The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Episode 12. Yey!

Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 4: Teamwork

Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



The battle has started.

Each of the class members immediately charged towards the enemy.

"Leah, Edna, others too, fire!" Mari commanded the rear guards while looking at the charging members at a distance.

"""Here we go!!!""" They shouted.

Several types of magic are being fired from their position, aimed at the bulk of the demonkin army. Fire burned their skin, ice chilled them to their core, and lightning pierced through their armor. Arrows rain also upon them, leaving them no margin to dodge and protect themselves.

""It hit!!!"" Leah and Edna shouted as they hold hands and facing each other while jumping merrily.

"Not yet! Don't get carried away!" Mari scolded the two.

"Uhh...sorry Mari. Hehehe."

"Sorry too, Mama Mari."

Mari cramped her cheeks when she heard that annoying nickname from Edna. She wanted to retort back but now is not the time for that.

Meanwhile, all charging members closed their distance with the enemy forces.

"Take this, you bastards!"

"We'll send you straight to hell!"

The delinquent duo Ike and Mark covered their fists with fire and ice and started punching through the enemy ranks.

"James! On your left!"

Kai warned his friend about an attack coming from the left side.

"Wooooooaaaah! Too close!" James shouted in surprise.

James landed a swift uppercut to the demon after dodging.

"Karen! I'll cover you! Please heal Ivan over there!" Kai said.

"Nn. I'll be in your care." Karen said while nodding.

Their classmate Ivan is currently facing against ten demons at once. As a [Great Spear User], he can have the advantage over large numbers depending on the situation but currently he has a wound on his left shoulder and leg, hindering his movement.

"Ivan!" Kai attacked the demons surrounding him to give Karen time to heal Ivan's injuries.

"Holy light, wrap upon this injured body and bless with your healing light! [Heal]!"

Warm light wrapped Ivan, causing his bleeding to stop and his wounds to close.

"Gee, thanks Karen, and sorry for bothering you. You're kind as always." Ivan said while smiling wryly.

Karen only smiled a little to his words.

{Kai! Can you hear me? Enemies are launching arrows from the sky!}

Mari warned Kai about the arrows seen by Eina using the [Telepathy] of Violet.

"Understood. Everyone, watch out for arrows!" Kai relayed the message to his classmates.

"It's okay, I got this! Eyyy!"

Iza formed barriers above the heads of her classmates, causing all arrows to just bounce off them and fall to the ground.

"Muuuuu...the barrier's still small, but a lot of mana is used..." Iza said while sulking due to disappointment.

"No, it's okay. Thanks a lot." Kai said to Iza.

"He he. I'm a [Defender] after all." Iza said while doing a cute pose on the battlefield.

"Yuki, need help over here! I'm low on mana! I can't hold my dragon form any longer!" Drake shouted while blocking an attack with his arm that grew dragon scales.

"Okay, here we go...wha--!"

As she was readying her mana replenishing spell, a small demon drew its blade to cut her, but Rin blocked the attack.

"What the hell. This is more troublesome than expected." Rin said in a displeased manner as she cut the demon into two with her katana.

"Rin! Thanks! Okay, [Mana Well]!"

Yuki who is a [Mana Controller] used a spell to replenish Drake's mana.

"All right! Come at me you uglies! [Dragon Breath]!"

Drake lets out a scorching current of flame toward his enemies. The demons burned and burned till ashes are left.

"Aaahhh. How's that?" He said while laughing.

"Ano...Rin, should we get going?" Yuki asked Rin.

"Un. Let's go, Yuki, Drake."

As the battle continued, Kai and the others attacked while being supported by Karen and Yuki and the rear guards from the distance.

{Help! They're attacking us!} Mari shouted through Violet's telepathy.

"Iza!" Kai shouted.

"I got it! [Barrier]!" Iza nodded.

The arrows and magic aimed at the back are blocked by the barriers.

{Mari, are you guys okay?}

{Y-yeah. Your ability is reliable.}

{Hehehe...I will leave some barriers to protect you guys, so don't worry about surprise attacks.}

The two girls send their messages through the telepathy.

{Go back there. We'll manage from here.}

{Nn. Take care.}

As Iza return to the middle of the battlefield, she felt the ground trembled.

"W-What is this? What's happening?!"

She looked at far away, and saw something strange.

{Everyone be careful! A behemoth is coming towards us! Height about 30 meters!}

Mari warned again her classmates.


The behemoth rushed as the whole class screamed in surprise.

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