The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Besides, since I'm your little sister, I can't marry you, right?

reku-chan here.

Yeah. I have to wake up again at 3 in the morning just to prepare for 7:30 class at the university. That's 4 hours of travel time.

Here's Episode 33, senpai!

Chapter 33 (v.1) - Sudden Engagement?!

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Arc 5: Tower Waltz


While the students are on the table eating their dinner, the two girls, Karen and Rin, sneezed at the same time. Both of them covered their mouths so as not to contaminate the food.

"H-Hey! Are you okay?" Kai asked the two girls.

"Ah? Nn. I'm fine, don't worry." Karen replied while smiling wryly.

"Me too. I'm okay." Rin also replied.

"You two, don't do that in front of the table. That's rude, you know?" Mari scolded the two.

""Sorry."" The two apologized to Mari.

"If you're sick we can take you to the medic corps. Even though Karen's a [Healer], she can't cure illnesses yet." Mari added.

The two of them, who are sitting in front of each other, looked at the other person's face in embarrassment.



My mind went to La La Land for a few seconds because of the King's sudden declaration.

"...Also, the reward earlier will still be given to you, as a dowry for your engagement." The King is still grinning at me.

...Stupid Ren, do something! YOUR FUTURE IS ON THE LINE!!!!!

"W-W-WAIT A MOOOMEEEEEEEENT!!! HOW DID IT END UP LIKE THIS?!" I hurriedly said to the King in panic.

The King slowly walked towards me, then when he is about a meter away from me, he grabbed my hand and did a handshake.

"Ren Mortel, take care of my daughter from now on."

His green eyes looked at me kindly.

"Ahhhh! Wait! I-Isn't it too sudden of a decision?! I'm not ready for that kind of commitment! Besides, I'm just an ordinary adventurer!!!" I pleaded to the King with teary eyes.

"No, no. Actually, she's already on the age where she can marry a suitable man for her. I thought it's a blessing that you suddenly came to our country and meet the Princess!" The King shook my hand violently.

"A-Also, we only met yesterday! How can you give your daughter to a person you haven't knew really well?!" I protested to the King without minding any honorifics.

"I have this magic tool..." The King stopped shaking my arm, er, my hand when he said that. I thought that my arm will detach from my body because of his unnatural strength. He picked something from his pocket and showed a gold coin. No, that's...

I searched for a similar object in my pocket. When I compared the two, they are the same.

"This is a magic tool that can hear and see the events happening on the other person who also have this magic tool. Since Lerish always travel to different countries, I gave her the other half of this tool so that I could know her situation even from far away. I also saw what you did to save her, you know? You have that kind of magic, Ren? I'm surprised when you used that." The King said to me while laughing.

...So this coin is a magic tool, and I'm being watched all the time?! Is this the right moment for him to say, ''re on hidden camera!'?!

"Also, I heard your story when you went to her villa. You don't seem to be a bad person, that's why I decided that you'll marry Lerish. Hahahahaha!" The King said while laughing and patting my back. Ouch!

"N-No, wait..."

"Look at her. Look at my daughter." He said to me while pointing at the corner.

I looked at Lerish, who is currently on the corner of the hall. Her face became deep red due to embarrassment, her hand trembling as she placed it on her chest. She also doesn't look at me.

"Look at her. Isn't she a fine princess? Even though you only met for a short time, you already knew some things about her, right?"

Earlier, while inside the carriage, she told us her travel experiences to the different countries. She also told us her preferences in food, clothes, animals and even her preferences in men.

'Someday, I want to marry a man that could protect me with all his heart.', is what she said to us.

"Also, in addition to being a princess, she really looked beautiful, isn't she? She's also kind, generous, smart and elegant. There's no reason to refuse a woman like her!"

Indeed, she really is beautiful. If my classmates are here, they would gather around and ask her for photos and autographs.

Each time she meet a person, she greets them with a radiant smile. She also invited us to her villa even though we haven't knew well each other. Though I haven't saw that much, I think she's also smart since she told us that she have plenty of tutors teaching her at the royal library. Lastly, she easily gets flustered when something unexpected happens, but she's still a princess no matter what.

...Wait. There is no reason to refuse?! No, there has to be something!

"Lerish. What do you think about Ren?" The King asked Lerish.

Lerish looked at the King while being embarrassed, and spoke in a soft voice.

"A-Anoo...I-I don't think of him as a bad person, Y-Your Majesty, but I also thought that it's too sudden for us to have such commitment. Though, if R-Ren wishes for it, then..." She said while sending glances at me.

"See that, Ren? That reaction is just like her mother when we were also engaged the exact same way! Isn't her expression too cute?" The King said to me as he patted again my back.

"Eh? So you're just putting us in the same situation as you were?!" I shouted in surprise.

"No, that's not it! Well, how about you? What do you think about her?" He asked me.

Crap. What should I say?

As I think of what I should say to her, Aoi suddenly appeared and told something to the King.

"...If big brother will marry someone like her, I'll have no objections."

"Aoi? What are you saying?!" I asked her in surprise.

"...Big brother. At first, I got flustered when you became close to her, but I immediately knew that she's a good woman. That's why I said to myself, 'As long as I'm his only little sister, I don't care whoever my big brother will marry or how many wives will he end up marrying in the end.'" She said while pointing at me her fried chicken.

The King also got surprised at her sudden words.

"W-Who is this little girl?" The King asked.

"She is my little sister. Forgive her for her rudeness." I said in apology.

"Well, if your little sister also agrees, then what's there to refuse?" The King said.

Aoi, while still holding a piece of fried chicken, spoke to me again.

"...Besides, since I'm your little sister, I can't marry you, right? Big brother?" She said to me while smiling.

I heard some faint 'Oooooooohhhhh!!!' from the people. No, you're thinking it wrong! I don't intend to marry Aoi in the first place!!!

While feeling embarrassed, I looked again at Lerish. If I agreed to marry this girl, will I have to be the next king of Narashel?

Without minding that possibility, I don't know what the future could bring to the two of us, so there might be a chance for our friendship to turn into something more.

In my mind, hesitation and resolve are battling with each other. Will I accept, or will I escape?

Escape? No. I already escaped once. I'll hate myself even more if I escaped here again.




...Lock in.

I slowly walked towards her. Everyone who saw my action held their breaths in anticipation to what will happen. When I got closer to her, I took a deep breath, then said to her as if catching my breath:

"...P-Please take care of me f-from now on."

I said that while bowing my head and presenting my hand to her.

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