The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...we have to do the best that we can to change that future into what is good for us, the future that we wanted."

reku-chan desu.

See you guys in Vol. 2! Thanks for reading my novel!

Here's Episode 100, senpai!

Chapter 100 (v.1) - The Future That We Wanted

Submitted: March 10, 2018

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Submitted: March 10, 2018



Two days later, everything returned to normal here in Sadari, it seems.

The inn manager, whom we are indebted so much for letting us stay for a while, said that we are free to return anytime we wanted, for the inn actually is almost a defunct establishment due to the decreasing amount of customers over the last few years. Well, as apology and thanks we promised her that we will do anything we can to revive the inn.

And now, we need to go.

"Huh? You're not really going back to Arandel?!" I asked them while feeling surprised.

"It has been decided long ago while you're away. Everyone is tired of having someone order us to do something, it was like we're here only as their servants." Mari spoke in behalf of my classmates.

"I-I guess you have a point there..."

I said while bring unsure of what to react.

"'We, the otherworlders, will not adhere to the rules from any country in this world', is what we've decided." Mari said.

"But, you can stay here in our country if you want to..." Lerish suggested.

"Thanks for the offer, but we have to refuse, Princess."

When I looked at everyone, their eyes showed conviction as they look at Mari.

"Then, where will you guys go now? Have you thought of it?" I asked.

"Man, since we're here I want to travel around the world!" James said.

"Me too! I want to experience new things as we go to different countries!" Iza also spoke in high spirits.

"As a [Hero] I will make sure that the things that happened here will be the last." Kai spoke in a serious tone.

My other classmates also spoke their wishes as they plan to go to different countries, each has a unique itinerary of his/her own. "I want to eat delicious food in Myrenia!" Mamet said while drooling.

"The casinos in Firezel, I want to test my luck there!" Ivan said.

"They say that the best magic institute is in Yailin, so we want to go there to study!" Leah added.

"Claire said that there is an assassin village in Ogishu, so she wants to improve her skills there." Edna said while flapping Claire's braided hair. Claire, looks away in embarrassment.

Everyone...decided to split ways, huh.

"So we will all be split for a while, I guess?" I said to them.

"Don't be sad, Ren. You see, at some point we have to decide things on our own, and we all have different paths in depends on us which path will we take."

Mari said in a gentle tone.

"All this time that I became a [Diviner], I learned that the future won't always be in our side, so we have to do the best that we can to change that future into what is good for us, the future that we wanted."

She said while looking up in the blue sky that is starting to become dark as the sun starts to set.

"Ren, you have such bright future waiting ahead of you, but there are challenges you must overcome in order to achieve it. With the power to change the world, you have the ability to also change everyone's future as well."

Everyone looked at me with high expectations.

"But, I don't know if I can do that..."

"...You can, big brother. As long as I'm here." Aoi said as she held my right hand.

"I'm here too, so don't worry about it too much." Lerish said while clinging to my other arm.

'What about you two, what will you do?' She said in a whisper to Karen and Rin.

"I'll help him in any way that I can!" Karen spoke in high spirits. "It will be bad if I let him do things on his own, right? I will help as well." Rin said while smiling.

"It is my duty to serve Master, so rest easy nano." Bell added from the side.

"Everyone..." I muttered to them.

"Ren, the whole class will help you as well, so do what you can for now." Mari said.

"Ah. Nn." I nodded.


Everyone's things were already placed inside the wagons they have hired, so anytime they will leave Sadari.

"Stay healthy, Ren." Kai spoke to me.

"I'll do my best."

"There's one thing I want to say to you."

"Eh? W-What is it?"

In front of everyone who are currently getting on board the carriages, he spoke.

"If you made Karen be hurt even for just once, I will take her away from you." He spoke with eyes of determination.

Everyone got shocked at his declaration, saying 'Is Kai really...'

"We've been friends for almost ten years, just like between you and Rin. I also loved her ever since, so I got frustrated when I learned that she likes you. That's why...Ren Mortel, take that in mind. I will make it certain for sure!" Kai said.

I glanced at Karen who is standing behind me, feeling unsure about Kai's words. I returned my gaze at Kai, and spoke.

"I...I will not hand over to anyone...the people I already vowed to protect."

When I said that, everyone including her also got surprised.

