The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Let's beat 'em up!"

reku-chan here.

Thanks to Blankly-Dreaming-sama and rickybelmont-sama for giving such wonderful advices! You both deserve a loli! Jk.

Anyways, here's Episode 28, senpai!

Chapter 28 (v.1) - A Maiden Trying To Move On

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



Karen is treating the injuries of the wounded soldiers after she became a shut-in for several days in Rin's room. She wears her usual [Cosplay Priestess] outfit as she treats them with a smile.

"Thanks for all your help. Without you, their injuries may worsen and may cause an increase in casualties. Really, thank you very much." The head of the medic unit thanked Karen as he bowed his head.

"N-No, it's okay. I want to help even in my own small way...that's it." Karen said as she got flustered by the other person's actions.

"When I examined the patients treated by your magic, their wounds really healed and left no scars! As expected of a [Promised One]!" He said to Karen happily.

"T-Thanks. I still have much to learn, but I will help as much as I can!" Karen said while having a determined expression.

"I'm sure you can be the greatest [Healer] if you worked really hard. Well, see you later, I have to do some paperwork." The medic head said as he walked back to the camp.

Karen stood for a while as she looked at the sky.

"The greatest [Healer], huh? How can I be one if I can't even save a friend's life?" Karen only let out a light smile as she mocks herself.

As she walked to the fortress, she saw James and Iza training with their abilities in the open space near the forest.

"James! Here I go...[Barrier]!" Iza shouted as she created a magic barrier.

"Take this, [Burst Strike]!"

When he said that, he punched the barrier with great force, causing it to be pushed along with the shockwave created by his attack. The combined barrier and shockwave destroyed trees that got caught along its path before causing a small explosion. A very powerful combo, indeed.

"Wooooowww! We finally did it after trying so many times! I'll call that combo from now on, [Cute Magic Barrier Punch]!" Iza said to James while raising a victory pose.

"I understand the name of our combo, but what the hell's with the [Cute] thing?!" James said to her while complaining.

"It's for the whole world to know that I created that spell combo!" Iza replied with confidence.

"Wonderful combo, the two of you!" Karen said from a distance while clapping her hands.

"Oh, Karen! I'm sorry we didn't notice you there..." Iza greeted in apology.

"It's okay. I don't want to interrupt your training. Still, good work!" Karen said while patting and stroking the head of Iza.

"Hehehe. Thanks, Karen!" Iza said happily.

"Karen, are you fine now?" James asked in worry.

"Nn. I'm fine, so don't worry about me." Karen lets out a bright smile.

"If you say so, then it's okay." James said while scratching his cheek.

"Can we return now? I'm hungry..." Iza said to the two of them, asking them to go back to the fortress.

As they return, they heard a faint rustle of leaves from the bushes nearby.

"Hiiiiiiiiiih!!! W-What is it?" Iza shrieked due to surprise.

"I don't know, a wild animal maybe?" Karen replied.

"We have to hurry. Let's go." James said.

A wild animal finally showed up while James is talking.

"No way...Tiger Wolf?" Iza shuddered in fear when she saw the creature.

"Damn. The whole pack must be hiding somewhere." James said in anger as he clicked his tongue.

Tiger Wolf. A wolf creature that has stripes like that of a tiger. A very ferocious creature, and often attack in groups.

"Iza, Karen. We have to fight." James said while cracking the bones of his knuckles as he prepared himself to fight.

"Let's beat 'em up!" Iza said while letting out a cute pose.

Karen only held her bloodied handkerchief in her hands.

After a few seconds, the Tiger Wolf howled.

The Tiger Wolf attacked James, but it received an uppercut from him, killing it instantly. At the same time, several pack members tried to attack Iza and Karen from behind.

"Iza! Karen!" James shouted as he released a roundhouse kick to three Tiger Wolves.

"I won't let you hurt my Karen! [Barrier]!" Iza created multiple barriers to block their attack.

"Karen, stay behind my back. I'll protect you!" Iza said to Karen.

"Iza..." Karen said with her hand in front of her lips.

"You bastards, take this! [Burst Strike]!"

James released a straight punch to a Tiger Wolf, and formed a shockwave from his attack. Several Tiger Wolves got blown away, causing them to have their bodies gouged out by the shockwave.

They checked whether there are still Tiger Wolves hiding nearby.

"You two, are you oka--AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

When James let his guard down to check the girls' condition, a Tiger Wolf suddenly sprang from a bush and bit his shoulder. Blood gushed from the wound.

""James!!!"" The two screamed.

"[Burst Strike]!"

Before the creature could attack again, he immediately strike it with his fist, killing it instantly.

"James! Wait a moment! [Heal]!" Karen panicked as she healed his wounds.

Warm light wrapped around the wound on his shoulder for a few seconds.

"T-Thanks, Karen." James said as he checked if his wound is finally gone.

"We're a good team, don't you think?" Iza asked in wonder.

When she said that, her two friends looked at her.

"Of course! Right, Karen?" James said.

"Nn." Karen only nodded.

The three of them returned to the forest in hurry before a whole pack of Tiger Wolves could attack them.

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