The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...he's too smart that he became crazy!"

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Re: Quest

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Arc 5: Tower Waltz

The next morning, I got summoned by the King to come to the reception room. The reason? Formality of my engagement to Lerish.

In the end, I got engaged to Lerish.

I really don't know what exactly am I feeling at this point. Maybe my reason has been already eroded by the things that happened in Arteim and in the desert.

Well, I don't hate her, but I only see Lerish as a friend for now. Who knows, this might be a chance for the idiot me to experience doing romantic things with a girl? I'm not that desperate, though.

...If my classmates are here, I wonder how would they react if they knew that I got engaged to a princess?

Inside the reception room, there are four people: the King, the Queen, Lerish, and lastly, me. We sat face-to-face with her parents.

The King and the Queen looked at the two of us happily.

"Ren, I know it's too hard on your part, but I'll support you in any way that I can. Ah, I'll not announce yet your engagement to the public, so rest assured that this matter is private." The King said to me while he's sitting on his chair and drinking his tea.

I only nodded at him while looking at the carpet on the floor. If I protested here, will he resent me? I don't have energy left to argue anymore.

"Don't worry, Ren. She already has what it takes to be a good wife, so she won't be a burden to you." The Queen supplemented.

"Mother! Don't say things like that! I-I'm still not good at everything, that's why, er, um..." Lerish interjected then her voice gradually became fainter and fainter.

Oh? Even though she's a princess she can do household work? The man who will marry her is a really lucky bastard, for sure.

...Then I realized, that lucky bastard would be me. *facepalm*

"Since you will be my son-in-law, you can ask for anything you want from me, as long as it's reasonable." The King spoke again.

A request? Can I say to him that I want to cancel my engagement to Lerish? No, no, he might get mad at me. I could end up being executed if I said that.

"Your Majesty...if you won't mind, I have a request." I said to the King.

"You want your wedding to happen now?!" The King suddenly said to me. Like hell I'll request that to you so suddenly!

"Eh? No, Your Majesty! That's not it!" I waved my arms in panic.

"Then, what is it?" The King asked me.

I became silent for a while, then spoke to the King.

"...I want to go to the tower."

"C-Come again?" He became surprised at my request.

"...Your Majesty, I request that I want to go inside that tower." I repeated my request to him.

After that, I returned to the room where Aoi is. Inside, Aoi is juggling black flames on her hands.

"Hey, Aoi! Don't do that! You might burn something in this room!" I scolded her.

"...Don't worry, big brother. These flames can only burn flesh. Look."

As soon as she said that, she dropped a ball of black flame from her hand. The flames touched the blanket, but the blanket didn't burned.

"...I told that to you already, right? My [Arcana] only affects things with souls inside of them. Muu, big brother, you don't listen well when I teach you!" She pouted her lips as she looked at me in dismay.

"I'm sorry. Hehehe." I could only apologize to her.

Aoi is really strict when she teaches me how to use the powers of an [Arcana]. Well, thanks to her, I can disable an opponent for a few seconds using [The Death] Arcana. I can also kill someone using this power, but I'll do that when I really need it.

In regards to my original Arcana, [The Fool], I still don't know how to use it.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I requested to the King that we will go to the tower!"

"Really? What did he say?" Aoi asked me.

"He was surprised, but he granted permission for us to go to the tower tomorrow." I replied happily.

"Thank you very much, big brother!" She leaped towards me then gave me a tight embrace.

"Yosh! Now, we should prepare for tomorrow!" I said to her while patting and stroking her head.

Now then, let's prepare for tomorrow's tower climbing.

First, I went outside to go to the royal library in order to research about the great tower. Along the way, I noticed that all maids that I met bowed their heads at me. No good.

Also, only the royal family and other members of nobility can use the royal library, but for some reason the guards just let me enter without even asking a question.

After reading some books about the tower, I immediately returned to Aoi, and told her the details about the tower. "...The information in this world is just an atom compared to all the information gathered in the [God Realm].", is what she said.

"So, you know some information about what's inside that tower?" I asked her.

"...No. The god who ruled [The Tower] is a selfish one! He wanted to keep all knowledge into himself, that he created that tower just to store his sacred books!" Aoi said while feeling pissed off.

Even the gods can be selfish, huh.

"...Also, I think that all our preparations are useless when obtaining [The Tower]."

"Why do you say that?" I asked her.

"...Because, even us [Old Gods] doesn't understand the [Tower God]'s mind! Aside from me who is the [Death Goddess], the other gods doesn't want to approach him because he's too smart that he became crazy! That's why, I don't think that we will ever be prepared once we entered the tower, big brother."

How hopeless is that [Tower God] can be, I wonder?

"So...all we have to do, is to just enter and wait for things to happen?" I asked her again.

"...That's right, big brother." She nodded in response to my question.

Looks like this will be a hell of a challenge for the two of us.

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