The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...T-The spell, the spell will--"

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Countdown!!!

Submitted: January 07, 2018

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Submitted: January 07, 2018



Three minutes.

We didn't notice that there's a time limit for this question, because we got carried away telling Lerish the truth.

Two minutes fifty-five seconds.

The magic circle glowed, then the circle slowly fades in a clock-like manner.

Two minutes fifty seconds.

Ten seconds passed, and the platform began to crumble little by little.

Two minutes forty-four seconds.

"Aoi! Do you know the answer?" I asked Aoi while slightly panicking.

"...If I know the answer big brother, I could've answered it already." She shook her head.

"Lerish!" I also asked Lerish, whose body trembled again.

Two minutes twenty-six seconds.


She only looked at the magic circle [clock] with widened eyes as she got shocked by what is going on now.

"Lerish!" I called to her again, but she still doesn't react.

Mustering my courage, I faced her and grabbed her shoulders.

"E-Ehhhh--?!!" She regained her senses.

"Lerish! Look at me. Do you know the answer?" I asked her as I looked directly at her eyes.

Her mouth flapped like a fish as she tried to speak.

"...I-I think so..." She said in a faint voice.

"Please! If you know the answer tell me!" I said to her strongly. She just looked at the glowing [clock] at our feet.

Two minutes.

The platform isn't a circle anymore, some of its edges crumbled and fell. Two minutes from now the magic circle will collapse, and we will fall to the ground.

"...Big brother!!!" Aoi screamed as she saw the edges of the circle near her crumbled.

"Lerish, this is not the time to space out! Please, tell us if you know the answer!" I continued to ask her as I still grabbed her shoulders.

Lerish, seems like she is thinking of something.

One minute thirty-one seconds.

About half the size of the circle is left since the countdown started. The three of us placed ourselves on the center, away from the falling edges.

"Calm down, and try to recall the magic lessons that you had back in the castle." I said to Lerish as I try to stay calm.

If we got overwhelmed by panic here, it will be our end. No.

Even though Aoi is immortal, she said that she can still get hurt and be wounded. I am also in the same situation as her, since I have [Partial Immortality] bestowed by the [Death] Arcana. The problem is Lerish.

"...Big brother! Less than one minute left before the platform collapses! Answer it quickly!!!" Aoi screamed at me as she grasped the hem of my shirt and shaking me violently.

"Lerish! Please!"

"...Four lines, five lines...I-I know...I know it already!!!" Lerish, after thinking for about a minute finally came up with an answer.

Twenty-four seconds.

"Tell us now! Quickly!" I asked her to answer the question.

"...T-The spell, the spell will--"

When she is about to answer the question, a crack formed on the platform beneath her feet, traversing from edge to edge.

"E-Eh?" She got stupefied when the edge of the platform where she knelt crumbled.

"LERIIIIIIIIIIIISH!!!" I screamed her name as I tried to hold her hand to catch her, but to no avail.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She screamed as she also tried to reach my hands while falling down.

"...Big brother!!!" Aoi joined the screaming chorus as she pointed at the collapsing platform beneath our feet.

Fifteen seconds.

More cracks formed on the platform. My mind froze when I saw Lerish fall.

Ten seconds.

"...Big brother!!!" Aoi continued to scream as the glow on the circle flickered like a busted lamp.

Eight seconds.

"...BIG BROOOTHEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!" Aoi cried as she hugged me while closing her eyes to prevent herself from falling.

Five seconds. Five seconds before we fall down.

Four seconds.

I heard a faint scream from below.


Suddenly, someone is moving up from below us.

Three seconds.

"L-Lerish!!!" I screamed again her name as I found out who the person is.

Two seconds.

"...Big brother?!" Aoi got startled because of me, she opened her eyes.

One second.

"Don't worry, we won't die--"


The platform finally collapsed as it formed very large cracks. The two of us began to fall at high speeds.

"Aoi! H-Hold my hand!!!" I said to her as I reached my hand to her while falling down.

"...Big brother, don't let me go!" She also reached for my hand. I drew her body close when I reached her hand, and I embraced her to protect Aoi from the impact of our fall.

"...You said we won't die, right?" Aoi said to me as I embraced her small body.

"Nn. Thanks to your [Arcana]." I stroked her head as I looked at her.

"I won't die that easily also!"

Someone shouted at us from below. I turned our bodies facing down, Aoi held on tightly at my body.

"Lerish! You're alive!!!" I said happily to the girl below us.

Lerish is standing in a magic platform just like earlier, as it moves up toward us, who are falling down. I turned my body again facing up to take the impact.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGKKKKK!!!" My back took all the impact from falling down from a high place at high speeds and crashing onto a hard surface.

"Ren! Aoi! Are you okay?!" Lerish asked us with worried eyes.

I looked at Aoi as she kept on hugging me. I'm relieved that she didn't got hurt.

"Nn. We're okay. It's just that, my back hurts a little." We're still lying on the platform floor, that I saw Lerish looking at us with worried eyes.

"Geez, Ren you idiot! What will happen if don't have the [Death] Arcana in your body, huh? Lerish said angrily while helping us stand up.

"Well, what about you? If you fell without even answering the question, what will happen to the kingdom, huh? You don't have an [Arcana] in you, right?" I replied at her also in a somewhat angry tone.

"...You got the answer correct? Thanks." Aoi only expressed her thanks to Lerish.

"W-Well, I'm sorry for not telling the answer quickly." Lerish apologized at us.

"It's okay. What's important is we're moving up again." I said to her in a comforting manner.

The three of us breathed in relief as we move up the tower again.

"...So, what is the answer?" Aoi asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Um, Anooo....the caster's spell will implode into him, is what I answered." Lerish replied.

"Im...plode?" I asked in wonder.

"Nn. An altered spell with odd number of lines more than three will trigger spell malfunction, causing the invoked spell to implode on the user. The damage is relative to the amount of mana consumed during cast. That's what I remembered from the magic theory classes at the magic institute." Lerish explained while scratching her cheek.

Aoi only sighed at Lerish's words.

"...That's why we gods don't use some complicated principles like that [magic] you humans use. You're way too low for a specie as compared to us." She said in a disgusted manner.

"Aoi...I'm human too, remember?" I glared at her when she said that all humans are just lowly creatures.

"...But big brother is an exception! You're the best in the world! I love you!!!" Aoi hugged my body while happily rubbing her cheeks on my abdomen.

"Fufufufu. Hahahaha!" Lerish laughed at our conversation.

"W-What's funny?" I asked her.

"Uwaaa. It's nothing. I just, find the two of you really interesting." Lerish said as she wiped the tears on her eyes.

"...I love my big brother more than anything in this world, even food!" Aoi declared to Lerish.

As the platform moves up, we prepared ourselves for the challenges the tower will give to us.

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