The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Really?? As I thought, you're really amazing, Ren!"

reku-chan here.

It's 2018 here in the Philippines, so I'll have to do my best 2018 times more than last year!

Oh, this chapter is the start of WebNovel vol.2 and also the start of Arc 5.

Thanks for all the support! Here's Episode 31, senpai!

Chapter 31 (v.1) - The Capital of Narashel

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



Inside a dark room lighted only with silver candles, a coven of people wearing white and gold robes are currently having a round table meeting.

"I see...she has escaped, huh?" One of them said in a low voice while sighing. He wears a dog-faced mask.

"Yes. One of my subordinates checked whether there is someone who broke the cursed seal, but they found no signs of external interference..." Said the young woman wearing a rat-faced mask.

"B-But, how is that even possible? There's no way she can escape on her own!" A snake-masked man said while putting his hands on the table.

"...I'm hungry. Can we take a break?" A rabbit-masked little girl said lazily while resting her chin on the table and drawing circles with her fingers.

"You're hungry again?! Can you be more serious? This is an important matter!" Snake Mask said angrily to the Rabbit.


A dragon-masked old man said to the two in a serious tone. The two swallowed their saliva and fell silent as they felt the overwhelming presence exuded by him.

"It seems that we've become careless..." The dragon-masked man said while looking to all of the members present.

"...In order to prevent the calamity that happened 2000 years ago, we have no choice but to use [that]." He continued while resting his chin on his two hands.

"...You mean, [that] one?!" The man with the monkey mask asked him in surprise.

The old man with the dragon mask only nodded.


We reached the capital of the kingdom of Narashel, Harlin, after three hours of traveling by carriage. As we get off the carriage, Aoi and I raised a victory pose in the middle of the road at the entrance.

"Free trip to the capital!"

"...Free food!"

...No, Aoi. We didn't go here for that.

In front of us, we held our breaths in surprise as we saw the entirety of the royal capital. At a distance, we could see the city filled with beautiful houses, shops and taverns just like in Plate Town, but the scenery here is more urban and much more sophisticated. Also, this city is surrounded by farmlands on the north, mountain ranges on the east and vineyards on the southern side, in which the country is famous for their high-class wine. Lastly, at the center of the city is the royal castle, famous for its wonderful use of art and nature on its design. The castle is also well-known for its blue color that is similar to the color of the skies. Indeed, the saying 'the white of Arandel, the red of Rashaim and the blue of Narashel' holds true to its meaning.

All in all, with the balance between the rural and urban elements, I could say that this city is more beautiful than the cities in Arandel.

"Welcome to the capital of Narashel, Harlin! I will take you on a tour around the city, so I hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!" Lerish said to us in high spirits. Is she always like that, I wonder?

"T-Thank you very much, P-Prin--, er, Lerish. Though you don't need to take us along with you here." I said to her while feeling hesitant if I should be thankful of bringing us here.

"Like I said, I want to express my thanks to you in any way that I can. I also want us to get to know each friends, right?" She replied while blushing and taking side glances at me.

"...Hrrrrgh." Aoi just grumbled while looking at Lerish.

"Oh, before anything, I would like to take you both to my villa at the center of the city first. I promised Aoi that she will taste all delicious food here in Harlin, right?" Lerish asked Aoi as she clapped her hands and smiling brightly.

"...Really? Yeeeeeeey! Thank you very much!!!" Aoi said as she hopped around happily. Her attitude really changes when it comes to food.

On the way to her villa, we saw many people who waited at the side of the road as the carriage moves. Sometimes, Lerish gets off the carriage just to greet and talk with them, while Granz just looked at the people shaking hands with Lerish from the side with a terrifying glare.

As soon as we arrived at the princess' villa, we were greeted by an old man wearing butler clothes.

"Welcome back, Princess. I'm glad for your safe return."

"Thank you very much, Franz." Lerish said while being assisted by Granz.

W-wait. Granz and Franz?

"Ren, Aoi, this is my butler Franz. He has been serving the royal family for over 40 years, and he is the father of Granz, my personal guard." Lerish explained to us while introducing her butler.

...Saku and Saki, then Granz and Franz? Does the people here like to have their names rhyme with each other?

"My name's Franz. It is a great honor for me to meet the savior of the Princess and his little sister." Franz said while bowing his head to us.

"N-No, it's okay. I just did what I can at that time, hehehe." I replied while smiling wryly.

"Aoi here. Please feed me well!" Aoi said to Franz as she raised her hand in the air.

"Then...Let's go inside, shall we? Franz, prepare all the food that I requested earlier..." Lerish invited us to her villa while Franz bowed his head at her orders.

Inside the dining hall, we were astounded with the right of so many food presented here.

"Eat your fill as thanks for everything up until now." Lerish said as she beckoned us to eat. Aoi, taking Lerish's words as signal, immediately rushed to the dining table and piled heaps of food on her plate. Franz' eyes widened in surprise when he saw that.

"...I'm sorry for my sister's attitude." I apologized to Franz.

"It's okay, Sir Ren. It's a great honor for us to have the two of you here, so please don't hold back." Franz replied while his cheeks cramped as he smile.

I told Lerish the story of how we got here in Narashel while we eat.

"Eh? You really crossed the desert?!" Lerish said in surprise as she watch us two eating.

"It's true. Due to some circumstances, we got lost while we're traveling, and we before we realized, we were stranded on the desert." I mixed lies as I continue on with my story.

She nodded to my words, then after a few moments of silence she said something to me.

"...You're really an interesting person, Ren." Lerish said to me as I stopped to take a bite.

"E-Eh? W-Why do you say that?" I dropped my fork due to her words.

"Um, anoo...let's see, when you beat up those bad guys from earlier, I heard you said something at the thug...[Seizure], was it?" She said as she smiled at me while raising one of her eyebrows.

Crap. She got me.

"What is it? What is it? Is it some kind of magic?" She asked me in high spirits as she placed her chair nearer to my seat, and her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm and curiosity.

"Maaa, h-how do I say this? I don't know if that can be considered magic, but somehow I can do things like that..." I replied while scratching my cheek.

"Really?? As I thought, you're really amazing, Ren!" She suddenly stood up from her seat when she said that.

...You're wrong, Lerish. I'm not amazing or something. Maybe, you'll realize someday that I'm just a good-for-nothing person.

Before Lerish could barrage me with so many questions, Granz, the personal guard of Lerish, entered the dining hall with a letter in hand.

"Princess, a letter just arrived from the palace." He said as he hands down the letter to Lerish. Lerish is surprised by the sudden return of Granz, and as soon as she receives the letter, opened it and read its contents.

"It's a letter of invitation from the King. It says that you are invited to the grand party that will be held at the royal palace tonight." Lerish said to us after she reads the letter.

""Ehhhhh? An invitation from the King?!"" Aoi and I stood from our chairs simultaneously due to surprise.

"Nn. As my savior, the King invited you to the royal palace!" Lerish said while smiling at us.

...Is that really great of a matter for them to invite me to such social gathering?

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