The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Then, would you also take me inside?"

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Even the Highest Tower Won't Reach Even the Lowest of the Gods

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



The next day, with permission from the King, we rode a carriage to the neighboring town of Yaref, where the great tower stood. The party composed of me, Aoi and for some reason, Lerish.

When I asked her why she wanted to join us, she said that she wants to travel with us. As expected of 'The Traveling Princess'.

"Hey, Lerish. Have you entered the tower before?" I asked her while looking at the tower and stroking Aoi's head, who is sleeping on my lap.

"Eh? No. Not even once." She replied in a sad tone.

"I-Is that so..." I said.

"Besides, all who attempted to enter the tower ended up becoming crazy, that's why it is forbidden to enter the tower." She added.

"R-Really?! But, why did the King permitted me to enter?" I asked in surprise.

"Father wants to test whether you're a suitable person for me or not. I guess, he still doesn't trust you that much." Lerish sighed.

So, if I failed to obtain [The Tower] and end up becoming insane, I will be disqualified to be Lerish's fiancé by default. Sounds good? No. If I have to choose, I'll prefer marriage over insanity, though they are just the same.

"Ren, may I ask...why do you want to enter the tower that much?" Lerish asked me.

...Is it fine to tell her the truth? No, she might only take it as a joke.

"B-Because there is something inside that I want to have."

"What is it, a treasure? A treasure!" She continued to ask me in high spirits.

"No...but rather, magic." I said.

"Magic?" She got perplexed at my reply. She frowned at me.

"Nn. Remember the magic that I have? There is some kind of similar magic inside that I have to obtain. In order to do that, I have to enter the tower."

She thought of something for a while, then she leaned her body towards me and looked at me with our faces closer to each other.

"Then, would you also take me inside?" She said while looking at me with upturned eyes as she begged me to take her inside.

"No way! What will the King say when you became insane, huh?"

This girl, do you really like to explore that much?

"Ren, you meanie! Still, I want to go with you inside." She pouted her lips angrily.

"Like I said..." I pleaded her to stop begging for me to take her inside the tower.

As I tried to tell her that it's too dangerous to enter the tower, Aoi suddenly woke up and saw that Lerish's face is close to mine. Her small hands reached to Lerish, and she pinched her cheek.

"...It was too foolish of you to do that in front of me." Aoi glared at her while her head still rests on my lap.

"S-Sorry, Aoi. I just got carried away by our discussion. Hehehe." Lerish apologized while smiling wryly and rubbing her cheek.

While the three of us talked with each other, we arrived at the town of Yaref.

When I looked at the tower again, it really looks bigger than I expect.

Oh, by the way, the carriage we used is just an ordinary one, so that people won't interfere with our business here. Also, Lerish changed her clothes from a princess to those worn by ordinary adventurers.

"...Let's hurry, big brother!" Aoi said to me.

"Nn." I nodded.

As soon as I walked towards the tower, Lerish grabbed the hem of my shirt.

"W-Wait...I also want to, um, go with you." She said in a faint voice as she looked down on the ground.

I looked at Aoi. She put her hands to her waist as she glared at the two of us.

"...Take her along, big brother. We might as well need some sacrificial lambs for the traps inside." Aoi said as she turned away and walked towards the tower with heavy steps.

"Really? Thank you Aoi!" Lerish's reaction changed into a bright smile.

The two of us also hurried to the tower.

When we reached the front of the tower, we opened our eyes in surprise. The tower is really freaking huge! I think, it measures about 60 meters in diameter. The tower's also too high that it reached the clouds above.

"Then...shall we enter, Aoi?" I asked her.

"...Nn." She nodded. She looked nervous so I hold her hand.

"Let's go tower climbing!" Lerish exclaimed while raising her fist in the air. Are you more excited than the two of us?

At the entrance, there are guards that prevent people from entering the tower. Upon seeing Lerish, they bowed their heads at us and let us enter.

"That's why I wanted to go with you two. The guards doesn't allow anyone to enter this tower, except the royal family. It will be my first time to enter here!" She said while smiling brightly.

When they opened the gate, we were fascinated by the sight of so many books on countless shelves inside.

"So many...books." Lerish said in wonder as she looked around the place.

"This is more like a library than an ordinary tower."

I said as I walked towards one of the shelves and picked up a small book. When I tried to open the book, Aoi stopped my hand.

"...Don't, big brother! These books are all sacred, if you tried to read one of these books, your mind will corrode from too much exposure to divine power." Aoi said while holding my hand.

Oh. That's why those people who entered this tower before ended up becoming insane. Curiosity killed the cat, is what they said.

The tower is very wide, with only books present inside. At the center, there is a wide space, and a large circle-shaped magic formation just like on that cave at the desert.

"Aoi, is that a cursed seal? Is the [Tower God] sealed in there?" I asked while pointing my finger to the large circle on the floor.

"...No, big brother. The [Tower God] died thousands of years ago." Aoi replied as she shook her head.

"Hey, you two, what are you talking abo--"

While Lerish is talking, the magic circle glowed, and after a while, a circle shaped platform appeared on the surface.

"...As I thought, this is a platform." Aoi said.

Come to think of it, there are no stairs inside this tower. So this one serves as an elevator, it seems.

The three of us entered the magic circle platform. As soon as Aoi stepped on it, the magic circle glowed, and the platform began to move up.

"Wow! This place is so cool!" Lerish muttered in excitement.

Even though she said that, I don't think the inside of this tower looks amazing. I could only see countless books placed on the walls of this tower. Only those who liked to read will enjoy this place for sure.

...Well, somehow, when I see so many books in front of me, it makes me want to sleep.

The platform moved at the speed of an ordinary elevator. I don't want to look below because I'm afraid of heights. That's why, the two girls tease me while we're moving up. If you fall, don't blame me.

After a few minutes of going up, the platform suddenly stopped.

"Eh? What happened?" I asked Aoi.

"...I don't know, big brother. The platform stopped moving!" Aoi replied while feeling anxious.

"Are we...stranded or something?" Lerish asked the two of us.

While being perplexed by the situation, a book fell from somewhere in front of us. The book opened when it landed on the ground, and we saw the content inside one of its pages when I picked it up from the floor.

{1. Find the circumference of a circle having a radius of 50 meters.}

We widened our eyes and opened our mouths in surprise.

" this?" Aoi asked.

"I can't read the language..." Lerish said as she tried to read the book in front of us.

"No this, a math question?" I muttered to myself.

The three of us looked at each other in shock.

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