The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Battle staaaaaaaaaaaaaart!!!!!“

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 3: Resolve

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They arrived earlier than estimated due to Eina finding a shortcut in the forest that leads to Sarca. As expected of a person who has [Tracker] for an ability.

The place is a wide valley, the flowering grasses is growing all around, the trees are not that many. There are also few hiding spots on the mountainside, a perfect place for a face-to-face type of a battlefield.

As the class set up camp, they decided to have their breakfast while looking at the rising sun.

"Uwaaaaaa....this place's beautiful, isn't it?" Iza said in amazement.

"It is. Though not that much since the battle will happen here, based on my divination." Mari replied with a sigh.

"Hey Mari, what are the chance that we will win this battle?" Kai asked as he eat his share of orc meat they hunted earlier.

"That kind of details...I'm not sure, but I think we have 70 percent chance of winning." Mari said.

"That means, we should let our guard down huh." James grumbled while chewing his food.

"But, that probability is still high, isn't it? I mean, if we do our best, we can return back to Arteim earlier..." Karen said as she put more skewered meats on the grill.

"I want to go back. I don't want to fight! I don't really want to fight!" Iza has tears on her eyes as she speak to herself.

"B-But, we have to. We have no choice since it is the reason why we're transported into this world, isn't it?" Kai said to Iza with eyes of determination as if to convince her to fight. It seems he heard Iza's grumbling.

Iza, upon hearing that, looked at him with anger shown on her face and tears forming on her eyes.

"But why does it have to be us?! Why? Why do we have to risk our lives just to end this war? Why, why?!"

Tears finally began to stream on Iza's cheeks.

The other classmates fell silent. In reality, they still don't accept the fact that they are sent into this world to fight the Demon King and his army, that they have to risk everything they have for the sake of humans living in this world.

"What if something happens, and someone will die because of that, do you think you can have the responsibility for that?!" Iza said while crying.

Some girls also began to weep as they think again the thought of being away from home.

"Everyone, I guess it's really hard to accept the situation we have now. Even I still want to return to our world, but we have to endure since we don't know the way back. We have to fight. We have no choice but to fight for survival..."

Kai said in a loud tone as he stood, his eyes filled with burning fervor.

"It is not only for the people of this world, but for ours as well. We have to fight, so that we can live in peace while we're in this world."

Kai looked at his classmates who had lost their morale before the battle starts. Each of them didn't looked at him in the eye, but just looked at the ground.

"As long as we are together, as long as we fight, nothing can stop us! We have to prove our enemies that we are the [Promised Ones]!"

One by one, his classmates looked at him. Iza calmed down after a while.

Their eyes somewhat regained their determination to fight.

Everyone prepared themselves as they positioned themselves according to formation.

All eyes are set on the horizon beside the mountains. Eina and Mari, as well as the class members who are non-combatant ability users, position themselves on the rear, beside the users of long-ranged abilities.

"Eina, seeing something?" Mari asked the class [Tracker].

"Eh? Uh, ano...nothing yet." Eina said shyly.

By the way, Mari who is also the class [Diviner] is the one who is acting as an operator of the group, with the advice of Captain Rasheed of the Arandel Knight Order on her side.

Their formation consists of soldiers and class members fighting in melee, those who have defensive abilities, support mages, rear guards and [Operators] who command everyone that will fight against the demonkin army.

As Eina concentrated her enhanced vision towards the horizon, she noticed black figures from far away.

"I-I see it! T-they're here!" Eina shouted.

"Everyone! Prepare for battle!" Mari shouted too.

Everyone immediately held their weapons as they hear that enemy is, incoming. The tension in their bodies escalate, and is shown on their faces.

It's their first battle on this world. As they begin to see figures coming near from the horizon, the mages started chanting their spells. The vanguards brandished their weapons and shields.

"Eina, how many are they?" Kai asked Eina as he looked from behind.

"I-I guess it's 2000 of them..." Eina said as she trembled.

"Ten times our number huh. However, it's too far from the 5000 demons the king said. Anyway, let's see what they're made of!" James said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Don't ever think of going back. We're here to fight for our survival!" Kai boosted the morale of his classmates.

His classmates nodded at his words while looking at the horizon with eyes filled with determination just like Kai. As expected of a [Hero].

The demons continued to come closer to them. When they see the appearance of demons easily, they saw that each of them has a scary figure, and everyone of them carried swords, spears, clubs, arrows and wands. There is also a demon riding a three-horned lizard.

"That one over there, he must be the leader." Kai said.

The two sides waited for the right opportunity to attack while steadily closing the distance with each other.

When a dove suddenly flew above them, they mistook it for a signal and each of them charged towards the enemy.

"""Battle staaaaaaaaaaaaaart!!!!!"""

The whole class roared their battle cry.

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