The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Is he...a lolicon?"

reku-chan here.

I still have more to improve next year, but I want to say my thanks to all of you guys especially those who keep on giving feedback to my novel. I'll not state your names, but you know who you are.

Anyways, here's Episode 25. Enjoy!

Chapter 25 (v.1) - Settling Down (For A While)

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 25, 2017



We settled ourselves for a while in the room that we got. The room size is enough for the two of us, having two beds, two chairs, a table, and a closet for storing clothes and other things. The interior is only simple, with ornamental plants added to give a sense of having 'a home away from home'. It really is a traveler's inn.

After playing games with each other for a while, we decided to have our lunch. Oh, how I missed eating meat.

Earlier, I scolded Aoi for being rude towards the owners of this inn. She only said to me, "...But big brother, I don't like anyone to call you 'big brother', except me!", while pouting her lips.

I'm afraid that she will become a 'yandere imouto' in the future. (otaku terminology courtesy of Rin)

We went downstairs and find ourselves a table. I looked at the menu, and ordered fried orc meat with vegetables for the two of us. Since we will stay here for a month, our meals are free of charge. That's why, I ordered four plates of orc meat: one for me and three for Aoi.

Can I burn excess body fat using black flames, I wonder?

While eating, I asked a question to her .

"Hey, Aoi. I thought for it for a while, but how powerful are you really?" I said in a faint voice other people will not hear.

"...How powerful I am? Uh, anoo...let's see, I think I can kill all living things in this world without even having a drop of sweat, big brother." She confidently said while letting out a radiant aura with her cute smile.

Her cute smile contradicts with the words coming from her mouth.

"E-Ehhhhh...Is that so? Haha. Hahahaha." I laughed dryly while cold sweat run on my body.

I decided not to ask her any questions for a while.

The two of us walked around the town after lunch just to kill time. We looked for any [Weird Apples] available in the market, and fortunately the fruit is in season. We bought a few of them and continued our sightseeing while eating the fruits.

"...No matter how long we walked on the desert and in this town, I didn't get that tired easily..." Aoi said while eating.

"Ah. It's all thanks to the fruit that we're eating. It's called 'Fahin', but I want to call it [Weird Apple]. By eating this, the fatigue in the body gradually lessens, and it aids in healing wounds and fractures." I explained.

"Wooooow! I'll eat this everyday from now on, big brother!" She said in amazement.

I patted her head when she said that.

While walking on the market street, we saw Saku buying groceries from a supplier.

"Yo, Saku!" I greeted him while raising and waving my hand. Aoi, only nodded.

"Yo!" He replied.

"Buying supplies? I'll help you with that." I said.

"No need. It's my duty as an inn manager." He refused my help with a smile.

...I think the two of them are too young to handle an inn.

"May I ask, where are your parents?" I asked him as we walked back after he bought the ingredients.

When he heard that, his cheeks cramped and looked at me with a sad expression.

"A-About that...our father left us since Saki is just a baby, and our mother died three years ago..." He said in a sad tone.

"I-I'm sorry for asking you!" I quickly apologized to him.

"No, no, it's okay. We can't do anything about the past, that's why we have to work hard for the future!" He said while forming a fist with his hand, and raising it up in the air. He's too lively, I think.

The three of us returned to the inn before sunset. Saku quickly gave the ingredients to Saki, so that she can cook our dinner for tonight. They really are a wonderful duo, I think.

I looked at Aoi nonchalantly while waiting on the table. She noticed that I am looking at her, so she tilted her head in wonder. I patted and stroked her head again for no reason at all. She let out a cute 'hehehe' as I continue to pat her.

'Will the two of us become a power duo like Saku and Saki?' I muttered to myself.

While playing with Aoi's pigtails, Saki placed six plates on the table. Our dinner is Demon Beef steak, if I'm not mistaken.

"Wait...there are six plates here, but we ordered only four?" I asked Saki.

"We want to eat with you, that's why." The one who replied isn't Saki, but her brother Saku.

"The table is big enough for four people I think, Brother Ren." Saki added.

Seems like they often eat with the customers when they take their breaks to socialize with them, that's why their business is lively.

"Well...I guess, the more the merrier, so I'm fine with it. What do you think, Aoi?" I asked her if she's okay with it.

When I looked at her, she is glaring at Saki as she holds her fork like she will stab someone. She then 'stabbed' it on the meat a few times and quickly began to eat the stabbed meat while still glaring at her.

"W-Well then...l-let's eat?" Saku said while trembling as he saw what Aoi is doing. Saki hid herself behind the back of her brother.

"...Aoi. Stop that. It's rude, you know?" I scolded Aoi as I looked at her.

She stopped glaring at Saki and looked at me in surprise.

"Look at her, she is hiding on her brother's back because of fear!" I said.

She looked again at Saki, who is still hiding on Saku's back.

"She has an older brother already, that's why there's no reason for you to be jealous. You're already my cute little sister, and it's an established fact!"

"Big brother..."

"Say sorry to Saki." I ordered her lightly.

Aoi looked at Saki. This time, she looked at her in an apologetic expression.

"...I'm sorry...for scaring you...let's be friends from now on...Saki?" Aoi apologized to her.

Saki showed her face. Her fear seems to be lessened because of that.

"Nn...Aoi." She said while smiling lightly.

Aoi also smiled at her.

"N-Now that the four of us are now friends, let's eat! Man, I'm really hungry!" Saku said happily as he shoved the food into his mouth.

While Aoi and Saki are playing around with each other, we the older brothers just looked at them from a distance.

"You're very lucky to have a cute little sister like Aoi, Ren..." Saku said to me while looking at the two girls.

"Huh? I-Is that so? Hehehe. Thanks." I said while laughing wryly.

"You know Ren, I've always dreamed of having a 'little sister harem'..." He said while smiling as he kept on looking at them.

"W-What do you mean?" I asked him due to surprise.

"I've always wanted to have dozens of little sisters calling me 'Big Brother! Big Brother!' at the same time! You know what I feel right, Ren?" He said while his body is writhing because of his delusions. Is he...a lolicon? (otaku term courtesy of Rin)

When he said that, my body felt a slight chill and moved a step away from him.

You asked me if I know what you feel? Like hell I would! I would never dream of having that dream of yours!

...Well, I'll feel sorry for what Aoi can do to him if she heard that.

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