The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"I-I...think rats are better than flying arrows, I guess?"

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - A Secret in the Middle of the Desert

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



We continued traversing the desert as the sun rises on the horizon. I still don't know where we're going, but Prick seems to know where the next oasis is based on his experiences. He is a reliable one, I guess.

As usual, I sat on his back, and as I eat my breakfast, I sometimes give my share of food to him as thanks for letting me ride on his back.

While playing with his stingers, Prick suddenly stopped moving.

"Oh, looks like you've found something...what is it?"

I don't know if Prick really found something because of the sand blown by the wind interfering with my vision, but it seems like it is just nearby. I asked him to continue moving, and after a while, we found a strange sight.

"...A cave, on this desert?"

We found a cave at a really huge rock formation in a middle of a desert. It looks like it's man-made, because the hole entrance is like a keyhole.

"...I-I feel like there's something important in there. You think so too, Prick?"

My instincts, supplemented by the "teachings" of Rin, tell me as such. {Treasure hunting is a man's romance}, she said, though she's a girl.

Still, the curious me wants to go inside the cave. It felt like some strange force draws me towards the cave entrance.

"I want you to go inside with me, but I think that you won't fit inside..."

When he heard that, his stingers curled down. He doesn't want to be left behind, huh?

"It's okay, I'll return immediately if it's dangerous inside..."

I said as I patted his head. If he was a cute creature I could've hugged him.

I decided to continue going inside the cave after Prick calmed down. I don't know what he's thinking right now, but if he decided to leave me behind when I'm inside I think it's okay since he is the one that followed me in the first place.

At the entrance, I noticed some carvings on the wall when I found a torch. When I examined the carvings, it looked like some ancient language.

I learned to read and write the language of this world faster than my classmates, that's why I could say that this carving is an inscription. I wonder what does the inscription say...

"I'm like California Bones in the Temple of Doom...what the heck am I thinking..."

The path slopes downward as I go inside. There are torches along the way, so the path is not scary as I would expect. Still, I had to watch out for traps. There might also be creatures living inside, so I held on to my sword as I walk.

If Rin is with me right now, she'd dodge all traps while laughing in ecstasy.

"Wooooahhh?! W-What's with this place?!?!"

Indeed, there are countless traps hidden on this cave. Flying arrows, dragon statues that breathe fire, spikes, swinging axes on the ceiling, traps of all sizes and variations scatter around the place.

After walking carefully for some time, I found a sign on the wall. It's written in an ancient language like the one I found on the entrance, so I don't know what it meant either. When I tried to touch the sign, darts flew towards me.

"What the--"

I screamed as I evaded the darts, and it all pierced the sign. The sign is a trap, I said to myself.

I tried to get away from the place but dropped the torch when I dodged the flying darts in surprise and the flame was put out. Without any source of light, I relied on my other senses to navigate through this dark chamber.

"Where is the way out...damn, I should've stayed on the surface..."

While crawling in the dark, I touched a protruding rock on the smooth wall. As I examine it by touch, I accidentally put pressure on it, causing it to be detached from the wall.

"Eh? The rock just now--FUWAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

When the rock is removed from the wall, the floor crumbled and I fell down as I cried in panic. The time difference between the two falling down incidents is too short, you know?

I dropped on the lower floors with a thud. Surprisingly, I'm not hurt that much.

"Ouch! Now where am I?!"

The place where I fell is lighted by strange yellow-colored stones attached to the walls. I brushed the dust off my clothes as I immediately got up.

"...This place's too strange to begin with. Now, how can I get out of here?" I could only see the hole where I fell above. I will think there is a stair leading to the higher floors somewhere.

I put more caution in every step that I make, and reminded myself not to touch anything that would trigger a trap. I walked and I walked, until I found a door.

"I-I think that there's something inside...let's take a look..."

I inhaled and exhaled, then opened the door.


I raised a girly scream when I opened the door and rats came out. I jumped and jumped frantically to avoid touching them. If someone heard me screaming like that, my reputation will be more damaged.

"I-I...think rats are better than flying arrows, I guess?"

After making sure that there are no rats coming out of the door, I entered inside.

The room inside is small and is also lighted with magic stones, but instead of yellow, the stones in this room is colored blue.

I looked around the place to see whether this place has traps placed in here. As I looked everywhere, I noticed a magic seal the size of this room carved on the ground.

"A magic this, a seal?"

The center of the seal also has a hand-shaped depression. I tried to check whether my hand fits into the hand carved on the seal.

"Eh? It fits perfectly..."

When I placed my hand on the center of the seal, the whole magic seal suddenly glowed blue. I tried to remove my hand in shock, but my hand seems to be stuck.

"Damn, why is my hand got stuck here--"

The magic seal glowed more intense, and several chains that glowed blue suddenly burst from the ground and entangled my body.


Intense pain runs down to my body like I'm being slashed, pierced and electrocuted at the same time. The pain only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like a hundred to me.


I fell limp on the ground when the pain is gone. It was like my energy is drained when I felt that excruciating pain, but I still have some energy in my body left to prevent me from fainting.

I just knelt on the glowing floor with my hand still stuck on the seal. After a few minutes, the glow starts to subside, and my hand was finally freed.

"W-What the with this place..."

My strength went zero from all that pain from earlier, and I fainted when the glow on the floor is finally gone.

When I regained my consciousness, I saw a little girl looking at me who is currently lying down on the floor as she straddled on my body.

"...Hey, hey, are you okay, big brother?"

By some incident, a little girl suddenly appeared and is looking at me with her blue eyes.

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