The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"No, sorry. Numbers aren't my thing."

reku-chan here.

I joined a collaboration with Aaron.Austin. entitled, "*Tournament of the Spirits: Universal Combat!!!!!!! *"

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Here's Episode 37, senpai!

Chapter 37 (v.1) - Is This A Game Show?

Submitted: January 06, 2018

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Submitted: January 06, 2018



I can't believe the meaning of the words in front of my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and pinched my cheek to see if it's all just a illusion. I tried to look at the opened book for the second time.

{1. Find the circumference of a circle having a radius of 50 meters.}

The question is still written on the book. I'm not hallucinating?

...But still, math? Why does the troubles that come at me just keeps on getting harder and harder?! What's more, they also have the concept of geometry here in another world?

"...Big brother, you can read it?" Aoi asked me in surprise as she kept on staring at the book in my hands.

"What does it say?" Lerish also asked.

"I-I-It says, 'find the circumference of a circle having a radius of 50 meters.'." I said to the two of them.

"...Eh?" Aoi got surprised. She's still a kid, so she doesn't know it.

"Lerish, can you solve this?" I asked her.

"No, sorry. Numbers aren't my thing." She shook her head as she said it in a sad tone. I know that she's smart, but for some reason she's weak at this.

...No way. We'll be stuck in here forever?

...Wait, if I remembered all the lessons Ma'am Joan taught us, maybe I can solve this problem. What is that formula again?

"...Base times height? No, it's a circle. Ummm..."

"What are you doing?" Lerish asked me as her head tilted in wonder when she saw me scribbling on the platform floor.

"I'm trying to solve this problem. I don't know if I can still remember it, but I'm trying to recall..." I replied.

Circle? Circumference? I think there's a keyword hiding in somewhere...

"...I missed already the meat pie served at the party." Aoi sulked as she thought about food again.

We're in a dire situation, and you still think of meat pies? No, wait...

Pie? Pi...That's it!

"I remembered it now!" I shouted happily at my sudden surge of brain power.

"W-What is it? Why are you screaming?!" Lerish got startled at my sudden remark.

"...Can you solve it, big brother?" Aoi asked me happily as she looked at me with eyes of enthusiasm.

"I-I think so. If I do this and that..."

I said as I scribbled the formula on the floor. Double the radius, then multiply by pi, is it?

"Two times 50 will get 100, then if I multiply it by 3.14, I'll get..."

I scribbled the answer on the floor. 314 meters.

When I finished solving the problem, the magic circle on the platform glowed, and the platform started to move up again.

"...You did it, big brother!!!" Aoi leaped at my chest as she hugged me with her small arms.

"No. it's all thanks to you, Aoi." I patted her head as she hugged me.

"You did well, Ren." Lerish praised me.

"E-Eh, um, I'm not also good with numbers. Hehehe." I just smiled wryly at her.

"Fufufufu. We're alike in some ways, Ren. As I thought, it must be fate that we met each other." She giggled lightly. You're exaggerating, Lerish.

About an hour passed and the platform stopped moving again.

"...It stopped again?!" Aoi said angrily.

After a few seconds, another book fell from somewhere. When I opened it, another question is written on its pages. I read the question aloud so that they could understand.

"'2. What happens to the spell when a caster altered a four-line incantation into five lines without changing the order and the number of the words used?'"

"...Magic theory?" Aoi muttered to herself.

"You know about it, Aoi?" I asked her in amazement.

She shook her head.

"No, big brother. We [Old Gods] don't use magic, instead we use divine power to create a manifestation similar to what humans called magic." She said.

"W-Wait, what did I hear just now? Old Gods? Divine power? What are you saying?!" Lerish asked Aoi in confusion.

"Aoi...can we tell her the truth?" I said to her.

"...Nn." Aoi only nodded slightly.

We told Lerish things like Aoi's real identity, the [Old Gods] and the [Arcana], and about the battle against the [False Gods]. At first, she took it as a joke, but she became convinced suddenly when Aoi created a black flame in her hand while letting out a killing aura with her evil smile.

"F-F-FORGIVE ME FOR MY RUDENESS, GODDESS! DON'T KILL ME PLEASEEEEEE!!!" Lerish groveled on the ground as she begged for her life.

I hate to admit this, but we have the same reaction when we saw the killing intent of Aoi for the first time.

"...So, that's how it is. Now I want you to help my big brother in getting all of the [Arcana] in the world." Aoi said as the flames on her hand disappeared.

Lerish only became silent at Aoi's words, her body is trembling and her mouth opened and closed like a fish. I held her hand to stop her from shaking too much.

"R-Ren...!!!" She got surprised when I held her hand.

"Don't worry. Even though she's a goddess, she's still my little sister."

I said as I held her hand tighter. She looked at me while being flustered.

"I won't force it on you, but we'll be really glad if you help us get [The Tower]." I looked at her in the eye just to comfort her.

She became silent for a while, then she also grabbed my hand.

"Nn. As your fiancee I'll help you in any way I can." She said as her tension began to lessen. Determination showed in her eyes.

"...That's good that you now understand the situation, but can we answer this question now since there's a time limit?"

When the two of us looked at Aoi, her finger pointed to the ground. We then followed our sight to the ground, and we saw numbers written on the circle.

"Three minutes, and counting down..."

"No way..."

Lerish and I gasped our breaths in surprise.

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