floors, and to accomplish such feat for five days a week is on the boundaries of becoming human.

As I thought of such things, I immediately climbed the stairs. I reached the top floor after some time. I'm so beat right now that I want to go home.

Our classroom is the only one that emits noise on this floor at this moment. The other rooms are either locked or there's few people inside sufficient enough to generate noise.

By the time I climbed the last flight of stairs, I already heard the sounds of laughing and talking coming from the other side of the building.

Once I stepped inside the room, I noticed that most of the people are here, I guess. They we're all either fooling around chatting with friends or doing anything else. Some does requirements for the other subjects, others are using their phones. There are those who are sleeping with books covering their faces. What I don't understand is why the two of my classmates are flirting inside the room. Well, it seems that everyone's having a good time since the text message was received.

After I placed my things on my chair and finally settled down, one of my classmates just came. She is my classmate and childhood friend Rin. When she always enter the room, the first person that she always see is me (I think it is because my seat is the first you will see when you enter the room). I don't know why it became a routine that she always have to talk to me about random things and some other jargon only otakus like her can understand.

Well, disregarding that annoying characteristic of hers, Rin has what it takes to be a model or a beauty queen. Long brown hair tied into a ponytail, beautiful facial features, well-proportioned body. Combined with athletic prowess, she has an image of a cool beauty and has fans even in our school. Makes me wonder why she has devolved into a freaking mess without anyone noticing.

"Ren! Goodmorns!" "'Morning"

She greeted me in that usual sweet smile that hides mischief towards me.

"Hey, have you watched the latest episode of Another World With My Grandmother? It was so darn cool, right?" "Eh? Not yet. I just finished the series you recommended to me a few days ago last night."

First thing in the morning, and she even bothered to talk to me about that? Nice.

"Ohh. Then, how was it?" "It was good at the start, but why did he became an oven toaster when he reincarnated?" "Why? It's so cool you know? An oven toaster fighting against the army of the Demon King. Surely you won't here it elsewhere." "I guess next time, I won't ask for recommendations coming from you" The topic came to an end and she automatically started a new topic.

While arguing with each other about salted chocolate-flavored toothpaste, there came a group of students entering the room.

They are the central figure of our section and even the year level.

The first one to enter is James. He is the captain of our school's basketball team. A hunk at a young age, I don't want to be punched with that body of his.

The next one is Mari. Student Council President, dignified and respected by the students and teachers alike. Nicknamed "Mama Mari" by my classmates due to her mother-like actions.

The third one is Iza. Petite beauty, or so it seems. She hates it when her small height is emphasized. She is the moodmaker of our class.

Then came Kai. He is the undisputed Prince Charming of the school. Looks, talent, smarts and charisma, he got it all, though he is not high-strung compared to others.

The last one to enter is Karen, a school idol just like Rin. She came from a wealthy family, but she studied in a public school since her parents are indebted to our school. Long flowing dark brown hair that reaches up to her waist, well-endowed body and her beautiful face that exude gentleness. With her elegance and kindness that knows no boundaries, she gained the hearts of the students even from other schools.

All in all, they're the so-called A-team.

"Yo" "Good morning" "Yahallo~!" "Good morning everyone" "Good morning"

They instantly greeted us. After that they flocked on the side and began chatting with each other. I glanced at their group and I saw Karen. Her cute giggle when she laugh makes me want to hug her. Not in a bad way or whatever.

"Hey, looking again at Karen with that eyes makes me want to call the guards, you know?"

Eh? Do I look at her like that? Moreover, did Rin notice that I am looking at Karen?

"You always look at her everyday. It's obvious that you like--"

I instantly covered her mouth with my hand. This girl, does she intend to embarass me in front of her?

Huh? Did she noticed? Karen laughed lightly when she saw that I covered Rin's mouth with my hand.

It's over. I now have a funny image in her mind I guess.

I let go of my hand that covered her mouth.

"Pfueeh, what are you doing all of a sudd--"

She instantly stopped her words. I am not holding her mouth this time. She looked below and noticed something.

"The floor, it's glowing?!"

When she said that, the glow became more intense, and my classmates began to notice the weird phenomenon. Everyone's at loss for words.

"You don't say this is a--" "What? Hey, what's happening? Complete your sentences" "I-I'm not sure, but this looks like a, um, t-transfer f-formation just like in novels."

With a somewhat troubled face she told me that.


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