The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Will you believe me now, big brother?"

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - [The Fool], [The Death] and The Little Girl

Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017




I shouted my shock and surprise for who knows how many times already.

The little girl, on the other hand, felt sad with my reaction.

"...Big don't believe me?" She looked at me with teary eyes

It's hard to believe all of that, you know? But, it seems that she will cry again any time.

"E-Ehhhh...I don't really know." I gave her a vague reply.

"...Well then, how about I show to you what the power of an [Arcana] is, in order for you to believe me."

When she said that, she looked at me with a face devoid of any emotion, then she opened her right hand and black flame suddenly appeared from her palm.

"...Big brother. This is the power of an [Old God], the Thirteenth Arcana, [The Death]."

I sensed a hint of killing intent when I looked at her blue eyes. Is she planning to kill me?

"...Will you believe me now, big brother?" She asked me as her killing intent grew more intense.

She swung her hand to the side, and released a massive wave of black flames that is aimed at me.


I crossed my arms in panic. At that instant, the black wave of flames she released were deflected away to the side. It hit the wall behind me, and caused a small explosion.


I shrieked as I alternately looked at her and the wall behind me and my jaw dropped when I saw the damage on the wall.


I immediately prostrated in front of her to ask for forgiveness.

"...B-Big brother, what are you doing?!" I can only hear her as she gets flustered by my sudden actions.


I said as I banged my head lightly on the floor three times.

"...B-Big brother! It's okay, so please stand up!!!"

She rushed to me who is still prostrating on the ground and pulled my left arm to lift me up.

"Muuuu...big brother, I'm not mad you know? I only want to prove to you that I'm not lying." She pouted her lips as she looked at me in worry.

'I'm not lying', huh? Do you need to kill me to prove that you're not lying?

"Really? You won't kill me?" I looked at her in fear as I sluggishly tried to stand up.

"...Why would I do that, big brother? B-But I guess, I went overboard. I'm sorry..." She hugged me again as she apologized to me. Her killing aura instantly changed into a 'radiant' one.

"I-I'm sorry, too...Hehehehe." My arms also wrapped around her small body by reflex.

I really want to get out of this place, right now.

I decided to tag her along out of this cave. At first, I was planning to get out of here alone, but I already knew that feeling of being left behind, and I'm not that heartless of a person to leave a little girl in this place.

According to her, the lesser deities called the [False Gods] revolted against the [Old Gods] who originally ruled the [God Realm] thousands of years ago. The [Old Gods] tried to stop the rebellion, but one of them suddenly betrayed, and killed all of the other gods, except her. Being the [Ruler of Death], she said, she won't be killed no matter what. That's why with the combined powers of the [False Gods], they removed her divinity, and sealed her inside this cave for more than 2000 years.

We climbed a long flight of stairs that we found as I listened to her story. Somehow, we both experienced being betrayed by our comrades.

"...before it's too late, the twenty-two of us [Old Gods] including me, extracted a part of our divine power and formed it into a different kind of magic called as the [Arcana]. We then dispersed them into this world, hoping that there are people who will use them to maintain the balance of this world and defeat the [False Gods]." She said.

She also said that [The Fool] is different, because it can absorb all other Arcanas that are present. It can also copy all the magic in this world.

Hence, the [Ruler] of [The Fool], she said, will have a [Spell Absorption] ability.

Moreover, if what she said is true, not only I have [The Fool], but I also have [The Death] Arcana that I got from her.

[The Death] Arcana will give its [Ruler] the [Death's Curse] ability, she added, granting partial immortality and the ability for its user to decide the way how his/her enemies will die.

Her legs became tired when we are at the middle of climbing, so I decided to carry her on my back. I expected her to be hesitant at first, but she suddenly jumped on to me.

Earlier, she said that I promised her that I will be her older brother. I want to retract my words at first, but she created again a black flame from her hand while grinning. Do I have any choice but to be her big brother?

I carried her on my back while thinking about my future.

As we continued to climb, she slept while resting her head on my shoulders and entrusting her weight to me. Cold sweat run from my body as I felt two small soft things pressing on my back.

We finally reached the top after a few minutes. If I'm not mistaken, many hours has passed since I entered this cave. I wonder what Prick is doing right now?

The little girl finally woke up after letting out a big yawn, and she finally got off from my back. My back hurts, you know?

I found a familiar sign on this path where we are, that's why we walked towards the direction I think leads to the exit. After some time, we finally found the exit.

"The exit..." I muttered as I looked at her.

"It is, big brother." She also looked at me while smiling.

We rushed towards the exit.

"Finally, we got out of the cave!!!"


We both shouted happily while raising our arms up in the air. The little girl looked at me again, and hugged me from the front.

"Thank you very much, big brother!" She said happily.

"Nn. Hehehehe..." I only laughed lightly while scratching my head.

"By the way...where's Prick?" I asked myself.

"Huh?" She said to me in wonder.

I looked around the place. The setting sun lights up the desert when we got out of the cave, that's why it's hard to find him. I looked and looked, until I found him approaching towards us.

"Prick! There you are!" I said as I ran towards him.

"I never thought that you'll stay...did you searched for food? Thanks." I thanked him while patting his head.

For some reason, when I looked at the little girl, her lips formed into ^ and I hear a faint grumble coming from her. Is she jealous?

"Ah, by the way, this one here is Prick. He is a behemoth so he looks scary, but he is a nice one so I want both of you to be friends, okay?"

Even though I said that, she averted her eyes away from Prick with a "Hmmp!". This will be troublesome, I think.

"L-Looks like you'll get along with each other, hehehe...Prick, I also want you to meet..." I stopped my words.

Crap, I still don't know her name!

"Anoo...I forgot to ask you while we're inside the cave, but what is your name?" I asked her.

"...I don't have any." She replied.

Is it that because she is a goddess, that she didn't need any name?

Think, Ren, think.

"Do you want give you a name?" I asked.

"Eh? Please!" She said happily.

Now, Ren. Think of a name that will suit her. Think, think.

"...Aoi." I muttered after thinking for a while.

"...What did you say, big brother?"

I put my hands on her two shoulders, and looked at her blue hair and eyes.

"...E-Eh? Big brother..." Her eyes looked at me while being flustered.

"Aoi...that is your name from now on." I said to her with a smile.

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