The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Divine Revelations

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



"B-Big brother...just now, did you just used the power of an [Arcana]?"

She said as she walked towards me.


I looked at my hands again. Is that, an ability?

"W-What do you that?" I asked her while being confused with what she said.

"That black flames you used earlier, it's a manifestation of an [Arcana]! I'm sure of it!" She said in a wonderful expression.

"B-But, I don't know how did that happen?"

I can't really tell if that flames came out from me. I wracked my brain to find the reason why did that strange phenomenon happened.

"...Big brother, how did you get here?" While I'm thinking, she asked me again.

"Eh? Uhhh, anoo...I found and entered a cave in the middle of the desert...then I fell into a trap hole...after that I found this room and I discovered a large magic circle here...wait, where's the magic circle?"

I just noticed that the magic circle on the floor is gone. It's impossible that it was destroyed by the golems earlier, because it covers the whole room.

"B-Big brother...what do you mean by that?" She asked me.

"The magic circle...when I entered this room, I found a magic circle with a complex design and a hand-shaped depression at the middle. When I put my hand on the depression, several chains suddenly burst from the ground and entangled me, I then lost consciousness and..."

...And she suddenly appeared from nowhere.

I looked at her, and she tilted her head in wonder while letting out a "W-What is it, big brother?" expression. The time of her appearance really coincide with the time when I lost consciousness. I know it's impossible, but by any chance...

"...Hey you, who are you, and where did you came from? How did you know things such as that [Arcana]?"

She got flustered at my sudden barrage of questions. Her arms trembled as she thinks of what she will answer to me.

By any chance, is she hiding something from me?

"...Big brother, will you believe...what I say?" She asked me as her body kept on trembling.

"Depends on your answer..." I replied.

She fell silent for a while while looking downwards. Then she looked at me while still trembling.

"...That magic circle that you said earlier...that is a cursed seal. I...I am sealed below this room...for thousands of years..."

She said in a faint voice. W-W-Wait, did she just said 'sealed'?

"...As to know who I am, I am...a goddess...of death."

W-What?! What the heck is she saying? Is her head alright?

"...W-W-Wait a moment, calm down for a while..." I said as I tried to stop her from saying things I can't really comprehend.

"...I am sealed in this room by the [False Gods], along with my divinity, and waited for my end to come..."

Tears flowed from her eyes.

"...I thought, I will be sealed in there forever. All those years, nothing crossed my mind except revenge against the [False Gods], killing everyone and destroying this world. I started to lose my hope and sanity, but you suddenly came...and you broke the seal..."

E-Eh? I really broke that seal?

"...Only a special existence can break that seal. When I finally escaped and saw your face for the first time, I realized..."

She walked slowly towards my direction. She faced me for a while, then she suddenly embraced me.


"...I realized, maybe you're the one I'm looking for. At first, I still don't know, but when you shoved me away from those golems in order to protect me, I knew at once, you're really a [special existence]. I finally found you!!!"

Her arms wrapped around me more tightly and rubbed her face on my chest. For some reason, I can't move.

"...Yes, you're [special]! The way you looked at me, it doesn't show any signs of fear or contempt at my appearance. I also felt a sense of kindness and reliability with the way you smiled. I vowed to myself, 'I want to stay by your side. I want to be your little sister!'"

With a big smile on her lips she looked at me.

"You..." I could only say that as I looked at her with eyes of surprise and confusion.

"...When I saw you used those black flames, the reasons why I should not trust you disappeared all at once!"

I don't know what to react to this weird situation, so I patted her head out of confusion.

"Hehehe...That's why...big brother, do you want to know how did you get those flames?" She changed the subject as she finally let go of my body. I also stopped patting her head.

I want to know, of course. I want to answer the questions on my mind.

"...When the golems attacked you, I tried to protect you with my remaining divine power. But you absorbed all of it and integrated to your body. By that time, I thought..."

Haaaa?! Those flames...absorbed, by my body?!

"...You have the ability to absorb and use the divine powers of the [Old Gods], including mine, the [Death] Arcana! Big brother, you have the Zeroth Arcana, [The Fool]!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?" I shouted at her in surprise.

"B-But that's impossible! I don't have any abilities! When I looked at this ring, it showed nothing except my name and age!"

I showed her the ring on my right hand.

"...No, you're mistaken. The powers of the [Arcana] isn't considered to be an ability in this world, big brother." She said as she looked at my ring.

"W-What do you mean?"

"...Maybe you didn't realized it, but you already had the power of an [Old God] from the start." She said while smiling at me.


My voice resounded all around the place as I shouted again for the nth time.

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