The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - How to Raise a Death Goddess?

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Submitted: December 23, 2017




While being surprised at my sudden declaration, she asked me.

"Nn. I decided to name you 'Aoi' because, you have beautiful blue hair and eyes. A friend of mine told me that it means 'blue'."


She only looked at me without any emotion.

"Y-You don't like it? I'm sorry, my naming sense really suck. B-But if you want, I can think of another name for you..." I said to her while waving my hands in panic.

Tsk. Do I have to think again of another name?

"...No, I liked it. It really suits me well. Call me Aoi from now on, big brother!" She said as she smiled brightly. Somehow, I felt relieved.

"S-So Prick...let me introduce to you my *cough* little sister Aoi. Aoi, say hi to Prick."

When I said that, she looked at Prick as if she's disinterested and introduced herself.

"...Aoi. Nice to meet you."

Then, she hugged me suddenly and glared at him.

"...I'm big brother's only cute little sister! Don't forget that, lowly creature!"

I'm not hallucinating, but I could see sparks coming from them.

Looks like this journey on the desert will be full of trouble from now on.

We traveled on the desert for a while before finally stopping at an oasis for us to eat and rest.

This is the seventh oasis that we found on this desert. Luckily, there are more edible fruits in here than any other oasis that we had found.

I only ate three [Weird Apples] for tonight but Aoi ate half of all the fruits that we collected. Is her appetite larger than her body?

"...Delicious! I've never eaten anything for more than 2000 years!" She said while devouring greedily the fruits in front of her.

"Hey, don't talk when your mouth is full." I reminded her.

No way. Is she serious? Well, if you're a god then you won't die even if you don't eat for eons, so it can't be helped. Just don't forget to chew your food properly.

After we finished eating, we just sat in front of the bonfire and talked for a while before we go to sleep. For some reason, she sat on my lap with her back resting on my chest as we looked at the stars in the sky.

"...Big brother, are you angry at me?" While looking at the stars, she asked me.

"Eh? What makes you say so?" I also asked her.

"...Because, I tagged along with you even though you don't really want to..."

"I'm not angry at you, I guess? It was my decision to tag you along though."

That's right. I decided to take her with me.

"...Even though I kept on calling you 'big brother' and threatening you to become one?"

"A-About that, I have no choice but to take responsibility for my words earlier..."

My grandfather said to me that I should always take responsibility for all the words that come out from my mouth. That's why, I have to do everything I can in order to properly assume the role of a big brother.

"...T-Then, do you hate me? Are you afraid of me when you realized that I'm a real goddess?"

I looked at her. Ignoring her real identity as a goddess of death, she looked just like an ordinary eight or nine year old girl. Ignoring her deadly power, she is just a cute and kind little girl that can be both docile and playful depending on the situation. What is there for me to hate a little girl like her?

"...Why would I hate a cute girl like you?" I only muttered faintly.

"Eh?" She looked at me over her shoulder.

I patted her head and felt her soft hair on my hand. Her body twitched due to surprise.

"Idiot. I don't hate you or something. Of course, I felt afraid a little when I sensed your killing aura. I also felt afraid when you said that you're a goddess, but it's not a reason for me to hate you, you know?"

I said as I continued to pat her head. So soft.

"...I'm a dangerous being, even the [Old Gods] feared me. I've also killed countless--"

I lightly flicked her forehead with my finger as she spout nonsense.

"Yosh. Since it came to this let me say this to you: I don't care even if you're a goddess, or a dangerous killer. All I care about is that you're my little sister..."

She turned her body to face me while still sitting on my lap. Her face shows a surprised expression.

"I promised that I will take care of you. I don't know if I can do it because, I'm only a human and you're a god, but I'll do my best to become a big brother you can depend on! I'll do everything to become worthy of becoming a death goddess' older brother!"

Her eyes widened because of my words. More tears formed on her eyes.

"You said that I am your 'big brother', right? That's why, believe in me like the way I believed in you. Understood?"

I said calmly as I wiped the tears on her eyes. Her blue eyes reflected the light coming from the moon when I looked at her. Another reason why I won't hate her.

Her tears form again after I wiped her eyes. This time, she finally cried.

"*sniffle* Big brother...*sniffle* I'm happy...I'm really happy! For the first time...there is someone *hic* that didn't hate me *hic* or b-became afraid of me *sniffle*...!"

I embraced her in order to comfort her. Her hiccups continued as she cried.

"*hic* Take care of *sniffle* me from now on, *hic* big brother? *hic*"

Her words almost became incomprehensible due to her sniffles and hiccups.

"Nn. I will." I said to her.

She calmed herself down after a while. When we decided to sleep, she used my arm as a pillow and hugged me as she slept soundly.

"...Somehow, it felt nice to have a death goddess as a little sister."

I only said to myself while looking at the girl beside me.

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