The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"You'll pay for hurting my friends..."

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We're touching the 200 reads mark! It's still too few, but I want to express my thanks to everyone that noticed and liked my work. Because of that, I'll exert more effort than ever!

Here's Episode 13 for you guys. Enjoy!

Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 5: Behemoth

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



Behemoth. A giant monster that lives on the wastelands and is capable of destroying armies on it's own.

The behemoth had a figure of a scorpion, and has four pincers and four stingers on it's back, in which black venom drips on the tips and its mouth. It also has several spikes growing on it's back.


The behemoth raised a roar that caused the ground to tremble. The demons surrounding it also raised their cries.

"Tsk. I didn't expected for such thing to come." Rin clicked her tongue as she speak in frustration.

"Everyone! Don't falter! We can defeat it if we are together!" Kai said to his classmates.

"B-But it's freaking huge! How can we beat that guy?!" James asked his friend. He staggered by the presence of the behemoth.

"For now we'll test how tough that is."

Kai raised his sword towards the giant.

"[Cleaving Light]!" Kai shouted.

Kai slashed the air with his glowing sword, causing the light to form into a crescent shape that launched towards the behemoth and cuts everything on its path.

The cutter of light hit the back of the target, but it only caused cracks on the spikes on its back.

"It's too tough..." Kai said in dismay.

The behemoth raised its four stingers and released four streams of black-colored venom like a water gun to commence its counteroffensive.

{Everyone! Evade! Evade!}

Mari ordered her classmates from the distance.

The class evaded the trajectory of the venom, but several accompanying soldiers are hit.


The skin and armor of the soldiers melted and smoked as they writhe and scream in agony and leaving behind only their skeletons as they die.

"Y-you're kidding, right? It's not venom, it's acid!" James shouted while being shocked.

While the class is under the state of shock, the spikes behind the behemoth separates from the body and is launched like rockets as they fall from the sky.

The whole class managed to evade the rain of spikes, but several unlucky soldiers got their bodies impaled.

The remaining demons attacked the class and the soldiers in a trance due to the arrival of the behemoth to add insult to injury.

"Rush forth, [Four Killing Wasps]!"

Rin used a sword technique that cuts four demons at the same time.

"There are still too many of them!" Rin said in despair.

"Don't give up! We have to defeat the behemoth first!" Kai said to Rin.

The behemoth raised all four pincers as they speak, and slammed it on the ground, causing the earth to shake violently.


The whole class staggered as they receive the shock of the earthquake.

{Everyone! Are you okay?!}

Mari said in worry.

The class immediately stood up so as not to give the demons any opportunity to attack.

"Are you guys okay? [Multi Heal]!"

Karen healed her classmates who got wounds due to the earthquake.

"Thanks, Karen." Kai said.

He looked at the behemoth surrounded by demons as they rejoice in the middle of the battle. He sighed lightly, and spoke to his classmates.

"Now I'm angry. Everyone, fall back for a while. I'll handle this."

"You idiot, what are you gonna d--" James angrily shouted to his friend but he was stopped by Kai's hand.

"I'm gonna do something about that behemoth, so fall back for a while. Please." He said in a serious tone.

He walked towards the behemoth as he raise his sword towards the enemy.

"[Sacre Realis: Heaven's Break]"

A huge magic circle made up of light formed on the sky. It covered the entirety of the battlefield. The demons as well as his classmates looked St it with fear and surprise.

"[Sacre Realis: Zero Limit]"

He also used a spell that greatly improved his physical and magical attributes by six times.

"You'll pay for hurting my friends." He said as he charged towards the enemy in the blink of the eye.

The demon riding a horned lizard was shocked as he don't know why Kai closed the distance without anyone noticing. Kai slashed the demon with his sword of light into two, without giving him the time to react.

"[Heaven's Break, Rain]!"

Kai shouted his spell while being encircled by the enemy.

Numerous spears of light fall down upon the enemy, causing explosions on the battlefield. The behemoth took the majority of the attack, causing its tough armor to gradually crumble and finally crushed by the never-ending torrent of light. The remaining demons, upon seeing the behemoth die, attempted to escape, but to no avail.

The bombardment of light subdued after a few minutes. The class immediately rushed to see what happened.

They saw Kai walking towards them, leaving behind the countless burned corpses of demons and the crushed behemoth as well as multiple craters on the battlefield.

"G-Guys...I...did it. We did it..."

Kai said to his classmates in a faint voice as he collapsed to the ground.

"""KAI!!!""" His classmates screamed when he collapsed. He was caught by James.

"With this...we won, right?" Kai asked his classmates while breathing heavily.

"Karen, Yuki, heal this idiot over here!" James shouted at her two classmates to come over.

The two girls rushed to where Kai is.

"Good job, Kai! You depleted you mana really bad..." Yuki said as she used her mana magic so that Kai could stand on his own.

"Hehe. I'm sorry." Kai regained his stamina as his mana was restored.

"Nn. It's okay. You defeated the monster after all." Karen replied while patting his head.

Kai blushed a little with that.

"Is everyone safe?" Captain Rasheed asked the class and the soldiers as they are doing a clean-up operation before returning.

"We're fine, it seems. Though it's better if you helped us on the battlefield rather than just observing us." James replied angrily.

"Hahahahaha! Now, now, I'm sorry for that. I rose on the ranks due to my observation skills, you know?" The captain said as he laughed and touched his bald head.

("He's useless!") is what on their minds say.

"Besides, this girl over here and her friends effectively managed the tide of battle towards our side, so all I have to do is only observe." He said as he looked at Mari and the others.

The girls blushed as they are being praised, but their classmates glared at the bald captain.

"A-Anoo, if not because of Captain Rasheed, we wouldn't know what to do in the batt--"

Mari staggered for a while as she give thanks to the captain.

"Mari, you okay?" Iza asked.

"I-I'm okay, I guess. It's just, I, I think I saw an omen just now..."

"Omen?" Iza asked in wonder.

"Nn. It is too vague right now to see in detail, but I think something will happen at Arteim." Mari said in a serious tone.

"A-Arteim...Ren!!!" Karen screamed as she is shocked by the omen of Mari.

The whole class was also shocked by her scream.

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