The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Tsundere (????, pronounced [ts?nde?e]) is a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually
showing a warmer side over time. (Wikipedia)

reku-chan here.

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Here's Episode 16. I wrote this while listening to anime theme songs. Hehehe.

Chapter 16 (v.1) - A Behemoth For A Friend?!

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Submitted: December 17, 2017



The carriages that carried the students rushed as they return to Arteim. Due to the omen of Mari, the tension of everyone doesn't come off even though they won a battle. Karen, on the other hand, just prayed for the safety of her classmate that they left behind back in Arteim. As she prayed, her hands trembled.

"Karen, are you okay? I know you're worried about him, but it would take us until sunset until we reach the capital." Kai said to Karen in worry.

Karen didn't say a word, but tears form on her eyes as she kept on praying.


The behemoth youngling approached me at a frightening pace. I, who had seen the real deal for the first time, stepped back in hurry as not to be chased by the monster and started running back to the oasis. My legs still hurt due to heat and fatigue, and my injuries had just healed yet, that's why my efforts to escape the rampaging monster is futile. The behemoth tackled me from behind as I run.


Being tackled from behind by a scorpion twice the size of a human makes my body get painful really bad. It was like being hit by a car moving at slow speed.

I fell on the sand face down. As I get up while brushing off the sand covering my face, the behemoth crept closer to me again, but slower than before.

"D-Don't come near! S-Stay away, I'm not delicious!"

I continued to step back as I plea for my life. The monster ignored my pleas, and still crept towards me.

"Awawawawawa! No, nooooooooo!!!"

I decided to run again, but I got stumbled on to something on the sand after gaining a few meters of distance between me and the behemoth.

"O-Ouchhhhhh...why is this happening to me?"

I fell down again on the sand. For the second time, I immediately got up and noticed the thing that I stumbled upon.

"I-Is this...a sword?"

A handle of a sword protrudes from the sandy surface. I pulled the sword quickly to check its condition.

"Uwaaaaa...This sword looks brand new..."

The sword has a black-colored edge with a blue flowing design. It looked like a Japanese katana, except for some parts that make it different from a real katana. The sword show no signs of corrosion.

"For this sword to be left behind here...I pity it's owner for losing it he--IIIIIIIIIIYAAAAAAH!!!"

I forgot the thought about a behemoth youngling chasing me because of this beautiful sword in my hand.

"Don't come near, I'll cut you!"

The behemoth came closer as I warned it in desperation.

"S-S-Stay! Stay right there! I'm serious, I'll really cut you!"

The behemoth came even closer. When the distance between the two of us is about one meter, the monster stopped moving and lowered its head.

"By any chance, you don't want to harm me?"

Its two stingers went up and down as if they were nodding in response to my question.

"...And you want me to be your friend, I think?"

The stingers "nodded" again.

("What the hell are you saying to a monster?") My mind let out a retort on my actions. I walked slowly towards the monster while putting the sword on my side. When I got in front of it, my hand trembled as it hesitantly reached out to hold its head.

The monster didn't stopped me from holding its head, and it looks like it wants to be petted more. After petting for a while, I could feel vibrations like a purring of a cat.

I feel like I'm petting a dog or something.

"I-It's not like I hate you or something, but the likes of you really scare me a lot..."

I stopped the petting after a few minutes while letting out a tsundere remark. The behemoth still hasn't done anything that could harm me yet, so I think that his response earlier is true.

"Still, a behemoth for a friend, huh? I wonder what Rin will say when..."

I stopped my words. I realized that I left my classmates without them knowing. They will search for me, I guess, but it's better for them to think that I'm dead.

The behemoth sensed that my mood went down, and came closer to me. One of its stingers touched my head as if patting it.

"Now, now, you pat me like I did to you earlier? Still, thanks for understanding...though it's regrettable that a behemoth understood my emotions."

I think that this monster, er, friend, can understand human emotion. This is too shocking of a development for me.

"Oh shoot, I need to get out of this place...want to go with me?"

His stingers "nodded".

I continued to walk through the desert. When I asked the behemoth if it wants to go with me, it's stingers nodded again. After a while, I decided to ride on its back.

"It is the price for following me, so deal with it."

Even though I said that, it doesn't even act like it's complaining or something, so I continued to ride on its back.

"By the way, since we've come this far, how about I give you a name?"

Its stingers went straight up like it's surprised.

"Anooo, let's see...since you have those nodding stingers, how about naming you 'Prick'?"

Prick seems to like the name I gave to him even though I immediately thought that his name would have a different meaning based on other people's context.

We continued to move as I tell him my adventures back on Earth, and the time when the whole class got transported into this world, my training with the [Cannon Fodder], and the tragedy at Arteim. His stingers just patted my head when my emotions become sad as I recall my sufferings. By the time I finished telling my story, the sun is starting to set.

We stopped at the third oasis we found in order to eat and rest. The only food I have is these [Demon Berries] I picked on the first oasis. Fortunately, I found a shrubby tree in this oasis that has a blue fruit that looked like apples and tastes exactly like apples. It also removes any fatigue from the body. I used the opportunity to get as much fruit as I can. I decided at first to throw the bitter berries but Prick seems to like its taste, so I let him half of my berries for dinner.

The desert at night is not as cold as they say. It feels just like I'm in an air-conditioned room to my surprise. As I lay on the cold sand alongside with Prick that acted as a bed and blanket, I looked the black sword I picked up earlier.

"I will kill all of the bastards who killed my friends and comrades, I will avenge their deaths no matter what. If necessary, I will put an end to this war with my own hands. To do that, I need to find a way in order to become stronger."

I just stared at the sword while raising it in front of the stars above before going to sleep.

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