The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Inspiration for Lerish:

reku-chan here.

Wow. I didn't noticed that 2018 will be tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone that appreciated my novel this year. I hope that you continue to support my work next year, and the years to come.

Happy New Year, minna!

Chapter 30 (v.1) - Befriending A Princess, and The Search For New Power

Submitted: December 30, 2017

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Submitted: December 30, 2017



"N-No are the princess?!" I shouted at her in surprise.

"Nn." She only nodded while her face became red due to embarrassment.

Why did I not recognize that voice?! Is your memory really bad, Ren?

The Princess looks the same just like yesterday, but she wears a sparkling pink flowing dress with green ribbons all around, and tiara made of mithril adorned her long brown hair. She dresses simply even though she's a princess.

We looked at each other's eyes for a while, then I separated myself from the princess.

"I-I-I'm sorry for my rudeness, Princess!" I said to her while bowing my head.

Crap. I'm going to jail after this.

"You bastard! How dare you touch the princess without permission?" The knight in white armor said to me angrily while his hand grasped the handle of his sword hanging on his waist.

"N-No, Granz! It's okay. He saved me from falling down the carriage." The princess stopped the knight named Granz before he execute me right on the spot.

...I can kill him with the power of the [Arcana] if I wanted to, but I don't want to use the power of the [Old Gods] like that.

When he hear that, he released his hand from the sword.

She looked at me again while still blushing.

"Anoo...thanks...for saving me again! Also, sorry for not telling you the truth!" She said as she bowed her head to me.

EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH?!? The princess is bowing her head to me?

"Princess?!" Granz said in surprise.

"P-P-Princess?! W-Wait! It's okay, it's okay! So please, stop bowing already!" I waved my arms in panic.

She stopped bowing her head to me when I said that. Her cheeks blushed even more when I looked at her. The princess gets flustered easily, I guess?

"I'm sorry for showing an unsightly appearance..." She said as she grip the hem of her dress due to embarrassment.

I shook my head from side to side.

"No...It's just an accident, so it can't be helped." I said to her while still panicking.

She smiled lightly when I said that. Still, her face is red.

"W-Well then, let's go inside the carriage as we go to the Royal Capital." She beckoned me to go with her to the capital.


I heard Aoi shouting at me from the back as she ran.

"...Who is she, big brother? Why are you going with her to the capital?" Aoi said while glaring at the princess.

"B-Big brother?" The princess said in surprise while looking at Aoi.

"...That's right! I'm big brother's little sister, got any problems with that?" Aoi said while pointing her finger at the princess.

"C-Can we take her along?" I asked the princess while sweating profusely.

The princess agreed.

Aoi, don't do that. I don't want to increase the charges against me.

We rode the carriage as it moved toward the capital. The carriage really looks expensive, really made for use by the royalty. Inside, Aoi and I sit ourselves straight like logs in front of the princess. This is so awkward.

"I-I'm sorry for calling you suddenly. I just want to express my thanks for yesterday, so..."

She talks to us as she plays with her hair and looking at me with upturned eyes. I don't know what to react in front of her.

"Eh, anoo...I just happened to be there by coincidence. T-There's no need to thank me, Prin--"

"...Lerish." She said in a faint voice as she interrupted my words.

"Come again, Princess?" I asked her in confusion.

"Call me Lerish. That's my name."

"Ah, um, if that's what you want, Princess Le--"

"Just Lerish, okay? No more 'Princess' added. Oh-kaaaayyy?"

She said as she pout her lips while still looking at me with upturned eyes.

"Uh, U-Understood...Prin, er, L-Lerish." I said as I panic from the inside.

"Also, talk to me the usual way. Like friends, maybe?" The Princess, rather, Lerish said to me.

"O-Okay." I said to her.

"I'm happy..." She said as she places her hand on her chest as if she's relieved.

Even though I became friends with Lerish, I must still remember that she's a princess.

"Ah, anoo...why are we going to the capital?" I asked Lerish after becoming silent for a while.

"It's just that...I want to thank you for saving my life. Also, I knew that you came from Arandel, so I want to give you a tour in the capital." Lerish said as she looked at the window.

Saki...I didn't knew you have such a big mouth.

While we're moving, Lerish tried to befriend Aoi, but Aoi just said, "I don't want an older sister!'. Though, she finally succeeded when she offered Aoi to taste all delicious food when we reach the capital.

I'm afraid Aoi might end up meeting bad guys in the future because of her appetite, but I'm more afraid of what will happen to the bad guys if they knew that she's a death goddess.

"It's my first time to see a beautiful, blue-haired little girl like you, Aoi! Uwaaaaaaaaa, too cute!!!" Lerish said while hugging her tightly and rubbing her cheeks on Aoi's head.

"...WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME?! ONLY BIG BROTHER CAN HUG ME! BIG BROTHER, SAVE MEEEEEEEEE!!!" Aoi shouted while desperately trying to separate herself from Lerish. Even though she's a goddess, her body's still of a little girl, that's why she can't escape the hug attack without using magic.

I just ignored them as I looked through the window. Outside, I could see the very high tower that I saw while we're still at Plate Town.

I asked Lerish about the tower.

"Hey, Lerish. What's with that tower over there?"

Lerish stopped rubbing her cheeks at Aoi then looked at the window.

"Ah! That tower is the symbol of our country. You know, the legends say that the tower is created by the gods to contain all of the world's wisdom at its top. Also, they say that if someone reached the top of the tower, that wisdom shall be passed onto him." She explained.

When she said [gods], I looked at Aoi, who finally escaped from the embrace of Lerish and sat beside me again. She also looked at me, and spoke in a faint voice Lerish can't hear.

"...Hey, Big brother." She whispered.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"...I think, we've found an [Arcana]." She said as she grinned at me.

The Sixteenth Arcana, [The Tower].

The search for never-ending wisdom begins.

© Copyright 2020 れっくる. All rights reserved.


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