The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Anyway, here's Episode 4. Enjoy.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Training/Misunderstanding

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



The barracks is adjacent to the training grounds. It looks like that we we're training while facing each other.

For training that I have joined, there are thirteen groups of novice soldiers arranged in terms of battle ability, and I am on the last group since I don't have any combat experience.

The group I'm in were originally sons of farmers and small merchants without experience in combat aspiring to be admitted in a knight order. Hence, our group is called "Cannon Fodder".

We were ten in total in the group. Almost half of us have the same age as me but there are ones who are older by one or two years.

"For our training today, they said that they will evaluate us, so we have to do our best, okay?" the one who spoke is the oldest in the group. His name is Allen, and he also is the most experienced among us.

The routine started with a warmup, then followed by jogging around the training grounds, then training on weapon handling techniques of increasindifficulty. Surprisingly, the training is not that difficult compared to how it looked like. Is it because I'm an otherworlder?

As we train I noticed that the other groups are looking at us and some of them are laughing as if to mock us. I guess anywhere you go there is discrimination between the stronger and the weaker ones.

I asked Allen if this is the norm.

"Don't mind them. We we're used to it. Besides, it is natural to look down upon the weak, right?" Allen told me.

But still, it is wrong.

"All we have to do is train harder. Everyone! We will prove to them that the Cannon Fodder isn't cannon fodder!" """Oooooooooh!!!"""

Everyone of us gets fired up from what Allen said. Well, he is the leader after all.

While training with the Cannon Fodder, I take a look again at my classmates from time to time. I observed that our training is more difficult than theirs. Also, there are some trainers that is just watching my classmates create spells or use weapon without saying a word. Maa, if that is their teaching technique it can't be helped.

If only I have any abilities right now. Well, any ability would work for me if the time my ability would finally show up. °

At noon we were given a break, so I decided to eat while watching my classmates training.

I saw Rin facing a target dummy. She crouched a bit with her right foot forward and her hand on the sword hanging on her waist. That pose, I don't know if I'm right, but is that "nukitsuke"? She quickly drew her sword while dashing towards the dummy, and slashed the head part.

"Slow." Her trainer told her that while looking somewhat displeased.

Really? Is that slow?

She just scratched her head due to disappointment. Then she was also given a break for a while. She looked around and when our gazes meet, she rushed towards me.

"Yo! How's training, soldier boy?" "Stop it. Hey don't come closer you reek of sweat!"

But she kept on approaching towards me.

"So, I asked you, how's your training?"

"Well, it is not as difficult as I expected. Maybe because of those video games and anime?"

"If so, that's great! Then treat me later when we finished training, as thanks for my divine guidance."

"Shut up. Why do I have to treat you every time?" I retorted.

She just giggled. This girl.

I flicked her forehead when she let her guard down. Mischief is hiding under her "cool beauty" shell, so occasional cracking of that shell is required.

"Ouch, what was that for?!" She asked me with teary eyes.

"I treated you, that is." I calmly replied.


She pouted her lips while still being teary-eyed. Her forehead became red. She used that trick. Again.

If this goes on, she'll pester me until I treat her with something.

To treat her or to suffer mental abuse. What a hard choice.

Then, I'll do this.

"R-Rin, that slash you did earlier..." I asked her while changing the topic.

"A-ah, you saw it?" She was surprised by the sudden question.

"Nn." I nodded.

"It was really that bad is it? My mentor told me that I'm too slow for a swordsman."

She looked down and her face showed a sad expression.

"That's not true. Of course it's just only the start of it, so you'll improve from now on I guess" I said to her as I scratch my cheek.

"R-really?" She looked at me.

"Nn. O-Okay fine, I'll treat you later as an apology for flicking your forehead and because you did your best today."

"Really? Yeeey! You're the best Ren!" She said happily.

What a sudden change of expression. She quickly hugged me like a bear. You smell of sweat, you know?

Did my group saw that? Also on the other side, my classmates also look at the two of us. They were all smiling at me in a different meaning.

"H-H-Hey Rin, you can stop now. Everyone's looking at us!" I whispered to her ear.

"Eh?!" Did she finally noticed just now? She quickly separated from me and looked at the surroundings. Her skin quickly became red due to embarrassment.

"I-It's different you know?! This is just a m-misunderstanding!" Rin shouted in an exaggerated manner while covering her face and ran away from the scene.

To leave me alone in misery when she gets embarrassed. That girl.

That day, we were labeled as "lovers".

I guess I will hide myself in a hole for a while until the situation turns normal again.

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