The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...He's alive, he's still alive!"

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Ruins, Hopes and Ruined Hopes

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



"N-No way..."

Eina muttered in disbelief as she looked ahead from far away as she uses her [Far Sight].

"Eh? What happened?" Mari asked.

"S-Something's not good! I-I see smoke from a distance..Moreover, I think it's in Arteim!" Eina screamed.

"What?!" Captain Rasheed, who is sleeping woke up due to Eina's scream. He heard the information from her, and ordered the soldiers driving the carriages.

"Let's move faster! We have to go back before it's too late!"

The carriages rattled as the horses pulling them ran faster.

They reached the capital before sunset.

" a joke, isn't it? Right?"

"No way..."

"Impossible...this is absurd!"

"How did this happen..."

The students voiced their shock and surprise by the sight of the present condition of Arteim.

The scene in front of their eyes is of course, unthinkable to them.

The whole castle's now turned into ruins, with smoke still rising from it. Countless mountains of corpses pile everywhere they look. The ground is also stained by the color of blood. Most of all, the most shocking for them is the sight of countless soldiers impaled by spikes made of earth.

Each of them covered their mouths and eyes in shock.

"This uniform...the general!"

Iza shouted when she saw the red uniform among the pile of corpses.

"R-Ren! Where's Ren?! Where's Ren?!"

Karen screamed as she search for Ren among the impaled corpses.

"No way...we left him behind, s-something might happened to him!"

Mari said while fighting back her urge to vomit.

Rin, on the other hand, just fell silent as she looked at the tragic scene in front of her. She just gripped her sword hanging on her waist while looking at the ground as if in a prayer.

"Everyone, look for him everywhere! E-Even if...even if he's killed, we must find even his corpse!"

Mari instructed the class to search for Ren as while hiding her fear and grief under her serious demeanor. She wanted to vomit when she saw the gruesome images, but she had to play the role of a leader for this class.

The whole class searched among the impaled victims, as well as on the pile of corpses around.

"Have you found him?" Kai asked his classmates.

"No. Not here." Ivan replied.

"Even here." James also replied.

Anxiety began to dwell in their hearts.

"We won't stop until we found any signs of him. Keep searching!" Kai shouted as he ordered his classmates.

His classmates followed him, even though they're too tired to continue.

"Lord, help me find him...I still believe that he's alive. Lord, please..."

Tears stream down her cheek as she searched and searched.

She didn't care at all even if her dress is stained with the blood of the dead, or the stench of rotting flesh. Her hands desperately touched every dead body she found, just to make sure her classmate is not one of them.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry for leaving you behind...Ren, I'm sorry."

She bit her lip as more tears run down from her eyes. She said countless apologies to the one she left behind, but none of them reached its destination.

After a while, she found a familiar object on the ground at a distance.


She rushed to see whether her assumptions were correct, and when she saw it up close,

"Ren...No way...This can't be, this can't be..."

She fell on her knees to the ground while looking at the object on the ground.

In front of her was, the handkerchief she gave to Ren before they left, covered in blood.

She frantically grabbed the handkerchief and held it with her hands on her chest.


From afar, Rin, Mari and the other girls who are also helping to find Ren found Karen who is currently kneeling on the ground.

"Karen...let's go back. Everyone's worried." Mari said.


Karen didn't move even an inch, or let out a word from her mouth. She still kept the handkerchief in her hands while weeping.

"We tried our best, but we still can't find even his clothes..."

"..." Karen still didn't said a word.

"'s getting dark. We should go back and take a rest, okay?" Mari continued to persuade Karen to go back to the carriages.

"...If you exerted more effort...we can still find him." Karen said while looking at the ground lifelessly.

"Karen, it's too late...he's dead already, okay? He's dead, and we can't do anything about it! Please, Karen..." Mari said strongly as she began to cry.

"No...Noooooo!!! You're lying! He's alive, he's still alive! I believed in him, and he believed in me...that's why, I still believe he's alive!"

Karen's emotion changed from sorrow into anger.

"Can't do anything about it? Can't do anything about it?! I should've stayed here when I knew that he will be left behind! I should've stayed at his side when I knew this would happen! I can help him if I wanted to! Then, you'll tell me that you can't do anything about it? What kind of a classmate are you?!"

"Karen..." Iza said in worry.

The other girls fell silent while also feeling worried for her. Rin only clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she think of her childhood friend.

"He didn't deserved to be left behind because he doesn't have any abilities that we have...He didn't deserved to be mocked at because he's weak! He didn't deserved to experience all of this!"

"Rin..." Mari said to the girl standing behind Karen.

Rin approached Karen silently from the back, and struck the back of her neck with her hand to calm her down.

"...I'm sorry, Karen." Rin apologized to her.

Karen twitched for a moment before starting to lose consciousness due to the blow.

The other girls immediately carried her back to the carriages.


Karen said without strength as her hopes and consciousness began to fade.

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