The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The New World

Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



After everyone's settled down after knowing their abilities, Charia beckoned us to come out of the white room.

"Seems like everyone's have their abilities. Well then, everyone follow me. We'll go to the king to welcome you formally."

Charia said that we will meet the king. But there is one issue I want to ask right now.

"W-Wait, before we go, I would like to ask what is happening with this ring."

"What is it?" Charia asked while tilting her head and having a troubled expression.

"My ring, uh, my ring can't display my ability when I said the magic words. Is there something wrong with this?"

I presented her my ring when I asked her.

"Oya, it's strange. I've never heard of that before. Are you sure you're not mistaken?" "It's true! It really shows [none]!"

She recited the magic in front of me to confirm.

"Strange. For a ring to show nothing, I don't know how to deal with this."

This is bad. If I will go to a war without abilities or combat experience, I will end up straight dead. No doubt.

"Well other than that, F-For a while, we should hurry because it is rude for the king to be in wait for us."

"B-but my ring..."

I tried to ask her again, but she already went out of the room.


We entered the palace immediately.

Somehow, this world looks like we're in Medieval Europe. Of all the novels I have read, the world setting is always in a Medieval Europe style with swords and magic. Rin always recommend me those kind of novels, that's why I'm not that amazed as compared to my classmates.

At the audience room we met face to face with the king on his throne. By the looks he is in his seventies, but he has an imposing presence suitable for his status. Standing beside him is a beautiful girl about our age, with blond hair and blue eyes. Is she the princess? But there is a possibility that she and the king are...

"Greetings everyone. I am called Helm Reid Arandel, and as you can see I am the king. The one beside me is my daughter and First Princess Fein Raim Arandel. We from the Kingdom of Arandel are honored to welcome you to our world."

The king greeted us people who came from Earth. The princess, er, she smiled at us. Dangerous, dangerous. The boys seemed to be stupefied with that alone.

"The situation had been told to you by Charia I guess, so further introductions are unnecessary for now. Anyway, we of the kingdom will hold a feast for your safe transit to this world."

"""Oooooooooohhhhh!!!""" My classmates cheered in unison.

Feast. Due to the events unfolding in front of us, I felt somewhat hungry.

We immediately assembled ourselves around the table and by the king's permission we began to eat and drink our fill. This is this what royalty always eat? It felt like we almost leaked out our improper manners because the food is so freaking delicious. If we had this food on Earth, it would cost thousands of pesos I guess.

After our tummies get satisfied, we we're guided to each of our rooms for us to rest. We didn't noticed the time when we feasted, but it's night when we finished.

As I lie down on my bed, I squirmed and squirmed.

I still feel troubled because until now the ring doesn't reveal any ability inside. What is this uncomfortable feeling, is this the feeling of one realizing his own weakness?

Simply put, that night, I didn't slept well. ° I took an early morning stroll the next day. Even though I want to sleep, I can't, so I decided to walk for a while around the palace. Of course I need also to accustom myself to this place.

Anywhere I look, the palace is grandiose. I don't need to describe it too much because every wonderful detail is laid up to the very small particle. Also, the scenery around looks like the ones I often see in movies. With the light of the sunrise hitting the surroundings, I feel like everything's not real.

Truth be told, this is the first sunrise I had seen in my life, though it is regrettable that I experienced it firsthand in another world.

When I pass by the training grounds I see soldiers having a practice match.since I am walking around for a while now, I decided to watch their training.

Both soldiers carry wooden swords since it is only practice. One of the soldiers raised his sword above his head and swung it downward. The other soldier tried to block the attack with his sword, but due to the force exerted by the one who attacked, he almost dropped his sword and his feet trembled to the impact. The attack is followed by a swift slash to the side and the one who is defending got hit directly on the torso. He collapsed on the spot.

I observed their practice. Since we're going to fight the Demon King and his army, I need to gain combat experience, though I am not sure if my ability will come out later.

I am only a high school student. At this point in time, I only know battle techniques from video games and anime. Though I'm not as severe as Rin, I played video games for the sake of leisure.

Indeed, it is different when you're going to fight with your own hands.

Seems like the practice match has ended a while ago, and I decided to go back when I heard the bell ring seven times. It is fortunate that the time here is the same with the time on Earth, so the time is 7:00 am.

My classmates woke up early because today is the first day of training. As for now we have to stock ourselves up with delicious food in front of us. There are roasted meats of some creature we don't know because the meat is colored blue. When we tasted it, it tastes like chicken so there's nothing to worry about. There are also vegetables that look like the ones you get on chop suey, except that they all have a purple and bluish color. Seems like every food on the table is colored poison.

"Hey you. Come here."

A red uniformed officer beckoned me to come when we finished eating. Seems like he's a general or something.

"What is it?" "Based on what Charia told me, you don't have any abilities yet?"

"Y-yes." I reluctantly answered.

"If so, then you can't participate in their training. But if you want to, you can train the soldier's way in the barracks."

"Really? Thank you very much" I am happy that he presented a wonderful proposal.

Though I don't have any ability yet, I want to help my classmates in the fight as much as I can. It is the best course of action at this point.

So what would my training look like?

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