The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Thank you for your patronage!"

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Episode 24. A gift for everyone.

Chapter 24 (v.1) - Desert's End, and Starting Again in Plate Town

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Submitted: December 24, 2017



The next morning, the three of us decided to continue traveling through this desert. As always, I ride on the back of Prick, but Aoi wants to sit on my lap. I'm worried that she's acting too spoiled, but it's okay.

Prick, on the other hand, swings his stingers like he is planning to sting Aoi from behind anytime. Are you jealous?

"...Hehehehe. You'll never experience sitting on my big brother's lap, lowly creature!" She said to Prick as if mocking him.

"Stop it, Aoi. Be thankful that he lets us ride his back." I scolded her.

"...Sorry." She said in apology.

Can you just be friends, the two of you?

Several hours, and three oases later, we found a crude signboard nailed on a rock formation. When I examined it, it says {Welcome to the Kingdom of Narashel, Plate Town}.

"Narashel? Is that the country that has borders with Arandel and Rashaim?" I asked myself.

If I'm not mistaken, the three countries would look like this in the map: the Kingdom of Arandel is in the south, Rashaim on the north, and Narashel on the east. The three countries are called the [Central Triangle] by the people of this world.

When I looked at a distance, I could see signs of a town in there, and a very high tower farther away.

"We have to move. There is a town nearby." I said to them.

"...Okay, big brother!" Aoi nodded.

"Let's go, Prick..." I asked Prick, but he didn't move.

"What's the matter?" I asked him again.

At first I don't know the reason why he doesn't move, but I noticed that his stingers trembled as if he's afraid.

"You...don't want to go there?" I said.

His stingers "nodded" in response.

Come to think of it, it would be strange if we go to a town while riding a behemoth. It would cause fear to the people.

...But he is like a friend to me. It's painful to leave a friend behind, you know?

"You don't want to be feared by the people, am I right?" I asked Prick.

His stingers "nodded" again. Somehow I understand his reason.

I patted his back from the side.

"Thanks for the ride, Prick. I promise that we'll meet again for sure." I said while 'shaking hands' with his stingers.

Then, he 'walked' away from us.

If he was cuter, I'll take him along no matter what.

It was a painful thing to do, but we have to go on.

I carried Aoi on my back as we walked towards the town.

"...I never knew it would feel sad to lose a rival." She said.

Rival? What are you saying?

"...But thanks to that, I'll be able to monopolize my big brother!" She said happily.

"Monopoli-- W-Wait, what do you mean by that, huh?!" I said as I looked at her over my shoulder.

"Hehehe..." She just giggled as she rubbed her cheeks on the back of my neck.

We saw the scenery on the town at a distance. The town gives a rural feel, filled with markets, inns and taverns and is bustling with people. We increased our pace, until we reached the town.

"...So this is a town. Amaziiiiiiiing!!!" She said happily while looking at the people.

"It is. Somehow it reminds me of my hometown..."

This town reminded me of my Cavite hometown. The people, the places, the bustling suburbia. It felt a little nostalgic to me.

"...Big brother, why are you crying?" She asked while looking at me in worry.

I'm crying? When I wiped my eyes, it was wet.

"Eh, H-Huh?! N-No, something just got in my eye." I said to her.

No good. Control yourself, Ren.

We searched for an inn for us to stay while we're in this town.

Luckily, when I inspected my pockets while I'm in the desert, I found a small bag containing 10 gold coins. Why did I forget about such important thing?

The monetary system of this world is like this: copper, silver, gold, platinum, mithril and orichalcum. 10 copper coins is equivalent to 1 silver coin, and so on. What's more, all countries in this world use the same currency, so I won't have any problems using it whether I'm in Arandel or here in Narashel.

We entered an three-storey inn called [Sandy Fish] in the outskirts of the town. The inn looks simple on the inside and outside, with a crudely-made door on the entrance. It really is a traveler's inn.

The first floor looks like a family restaurant more than a bar. There are few people having their meals here, it seems that they are adventurers.

When we approached the counter, we are greeted by a young man about seventeen years of age. Beside him, there is a young girl about ten years old. They both have red hair and both wear aprons over their clothes.

"Welcome to 'Sandy Fish', honored customers! Would you want to stay for a night, or would you only eat here?" He said energetically while smiling brightly.

"Eh? Anoo...we would like to stay. How much is per night?" I asked him.

"Two coppers per night, honored customer! But, there's more! If you will stay here for more than three days, your lunch will be free of charge! Also, one copper per day to use our bath, but if you want to stay for more than five days, your bath will be also free of charge!" He said as he use his sales talk to us.

I thought about his offer for a while. Then...

"Well...I guess, we would like to stay for a month." I said to the young man.

His eyes widened due to shock.

"R-Reaaaaallllyyyyy?! T-Thank you very much, honored customer!!!" He said while hopping happily. The little girl also hopped with him.

"Because of that, we will give you a special, once-in-a-lifetime discount! One month of stay, is it? 54 coppers only, honored customer!"

Ten percent for a 'once-in-a-lifetime' discount, huh? When I grabbed the small bag in my pocket, I placed a gold coin on the counter.

"A gold coin, is it? Wait a moment!" He frantically grabbed the coin and went inside a room.

The little girl smiled at us and introduced herself while her older brother is away.

"Thank you very much for choosing our inn! My name's Saki Rainen and my older brother's name is Saku. We're the owners of this inn. Pleased to meet you!"

She then bowed her head at us.

"Pleased to meet you too. I'm Ren Mortel and this girl is my little sister Aoi. We came from the kingdom of Arandel." I introduced the two of us to Saki.

"Oooh! Arandel, is it? You sure have a long journey, Brother Ren!" Saki said as she clapped her hand.

"...'Brother'?" Aoi said while glaring at Saki.

"W-What's the matter?" Saki said while looking at Aoi in wonder.

"Don't mind her. She is just shy when she meets other people." I said to Saki.

"Nn. I understand, Brother Ren." She said to me while smiling.

"...'Brother'?" Aoi glared again at Saki.

While Aoi is releasing a dark aura as she glared at Saki, his older brother Saku returned while carrying a small bag full of coins and a key.

"Here you go! Four silvers and six coppers. Thank you for your patronage!" As soon as he give us the change, he bowed his head at us.

"Your room is on the farthest side of the second floor. It is the best spot to look at the stars in the sky at night, Brother Ren!" Saki said.

"...Why are you calling my big brother 'brother'?" Aoi said as if she's angry.

"Hehehe. I'm sorry, little girl. Saki treats all of our customers like her older brothers and sisters, that's why he called him 'brother'." Saku explained to Aoi while smiling.

"...Nn. I understand...But I'm big brother's only little sister, remember that!"

Aoi said while grumbling as she grabbed the key from the counter and hurriedly went upstairs with heavy steps.

I hurriedly apologized to the two of them for Aoi's sudden actions.

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