The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Like I thought...this is too embarrassing!"

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Here's Episode 34, senpai!

Chapter 34 (v.1) - Awkward Moon

Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



Arc 5: Tower Waltz

"...P-Please take care of me f-from now on."

I said that while bowing my head and presenting my hand to her.

"Eh?" Lerish muttered in surprise.

"Ah, eh,'s just that, we've only known each other for a very, very short time, do I put it, it's a good opportunity for us to deepen our friendship, is what I thought." I timidly said to her while still bowing my head.

I jumped off a cliff head-on. All my escape routes have been sealed.

Silence reigned around the hall for a few seconds. Everyone is waiting for her reply.

Lerish, suddenly grasped my hand.

"Nn! That's a good idea!" Lerish said happily.

"Eh?" This time, I got surprised.

"I also think that I'm still not ready for marriage, so it is a good idea for us to get to know each other more, right? T-Though technically, this still counts as an engagement proposal, so..."

She then changed the way she grasp my hand into a handshake.

"P-Please take care of me also from now on." She said while feeling embarrassed.

"Nn. I will." I only nodded timidly.

At that time, everyone who witnessed the scene happily clapped their hands and loud cheers filled the place. Many of them congratulated me and gave their blessings for the two of us. The King, suddenly put his arm on my shoulders as he say to me, "Congratulations! I'll expect to have my first grandchild three or four years from now, so do your best!!"

...In my mind, I prayed really, really hard to God that this is all just a dream.

I went outside the hall to get some fresh air and to think about what will happen to my future. When I looked at the great tower from the terrace, it reminded me of all the things that happened up until now: Being sent into another world, escaping hell, crossing the desert, becoming Aoi's big brother, searching for all the [Arcana] in this world, and now, becoming a fiancé for Lerish.

...I made too many commitments, that I don't know if I can handle all of it.

As I rested my chin on the handrail, a voice called out to me.

"Ren? Why are you here?"

When I looked back, I saw Lerish.

"Nothing. I just want to be alone for a while." I said to her while looking again at the tower.

She walked slowly towards my side.

"A-Anoo, I'm sorry for everything that happened earlier..." She apologized to me.

"...It's okay. Even you didn't expected that to happen, so it can't be helped." I said to her, feeling defeated.

She also rested her chin on her arms that is also placed on the handrail.

We both fell silent for a while, then I talked to her just to break the silence.

"...Lerish, I don't know if you knew this already, but I'm not the amazing person that you always think of me. Truth be told, I'm just an ordinary person." I said as I berated myself on front of her.

"...I'm not that strong, not smart, not even that handsome. Right now due to some circumstances, I became your fiancé, but if by chance you found a man more suitable for you, I..."

Lerish, upon hearing my self-depreciation, just giggled.

"W-What's funny?" I asked her.

"Fufufufu, I don't know you have such an inferiority complex, Ren! Well for me, it's true that you said that you're not that strong, not that smart and not even having such good looks..."

She finally said it. Somehow it hurts for me to hear that from a girl.

"...But I don't think I can easily find a man better than you." She said as she smiled lightly at me.

"...How can you say that?" I asked her in disbelief.

"A-Anoo...I-I know it's way too sudden to say this, but I think I l-liked you already." She said as averted her gaze from me due to embarrassment.


I opened my mouth as I got stupefied at her sudden confession.


"L-Lerish?! What do you mean by t-that?" I took a step back from her.

"'s just that, when you looked at me in the eye at that time, I felt this strange sense of warmth..."

While still looking away from me, she said that.

"...I don't understand. You have this quality of yours that makes people feel warm and relieved, and you show it in your eyes."

"...My eyes?" Confused, I asked her.

"Nn. I liked how you always look at the other person's eyes when you talk. It shows that you show concern for the other people. When you caught me in the carriage, you're the first person except my parents and employees to look at me in the eye, you know?"

Those green eyes of hers reflect the light from the moon, just like Aoi with her blue ones. The way she looked at me showed that she's feeling too embarrassed but still chose to confront me.

"T-That's why, even though it's too sudden, I'll do my best so that you'll reciprocate my feelings..."

She faced at me again. When I looked again at her face, the Lerish in front of me changed from the one feeling embarrassed into a one with determination showing in her eyes.

We looked at each other's eyes for a few moments, then her face gradually became red and she covered her face with her hands.

"...Like I thought...this is too embarrassing! I-I-I'm sorry for saying s-such things!!!" She said as she hurriedly went inside again while still covering her face.

"S-Sorry!" I immediately apologized to her as I tried to stop her from running.

It became quiet again in this terrace.

In my mind, I became somewhat happy that I experienced having a girl confess her feelings to me, like those in manga, novels and anime.

"Reciprocate her feelings, huh?" I muttered to myself.

The party continued up until late in the night. Before anyone realized, Aoi ate all the chicken and salad on the table. Is this what she meant by 'behaving herself'?

After the party, I plopped myself on the bed inside the room that the King provided for us. Meanwhile, Aoi slept soundly as she snuggled right beside me.

I'm so tired today because of various reasons, and I immediately fell asleep.

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