The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...We're almost there, big brother."

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Reaching The Top

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Submitted: January 08, 2018



We barely survived.

If there's still more questions like that, I don't think we can answer it correctly.

"I didn't know that answering trivial questions like those could get us killed..." Lerish said as she sighed.

"That's why I told you that you should've stayed back there. This place's really dangerous for a princess like you!" I scolded her lightly.

"Hmmph! It's all thanks to me that we reached up until this point. You should be grateful." She crossed her arms and pouted her lips as she looked at me while feeling disappointed.

" right. Nn. Thanks a lot!" I expressed my thanks to her while letting out a wry smile.

"Also, don't treat me like a princess! I want you to treat me like your fian--, er, a friend!" She almost said the word "fiancee" as she speak.

Earlier, we both agreed that we won't think of our relationship as being "engaged", but rather we will think of it as just being "friends". If other people knew that I'm engaged with her, it would cause national disorder.

We're going up for about three hours now. Aoi became nauseated when she accidentally looked down from the platform, so I let her sleep on my lap again. Even gods have fear of heights?

...I just noticed, the time that I and Lerish spent talking with each other became longer compared when at the time that she brought us here.

The two of us just took side glances with each other as time passes. It really is awkward to directly face a girl you just knew recently.

Silence only filled the place, except for the sounds of Aoi's soft breathing as she sleeps on my lap.

"Ren..." After a few minutes of silence, she finally started a conversation.

"W-What?" I asked her as I got startled because of her.

"What will you two do after you finally obtained the [Arcana] in this tower?" She asked me in a somewhat sad tone.

"Hmmm...we didn't thought about that yet." I replied to her.

"W-Will you go Arandel?"

Her eyes looked at me like she's worried or something.

"N-No. For some reason, I can't."

When she heard that, her eyes somewhat sparkled with hope.

"We can't return yet to our country, that's why we decided to stay here in this beautiful country for a while."

I promised myself that I'll return to Arandel when I become stronger. For now, I'll have to find as many [Arcanas] as possible.

"I-Is" Lerish said to me as she let out a sigh of relief.

Before we noticed, Aoi woke up. She looked at the surroundings first, then looked at us.

"...We're almost there, big brother." She said.

Come to think of it, I felt a somewhat tingling sensation while I'm talking to Lerish. I just ignored it, thinking that it's just because of the fatigue from the two questions earlier.

Does that sensation meant that the [Tower] Arcana is just nearby?

Aoi and I relied on the sensation that we felt to know if we're almost at the top of the tower. After a few minutes, we finally saw a ceiling with a circular hole in the middle.

"...There it is." Aoi said while grinning.

"The top of the tower..." I muttered in reply.

"Finally! I thought that this will go on forever..." Lerish said in an exhausted manner.

The platform entered the hole and we saw the top floor of the tower.

"Still, there's too many books in here." Lerish said as she looked at the countless amount of books assembled in this floor of the tower.

Inside this top floor room of the tower, there are still books piled all around, but there are several armor of knights with the helmets between their arms displayed on every corner of this room. They are called dullahans, if my memory serves right.

"They looked like they guarded the books here or something." I said as I looked at the statues.

"...Big brother, over there!"

Aoi pointed her finger towards the front, and we saw a rostrum at the side of the room. When I take a closer look, there's a circular object placed on the rostrum.

"Aoi...what is this compass doing in here?" I asked Aoi.

"...Maybe it's a [Relic], big brother."

"Relic?" Lerish caught up with our discussion, and also asked Aoi.

"...[Relics] are sacred objects that are used to contain the powers of an [Arcana]. When an [Arcana] manifests, it must find a suitable vessel, otherwise it will disappear, and will cause imbalance of forces when that happens." She explained.

So that means, this is the Relic of [The Tower]?

" this compass could hold great power. Amazing!"

Lerish said as she touches the compass in front of us.

"...No, don't!!!" Aoi shouted at Lerish to warn her from touching the compass, but it's too late.

At that instant, the floor beneath us shook.

"W-What's going on?!" I muttered in surprise.

Then, the headless soldiers began to move one by one.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhh!!!" Lerish screamed in fear while hiding at my back as the headless soldiers began to draw their swords while rushing towards us.

"Lerish! Stay behind me, I'll protect you!" I said to her as I looked over my shoulder.

"Nn..." She only nodded as her body became tense behind me.

Damn. I don't have the sword I got at the desert.

"...Big brother, I want to help you but I have to conserve my divine power. Sorry." Aoi said as she also hid at my back.

The dullahans' severed heads looked at me with a violet light coming from the visor part. It seems like they are placed here to protect the compass, not the books.

"Aoi, Lerish, go to a safe spot away from the dullahans. I'll fight them." I asked the two of them to quickly go to the side of the room.

There are sixteen dullahans in front of me. Can I protect the two of them alone?

One dullahan raised his sword to cut me. I narrowly evaded the downward slash, and used the power of [The Death] at him.

"[Soul Burn]!"

I created a black fireball in my hand, and threw it at the dullahan's helmet. As the flames of death went in contact with the dullahan, the flames instantly covered its armor. The dullahan writhed for a few seconds, before it finally stopped moving and its armor began to corrode.

The black flames devours the soul of its victims. That's why, this power is considered a taboo among the [Arcanas].

The other dullahans retreated for awhile, before starting to attack in groups.

"Ren! Careful, at your back!"

Lerish shouted at me as I burned the soul of another dullahan. When I looked behind, there is a dullahan with his sword raised. In my left side, another one is aiming for my gut. They did a pincer attack to restrict my actions.

"Tsk. This is troublesome." I clicked my tongue as I created two black flames on my hands and fired it at them before their swords could dismember me.

Twelve more.

The remaining dullahans surrounded me, leaving no escape points for me to use.

"Then I'll try this. [Impaling Terror]."

I used the Arcana to create black magic circles under their feet. It will be difficult to kill them one by one so I decided to use [Impaling Terror] to all of them.

"Endure if you can..." I said to them as I snapped my fingers.

At that instant, the magic circles released a blackish-blue haze that pulsed every second.

Every second, a thin spike made of black flames bursted from the magic circle, and impaled the armor of the dullahans from all sides. As they continue to struggle, the number of spikes that pierced them keeps on increasing and increasing every second. After a short while, in front of me there are countless amounts of scrap metal scattered on the floor.

Uwaaaa. It's my first time to effectively use two [Sacred Curses] in succession. Aoi really is a good teacher.

When I looked at the two girls behind me, their mouths opened in shock.

"...Big brother, I never thought that you're more ruthless than I am when it comes to killing." Aoi said while her body trembled.

Lerish only nodded at Aoi's words, she got stupefied because of seeing such horrendous sight in front of her.

When I saw that even Aoi trembled, I realized that I overdid it.

"M-My bad. I-I should learn to use it properly...sorry..." I apologized to the two girls while smiling wryly and scratching my head.

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