The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 2: Betrayal

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



"Trajan! So it was you bastard!" Vice Commander Lieman said with full of rage.

I myself didn't thought of this development.

"The reason of the sudden invasion of demonkin while the [Promised Ones] are away is because of you bastard! You planned all of this!"

"Kukukukuku, Lieman, what an unsightly appearance you're showing in the battlefield. Why can't you be calm and relaxed?" Trajan sneered as he speak.

"You of all people! Why, why did you do this?"

"Of course, I want more power! The demonkin whom you've despised so much, offered me the thing which I desire! It can't be helped, I'm an ambitious person after all." Trajan said in a wide grin as if to mock us.

To betray his kingdom for the sake of more power. What a selfish reason.

"Now, feel the might of the demons and cower in fear as you plea for your deaths!"

With a snap of his fingers, several magic circles began to form on the remaining demonkin soldiers and wyverns. They began to grow one size larger and to have more gruesome appearance. Their horns also increased by one during the process.


The demonkin soldiers roared loudly on the battlefield as they received a great power-up.

"W-What? Augmentation magic?!" Lieman said in a shocked expression as he saw the change that is happening to the enemies.

"Hahahahaha! That's right! The power that I wanted, it's all coming to me! Now, now, attack those humans! Harvest their heads and slash their bowels! Bathe in their blood and feast on their corpses!"

Trajan snapped his fingers again and at once, the demons began to resume their attack.

"""We won't let you have your way!"""

Several defending soldiers also begin the attack Trajan.


Several heads all flew at once. Trajan slashed all soldiers that tried to attack with his sword.

"It's useless. For you to attack me, how foolish."

"Tsk. Mages! Archers! Attack that traitor!" Lieman commanded.

The mages and the archers rain down magic and arrows towards to where Trajan is standing. Trajan didn't seem to dodge, instead he snapped his fingers agaun. The demonkin soldiers blocked all of the attack coming from far away.

"Hahahahahaha! Like I said it's useless!" Trajan laughed as he speak mockingly.

"You!!!" Lieman drew his sword again and recited a spell.

"O holy light, shine upon this darkness as I crush all who lay terror and fear upon the just! Light Blade [Sacre Realis]!"

Instantly, his sword began to be clad in holy light.

"You bastard, die!" He charged towards Trajan.

The demons begin to defend their master, but is immediately cut by the holy blade.


The demons who tried to defend against the blade of light just roared their last before falling to the ground as their bodies are severed into two.

"Wonderful, wonderful! As expected of the [Lightblade Crusader]! Come at me!" Trajan taunted Lieman into an attack.

The traitor recited a shortened spell as Lieman is closing his distance with him.

"Earth, pierce them all, [Impale]!"

Several spikes made of earth began to sprout and go towards Lieman. He dodged it all as he charge.

"Tsk. This is troublesome." Lieman said in a disgusted manner.

"Hahahaha! More, more, more! Pierce him!"

"Vice! Careful!"

Trajan commanded again the earth. I could only shout towards the vice commander.

"You brat! You want to die? Stay away from here!" Lieman said as he continue to charge towards Trajan.

I immediately retreated at his command.

"Look at me when I try to kill you! Lieman!!!"

Trajan used the opportunity when Lieman commanded me to fall back. He created an earth spike from behind and pierced his chest.


I shouted in despair as I saw Lieman being pierced from behind.

At this point I realized, I could only do nothing. Indeed, I am powerless.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's for letting your guard down!" Trajan said in a mocking fashion.

"Kuuuuuuuhhhh...You b-bastard..." Lieman looked at him with pain and anger.

The spike that pierced him began to lose it's form and crumbled. Lieman fell to the ground with a thud, bleeding. "Look at yourself now! You're so helpless and weak as always! Ahahahahaha!!!" Trajan approached the fallen Lieman and kicked his body.

"Ughaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Lieman groaned in so much pain. He vomited more blood because of the kick.

"Just die like the dog you are, Vice Commander Lieman Larkis, the [Lightblade Crusader]! Now, where is that brat? Hmmmm....Oh, there you are!"

He faced away Lieman who is lying on the ground and began to walk to my direction.

My body fell stiff because of what happened to Lieman.

"Hello there [Promised One]? I believe that you have something I need."

He said to me while staring like a predator watching its prey.

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