The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"S-Stay away from me!!!"

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Golems and Unusual Phenomenon

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



The two golems fell from the ceiling. The whole place shook and they left behind two craters where they landed.

"F-For real? What kind of a room is this?!" I said while holding the sword in front of me.

The little girl hides from my back. I have to make sure she will not get hurt.

I looked at her over my shoulder.

"...Hey, you, would you go to a safe corner? If this goes on, we would be killed both of us..."

The little girl only nodded, and she immediately ran towards a safe place on this room. I also distanced myself from her.

I looked at the golems again. They didn't move since the time the fell from the ceiling, so it will be a good opportunity to esca...No, they sensed my intentions. Their cores glowed and they both charged towards me.


The two golems slammed themselves on the wall, but I managed to get out of their way. I'll be crushed if I got caught.

This is bad. They're too nimble contrary to their size.

The two golems looked at me, and charged again. This time, their fists are raised as if to punch me, and their fists hit the ground.


"Big brother!"

I got blown away due to the shock of the blow. The little girl screamed when she saw me being attacked by the two golems.

Damn, they really want to kill me.

I prepared my sword for the counteroffensive, and I ran towards them.

I realized immediately that before they attack, their cores will glow. I'll use the opportunity to attack when their cores aren't glowing.


I closed my distance with a golem, and slashed his right leg with my sword. Small cracks only formed on the cut part.

"Too tough..."

I planned to cut again his leg but I noticed it too late that his core glowed suddenly. I tried to get away, but I got hit with a swing of his large arm.


I got blown away again due to the blow, and my body hit the wall beside the little girl.

"Big brother!!!"

She screamed as she rushed towards me. I saw her tears stream down from her blue eyes.

"Big brother...are you okay?" She said to me in worry.

"O-Ouch...I'm okay. Luckily I survived that attack, but my legs are crushed..."

The little girl tried to tend to my wounds, but the golems charged towards us.

"Move away!!!"

I pushed her away from me so that she would not get caught on their charge.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She screamed.

My legs are broken and there are many wounds on my body, that's why I can't get out of their attack. I only held my sword in front of me to defend myself, but I think that I will still be killed by them no matter what.

"...Looks like, I finally managed to save someone, huh..."

I only closed my eyes as I waited for my end to come.

'I'll die smiling', is what I promised to myself when I fell from that hole. That's why, I'll accept my fate with a smile on my lips.

I kept my eyes closed for a while, but I realized that the golems still doesn't give me the killing blow. When I opened my eyes...

"...What is...happening?"

In front of me, the sword I'm holding has black smoke coming from it, and the golems took a step backwards when they saw that.

"W-W-What is going on...?"

The black smoke turned into flames, and burned through the sword with a blackish-blue blaze.

"Awawawawawawawa!!! The sword is burning!"

The sword was finally consumed by the black and blue flames, leaving none, and the flames then spread on to the wounds on my body.


Even though I said that, the flames didn't really burn me but simply covered my injuries. Then, all my injuries were gradually healed as the flames continue to weaken.

"This flames...what is going on? My legs, they can move again!"

I stood again slowly while checking the condition of my body. It felt like I'm being born again.

When the flames on my body was gone, the two golems immediately regained their senses and charged again towards me.

"W-Wait, no, no, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

I put my arms in front of me to block my face. With no sword in hand, I will be dead for real.

The two golems tried to crush me, but a black wave of energy instantly emanates from my body. Both of them staggered their movement for a while when they were hit by the wave.

"W-W-What is going on again?!" I asked myself in surprise.

The two of them charged at me again for the nth time. This time, their killing intent grew more intense.

"S-Stay away from me!!!"

I swayed my arms as if shoving someone aside due to panic. At that instant, a massive black wave of energy is released from my hand and it hit the body of the golems. Cracks begin to form on their cores and after a few seconds, the cores as well as their bodies crumbled and lost their bluish glow.

My body went stiff for a moment while looking at the fragment remains of the two golems.


I then looked at my hands in astonishment. Did I, created that wave earlier ?

When I looked at the little girl standing at a corner of this room, her eyes show also a surprised expression. Her mouth also flapped like a fish gasping for air as she looked at me.

"B-Big brother...just now, did you just used the power of an [Arcana]?"

She said as she walked towards me.

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