The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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I'm planning to post new chapters every other day, but since I have free time for today here's Episode 2. Enjoy.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Transfer Formation?!

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017



Transfer formation.

If what Rin said and what I have read was true, this could only mean one thing: we're being summoned into another place.

In history, there are some famous incidents of disappearances that even today there is no concrete explanation as to why it occurred. Blame it on the aliens or some criminal organization.

And today, an unknown phenomenon is happening here.

"What?! What's happening?" The one who screamed is my classmate Mamerto, Mamet for short. The glow causes my classmates to start panicking.

"I-I don't know, it's scaryyy!" The one who replied while crying is Claire.

Then, the whole class went into chaos.

"Everyone! Calm down. I said calm down--"

Mari tried to calm everyone but the glow on our feet grew more intense and the light began to swallow us whole.


By the time we regained our senses, we we're in a enclosed space that is white everywhere.

We're transported into another place I suppose.

"W-where are we?" Karen said. "I don't know." Iza replied. "Everyone, does anyone got hurt?" Kai asked my classmates.

No one replied. Everyone is fine it seems.

Even so, where are we?

While thinking about what really is this place there came a woman coming out from a door. She is dressed in pure white robe, and looks like a maiden in Greek myths. She has a great body with voluptuous chest. A big-breasted onee-san, if I take the words of Rin.

Then she began to speak in a calm voice.

"Everyone, you might not know the reason why and how you came here but let me introduce myself before I explain the situation. My name's Charia, and I am the one who summoned you here in our world in the name of Arandel Kingdom."

Charia, summon, world, Arandel Kingdom?

"What you just heard is correct. The kingdom summoned you from your world to ours, and here you are."

This development, I'm not that surprised when she tells us that. "In fact, this scene COMES OUT ON ALL THE NOVELS I HAVE READ, SO WHY WOULD I BE SURPRISED?" is what I wanted to say right now.

"The place where we are today is the shrine of the gods that watch over this world. Here, we can do things like summoning and stuff."

What's with the vague explanation? But everyone doesn't know what to reply. We are in a situation that we cant think of a single retort even if the other party starts talking nonsense.

"The reason you're summoned is that, in order to end the great war between humans and demonkin that is happening since the start of time. Each and every one of you, the [Promised Ones], had been chosen to end this war." Charia declared in a happy tone.

"Cliche. Kukukukuku" Rin is mumbling something to herself. Seems like she's enjoying the situation.

"Eh? What's with that reason?! Ending a great war? You seem to be joking!" James said to the woman named Charia in an angry tone. "But it is. Whether you like it or not, the reason why are you here is that."

Everyone started to worry.

"C-can we return to our world?" The one who asked is Mika. "Whether you return or not depends on the gods." Charia calmly answered Mika's question. "D-does this mean that we can't return to our world anymore?" Edna asked Charia with teary eyes. Seems she would cry anytime. "Who knows." She answered vaguely.

The mood of everyone became more grim. Some of my girl classmates began to cry when they knew that there is a possibility that we can't return anymore. The boys also became speechless and anxious.

"Please don't worry. We made sure that the time-space continuum in your world is unaffected by the time you we're summoned. That being said, we considered the possibility that you can return to your world." Charia comforted everyone with her words.

If what she said is correct, the time when we are summoned here will not change when we return back to Earth?

Her assurance seems to be effective. Everyone's starting to lose tension due to the sudden turn of events.

Charia waited for the moment that everyone's worries had started to subside and continued her explanation to us.

"In regards to this, since you will participate in this war, you will be granted special abilities by the gods. Please use them responsibly." "A-abilities you s-say..." Kai muttered, still shocked from the sudden turn of events. "It is." "Oooh, now it comes to this!" Rin mumbled again. Among my classmates, it seems like she is the only one that is having fun. Freaking degenerate.

"Each one of you will be given special abilities in 3...2...1..."

Our bodies glowed faintly at that time she said one. It seems like there is some force that enters our bodies like electricity. Somehow, it feels ticklish. The light began to grow smaller and concentrate on our ring finger. When the light subsided, we have rings on our ring finger.

"That ring is used in order to determine what ability you have. By the way, there are roles in this world like vanguard, mage or support, depending on the abilities you got" "Then, how should we know our abilities?" Kai asked Charia. "Just say 'reveal, ring' while having your eyes closed. That's it."

Everyone began to mutter the magic word while looking at their own rings. Then the rings glowed.

"A-amazing! Is this really true?" Ike had said. "W-What did you got?" Mark asked his friend. "Man, I got 'Master of Flames' ability!" "Eh? No way! I got 'Master of Waves' ability!" Mark said. "Wait, does this mean we're enemies?" The two stopped for a moment. ""Yoshhaa! Fire and Water, we will rule the world!"" The two of them declared at the same time.

The delinquent duo seems to have fun.

"Eeeeeh?! Iza got, Iza got [Defender] ability. What about you guys~?" Iza asked the members of her group. They then compared each other's abilities.

Based on what I heard, James got a [Martial Artist] ability, Mari got a [Divination] ability, Karen is a [Healer] and Kai is the [Hero]. Their abilities really suit them well.

While each of my classmates are comparing their abilities, Rin looked at my ring.

"You don't want to know your ability?" "It's not that I don't want to, but it feels strange for me to cope with this situation, like we are in another world, and having abilities. It's unthinkable for me." "Me too. I guess when compared to the real deal, the ones in anime or novels seems lacking." "I guess so." "Hey, hurry up and show me yours." "Show you what?" "Show me your abilities, idiot. What are you thinking?"

She pinched my cheek. Ouch. Is this her ability?

"Come on, show it you s-l-o-w-p-o-k-e." "Fine. Just shut up already"

I said the magic word on the ring to shut her up. Eh?

"None." "What do you mean?" Rin is puzzled by my statement. "The ring. It says [none] inside my head." "Eh? What's with that?!"

What the heck is going on?!

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