"I still don't know what I feel for her, but I will make her happy and safe. So, if you said you're certain then I'm also certain of it."

I'm still immature, but as time goes on I'll be a much more reliable man not only for her, but also to Lerish, Rin and most importantly, to Aoi. With Bell, I'll strive to be a good master for her.

Kai, upon hearing that, extended his hand to me for a handshake. "Take care of everyone."

"Ah. Take care of our classmates as well" I grasped his hand, and we shook hands.

After that, the wagons started to move, and they finally left.

The ones remaining are me, Aoi, Lerish, Karen, Rin and Bell. We waved at them goodbye, saying that we will all meet again in the future.

"...Those guys...are nice people." Aoi said while looking at the wagons that goes farther from us over time.

"Yeah." I said.

"But I'm glad not all of them left. Karen and Rin will be with us as well!" Lerish said happily.

"Of course. This man wants us after all." Rin said to her. "Nn. I'm so happy...he said that to everyone..." Karen spoke in a sweet tone.

"Uh, just slipped out from my mouth." I said to them.

"I don't have any plans for myself yet, all I can think of is the future where all of us are living happily and peacefully, even amidst the dangers this world has to offer."

I said as I looked at the horizon, then I glanced at them.

"Everyone...thank you very much!"

These little sister, a princess, a kind and caring maiden, my childhood friend and my servant, these people decided their future along with me.

"Geez. Don't cry, you hopeless pervert!" Lerish spoke in panic.

"Ah. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just feel so happy right now." I apologized while wiping my eyes that became moist with tears.

"...Big brother, you idiot! Don't cry like that!" Aoi said.

"He's always like that when he gets too happy. It's creepy."

"That's not true, Rin. I find it quite cute and endearing." Karen said to Rin as she laughed lightly.

Karen held my hand, and she winked at me.

"I find it creepy too, but if you like it then I'll stay just the way I am." I spoke to her while feeling embarrassed. I let her held hands with me for a while. I looked at the girls if they will react to it, but it seems they don't mind.

"It's getting dark. Should we return to Plate Town too?" Lerish asked us.

"...I already missed Saku and Saki's cooking." Aoi said while feeling depressed.

"Eh?! Aaaaaaahhh, I forgot about them! They'll get angry at us it we don't return as soon as possible!" I said in panic while placing my hands on my head.

"Let's go, then. I'm looking forward into meeting them!" Rin said eagerly.

"Yeah. Let's go." Karen agreed.

As we walk towards our own wagon, I noticed that Bell is just standing up until now, staring into the horizon.

I slowly walked back towards her.

"What's wrong? You're not coming with us?" I asked her.

"Is this...alright nano? You're not doubting my loyalty, Master?" She said in a faint voice.

"I'm not thinking of it at all. But, are you planning to betray me?"

"Even though I have the capacity to do it, I can't nano."


"The fact that Master is treating the Death Goddess with utmost care and affection, it makes me want to experience the same thing nano."

Bell spoke with a faint smile. "I was your enemy until now, so I understand if Master still resents me for everything that I've done nano. If Master wants to treat me badly, I will accept it nano."

I scratched my head at her words.

"Idiot. I won't treat you that way. Now, come with us. It's an order."

"Yes, Master." She bowed her head, and followed me as we walked towards Lerish and the others who are waiting for us.


As we ride in our wagon being driven by Lerish, I sat behind the wagon, while Aoi sat on my lap.

"...Big brother, why are you smiling?" She asked as she looked at me over her shoulder.

"Ah, I'm just happy, that's why." I said while looking at the moon that shone into the purple night sky filled with stars.

"...Hm?" Aoi tilted her head in wonder.

"I'm just happy, because I met people like Lerish, who is always being friendly even to strangers. There's Karen, who always care for us with a smile. Rin also, for she never left me behind even though I'm like this. Bell, with her loyalty sworn to me, it makes me feel relieved. Most of all, I met you, the cutest little sister in the whole wide world!"

I looked over my shoulder, and they nodded at the two of us.

"Thanks, for making my life complete, Aoi."

I patted her head, and she returned a bright smile at me.

Is it really fun to go to another world? My answer: a very big YES. There's more challenges and dangers to come, but it just makes the adventure even more fun and exciting.

Right now, let's aim to be the strongest in the world!


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