The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"A present...for the likes of you..."

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Otherworlders' First Skirmish, Part 6: Escape

Submitted: December 16, 2017

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Submitted: December 16, 2017



"We must return! We must return right now!" Karen said while tears form on her eyes.

"C-Calm down for a moment Karen. Even I can't verify my omens, so what I saw earlier might be just my imagination." Mari said to her in worry.

"But what if, what if that is true?!" Karen angrily said.

"Like I said, it's not always true most the time, so calm down, okay?" Mari restated.

"A-Anyway we will return now since we're done here..." The captain said.

The whole class started return to the carriages, but Karen fell silent and just stood while looking at the ground.

("Ren...I hope you're okay right now...") Karen said to herself with eyes filled with worry.


"Hello there, [Promised One]? I believe that you have something I needed."

General Trajan walked towards me while grinning.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!" I took a step back as to keep my distance from him.

"Now, now, don't feign ignorance on me. I hate people who hides secrets." The traitor general said while still grinning.

What is it that I have that he needed from me? I want to ask him but I decided not to.

"If you won't tell me, I'll get it from you by force!" He said while drawing his sword towards me.

He swung his sword towards my left side. I desperately tried to evade, but my left shoulder is cut.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!!!" I screamed in pain.

"Hahahahaha! Now, where is [that] thing?" He asked me again.

"As I said, I don't know what you're talking abo--AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"

He slashed my left thigh. Blood spurted from my wound like a fountain.

"Still feigning ignorance? Very well then. I'll cut you to bits."

He swung his sword to slash me again, but it was parried by another sword.

"Eh?" Trajan said in surprise. He looked at the mysterious man beside me.

"Don't you dare hurt my friend!" The man said to him.

"Allen!" I shouted the name of the man who blocked the attack that is aimed at me.

"Tsk. Don't interfere with me, or else you'll also die!" Trajan said.

"We the [Cannon Fodder] won't allow the likes of you to harm powerless people!" Allen replied while looking at him with eyes of rage.

The other members of [Cannon Fodder] surround him and brandished their weapons.

"Is that so? Fine. I'll give you a present you'll never forget."

Trajan snapped his finger, and several earth spikes burst from the ground. The spikes pierced the hearts of all the members except Allen and me.

"Claude, Huey, everyone?!!!" Allen screamed in shock and despair.

"Hahahahaha! That's what you get when you're messing with me!" Trajan laughed while looking at us with mocking eyes.

The spikes immediately lose their form and crumbled, leaving behind only the lifeless bodies of the members of [Cannon Fodder].

Upon seeing that, Allen looked at Trajan in raging fury and hatred.

"You demon! DIEEEEEE!!!"

Allen rushed towards him as he was consumed by anger and vengeance.

"Great flame, bless my sword, unleash your burning rage and raze my enemy to ashes, [Flame Bl--]"

I saw Allen charging while chanting his spell. Trajan stealthily snapped his fingers, and summoned an earth spike from the back just like what he did to Vice Commander Lieman.

"Allen! Noooooooooo!!!"

The spike pierced Allen, stopping his incantation. He fell to the ground when the spike crumbled.

"Ren...escape...I'm...s-sorry." Allen said to me before dying.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! It was foolish of them to face me on the battlefield! Truly, you were all novices!" The traitor laughed and laughed as he hear me screaming my comrade's name.

"Allen, please! Don't, don't die. Allen!"

I desperately screamed as I beg for him to live, but it's futile.

"Allen...I...I must get out of here you said, right?"

My emotions went haywire due to witnessing the deaths of my comrades. My feet desperately tried their best to move. In my mind, all I wanted is to escape this hell.

"You thought you can escape in you condition? Well then, it's no use asking you! Join them in the afterlife!"

Trajan laughed as he saw me desperately running for my life. He tried to snap his fingers, but he was interrupted by a flash of light from somewhere.

"Eh? You're still alive, Lieman?!" Trajan said in surprise.

T-The vice commander is still alive?

I used the opportunity to escape.

"You...I won'" Lieman said while still lying on the ground as he bleed.

"Fool, how can you stop me? You think you can win against me--"

Trajan mocked the incapacitated Lieman but is stopped when he noticed the light on Lieman's chest grew more intense.

"W-What's that?!" Trajan asked in shock.

"A present...for the likes of you..." Lieman said in a faint voice.

The traitor took a step back as the light kept on growing.

"Ren...take, this..."

Lieman tossed to me with all his remaining strength while he's still lying in the ground a cartridge.

"Use leads to the secret...passage underground...only I knows..."

I heard his order even though his voice is faint.

"No, bastard! You can't!" Trajan called to me desperately. It seems he knew something about this thing.

He created several earth spikes to try to pierce me.

"...Last...Requiem" Lieman said in a faint voice.

I immediately dropped the cartridge to the ground where I'm standing at befor i get stabbed by the spikes. At the same time, Lieman invoked his spell. A sinkhole instantly formed below me when the spell is invoking.


I screamed as I fell in the hole.

As I fall, I saw a bright light from outside the hole followed by a loud explosion. The hole immediately closed after that.

[Last Requiem]. A very powerful light attribute spell that is capable of destroying multiple armies at the same time. The one casting it will die as it uses the life force of the user for it to activate.

Vice Commander Lieman and the others sacrificed themselves in order for me to escape.

I could only cry as I stare into the abyss.

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