The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"P-Please take care of me from now on..."

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - A Party That Could Change One's Future

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



...I-I-I got an invitation f-from the King of Narashel?!

"...Big brother! Is it true? You're going to the royal palace?!" Aoi asked as her eyes widened in surprise while looking at me.

"Yes! If you want too, you can go with him, Aoi." Lerish said to Aoi, inviting her also to the grand party.

"Can I go too? Yataaaaaaaa!!! I'm going to a party with big brother!!!" Aoi hopped from her chair in triumph.

"'s it, Ren?" Lerish asked me.

I, who regained my senses, replied to her in a confused state.

"Eh, ah, anoo...I-I don't know. It's a great honor for me, I think, to be invited to a social gathering by the King himself, but I don't think I can get along well with the people that will also attend that event." I said to her while looking down.

Lerish is a princess and I'm just a foreigner in this country. Even though we're friends, it doesn't mean that the other people having the same standing as her will acknowledge me as her friend.

" need to worry about that! If someone do or say something bad to you, I'll take care of it, Ren!" She said while placing her fist on her chest.

"A-About that...I don't want to depend too much on your status, so I think that it's better for me to--"

"Like I said, I'll take care of those matters. So, please..." Lerish said as she looked at me with pleading eyes.

In the end, I accepted the invitation.

Franz assisted me in finding the outfit that will suit me best for that event. My body is shaking as I tried different clothes provided by the maids of Lerish.

Meanwhile, the two girls are also trying out different dresses and gowns. I could hear their giggles and laughter from this room. Well, it's good that Aoi found a new friend.


For tonight, I wore a simple black tuxedo. They also have these kind of clothes here in another world?

...Since it's my first time to attend a grand event like this, I'm feeling tensed. Also, I'm not comfortable with these kind of clothes.

As I tried my best to fix my appearance in front of the mirror, the two girls finally went out of the dressing room.

When I looked at them, my eyes widened in surprise.

Aoi wears a beautiful blue one-piece dress, similar to her usual clothes, but the quality is more refined and elegant, and has small white and pink flowers on her waist and at the chest. Her hairstyle hasn't changed much, though.

Even though her dress is simple, it gives emphasis to her natural cuteness and playful character. Well, if I were to ask, I prefer simple clothing over anything.

Lerish, on the other hand, wears a long flowing gown that has the color of snow, and her hair styled into a bun. It's just a damn plain white gown, but knowing that its wearer is a princess, all other details are unnecessary.

...Indeed, simple is the best!

"...Big brother! How's it? Does this dress suit me well?" Aoi asked me as she spins her body in order for me to see it fully.

"U-Uhhhh...Yeah, it looks good on you. You're really cute on that dress." I gave a compliment to Aoi while stroking her head. She lets out a cute "Hehehe" while being petted by me.

"W-Well, dress, how do I look?" Lerish asked me while blushing and looking away from me due to shyness.

" to put it...I-I think that you're already beautiful with anything that you wear...but you're much more beautiful tonight, Princess." I said to her while also looking away from her.

Lerish, upon hearing that, turns red due to embarrassment and turned away from me.

"I-Is that so...thanks." She said shyly while still turning away from me.

I approached her to see if she's alright.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Then, she turned again at me while presenting her right hand in front of me.

"I-It's about time that we go to the royal palace, is it? L-Let's go?"

I held her hand that is being presented to me. So soft.

"P-Please take care of me from now on..." She looked at me while still feeling embarrassed.

"Nn." I nodded at her.

We arrived at the castle. As we entered a great hall, I saw many people wearing expensive clothes and jeweleries who are chatting and laughing with each other. 'So this is the top echelons of the society', I muttered to myself.

Lerish is also chatting around with the other attendees, so while we wait for her, I reminded Aoi about one thing.

"Aoi, we have to behave properly while we're here. Remember the TPO, right?" I said to her.

"...Of course, big brother! Even us [Old Gods] often do these kind of activities, so I can behave myself properly!" Aoi replied in assurance.

After a few minutes, Lerish approached us along with several people.

"Ren, Aoi, these people are the dukes that govern several provinces of Narashel." Lerish said as she introduce us the people who have high influences in the society.

"Good evening. I am called Duke Bragas, and I'm the one who governs the province of Izaria." A short-statured old man introduced himself to us.

"Pleased to meet you. My name's Duke Ardam, and I am the governor of Relaia." A mustached man also introduced himself.

The other dukes also introduced themselves in turn.

"It's a great honor for us to meet the person who saved the life of the Princess here at this party." Duke Tybald from Serania said to me.

"Eh? H-How can I say this...I just did what I can to help her, that's all." I said to them while scratching my head due to extreme shyness.

"What humility! That's why it's no wonder that you became friends with the Princess!" Duke Gorez from the mountains of Kajaru looked at me with eyes of admiration.

"Also, I heard from the Princess that he can use some unknown type of magic!" Duke Larke from the Southern Provinces supplemented.

As they flock around us, a middle aged man on his fifties entered the hall. Also, a woman about forty years of age accompanied him as they walked towards the center of the hall.

As soon as he arrives, everyone became silent and knelt while bowing their heads to him. From their reaction, it's easy to tell that he's the King of Narashel and the father of Lerish.

"Stand up." The King ordered everyone to stand up.

"Before anything else, I would like to thank all of you who are present tonight. As you all know, I invited you all to celebrate the safe return of the First Princess, Princess Lerish Relia Narashel, from a diplomatic trip to the kingdom of Praxus. Also, this party also serves as thanks to the person who saved my daughter's life, the young man named Ren Mortel."

When the King mentioned my name, all people present looked at me in surprise and/or interest.

W-Wait, I'm not informed about this...

"With that, I, being the King of this country, hereby reward this young man for his exemplary service in the face of danger."

The King clapped his hands, and a butler suddenly appeared, holding a tray containing a small bag and a small medal.

"Accept this as a reward from the people of Narashel. 50 platinum coins, and this medal given to important people in our history. If you have this medal, you can go to any place here in Narashel free of charge, and it also grants discounts when you use it to transact to all kinds of shops." As soon as the butler handed me the contents of the tray, the King spoke to me.

"Eh? O-Oooooooowwww!!!"

My hands trembled and I almost dropped the reward that I got from the King.

"I-I-It's too big of a reward for an ordinary person like me, I can't accept this much!" I hesitantly said to the King.

"...You don't want the reward I gave to you?" The King asked me in a sad tone.

"N-No, Your Majesty. It's just that...I don't deserve to be rewarded like this."

For me, it's just natural to save a person in danger, so there's no need to reward me with this too grand of a reward.

When I said that, the King thought of something for a while, then with a snap of his fingers he spoke to me again.

"Then how about this reward that I'll give to you. It's rude for my daughter's savior to go home empty-handed, so I insist that you accept this reward..."

The King paused for a moment while smiling at me. I don't like how things are going on right now...

"...As the King of Narashel, I, Zarg Sharif Narashel, hereby declare on this day that you, Ren Mortel, will be engaged to my daughter, Princess Lerish Relia Narashel." He said while grinning at me. .








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