The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...B-Big brother, she's not human."

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - [The Tower] and [The High Priestess]

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



I never imagined that Aoi, who is a death goddess, shuddered in fear because of me.

"A-Aoi? Are you alright?" I approached her to check her condition, but when I got close to her, she punched me in the abdomen using her small fists.

"...Muuuuu, idiot! Big brother you idiot! Even I became scared of you, you know? Do you want to replace me as a death god?!" She said angrily while she continue to punch me. It tickles me, Aoi!

"Well, I'm sorry for overdoing it, Aoi. But don't worry, even if I obtained all the [Arcana] in this world, you'll still be my death goddess!"

I stroked her head to stop her from being angry at me. After a while, she stopped attacking me with her fists and just let me pat her. She just wants to be pampered, it seems.

As I cuddle my cute little sister, Lerish fidgets as she look at us. Is she still scared because of what she saw?

I stopped petting Aoi and faced Lerish.

"L-Lerish...I'm sorry for showing such a horrendous appearance. I'm really sorry!" I bowed my head as I apologize to her.

Lerish shook her head as she let out a wry smile.

"N-No, it's just that...I want to say thanks for protecting me, and Aoi also."

"Thank goodness...I thought you're scared of me now!" I expressed my honest feelings to her as I stood up straight again.

"Muuuuu...if you showed me such things again I might get really scared of you, but you'll use it to protect me, right?" Lerish averted her eyes to me while feeling embarrassed.

"O-O-Of course! I'll do everything to protect a 'friend'!" I replied to her.

"I'll protect all my important people, now that I got this power. If needed, I'll kill everyone who will dare to hurt you and Aoi." I said in conviction.

I promised myself that I'll atone for my mistakes. That's why, I have to become stronger for them.

"...By the way, big brother. Where's the compass?"

Aoi asked me about the compass.

"Eh? Um, w-where is it? Where did I placed it?!" I became flustered as I searched for the compass in my clothes.

"Oh. Here!" Lerish grabbed something from her pocket, and presented the compass in her hand.

Aoi and I just sighed because of her.

{Impressive. For you to reach the top of the tower alive.}

Suddenly, a voice of a woman came from somewhere.

"Who is it?"

When I asked the voice, a figure of a woman appeared from a door behind the room. The woman looked like she's on her early twenties, with white hair and is wearing a silver robe with a hood. Her face shows a calm expression, and gives off an 'intelligent person' aura.

"For [The Death] to come here. It must be fate." The mysterious woman said while letting out a small smile. Her eyes is still serious, though.

"...I also didn't expect that there's a person inside this tower. Who are you?" Aoi glared at the woman.

"Ah. Pardon me for the late introduction. I am called Erlai, and I am the attendant of [The High Priestess], as well as the caretaker of [The Tower]." The woman named Erlai introduced herself to us.

"Attendant?" I asked her.

"Yes. I am chosen by the [High Priestess] to protect the Second [Arcana]. Maybe you haven't realized, but aside from the Sixteenth Arcana, [The Tower], [The High Priestess] is also kept here." Erlai explained.

"...B-Big brother, she's not human." Aoi whispered to me.


"That's right. I am a product of magic and organic matter. A living thing created by gods using divine power. A homunculus, that is." Erlai declared.

Homunculus? Like those in light novels and anime?

"I'm also immortal, just like the Death Goddess..." She paused, and looked at me without showing any emotion.

"...By any chance, do you have the [Death] Arcana in you, young man?" Erlai asked me as she walks closer to me.

"Y-Yes." I replied while averting my gaze to her.

She slowly walked in circles around me.

"For a human to be a [Ruler] of the Zeroth [Arcana], you made me quite interested in you, young man." Erlai said as she smiled at me while her hand slide on my face and my shoulders. What's with this tempting gaze?

"W-What are you doing?!" Lerish got flustered because of Erlai. Her face suddenly became red.

"Me? Ah, my apologies. I just appreciate this specimen in front of me." Erlai said to Lerish as she removes her hand from my face.

Suddenly, we felt a sudden surge of pitch-black aura coming from Aoi.

"...Don't you call my big brother a specimen!" Aoi said angrily at her, her killing intent shows on her face.

Erlai, upon hearing that, slowly took a step back away from me. Her face is still calm, even though Aoi is in front of her.

"...Even though you're immortal, I can still kill you. So don't you dare think of big brother as just a 'specimen'!" Aoi created a black magic circle in front of her using her hands, ready to kill Erlai anytime she wanted.

Erlai, only smiled at Aoi.

"Forgive me for my rudeness, Death Goddess. I'll reflect on my actions." Erlai bowed her head as she apologizes to Aoi.

"Ah, anoo...Aoi, it's okay now. It's not that she meant it in a bad way or something, so please calm down, okay?"

I asked Aoi and she dispelled the usage of her power. She's still angry at her.

"Um, also, Erlai...about the [Arcana]..." I then asked Erlai about the [Arcanas] present in this tower.

"Oh. Since you made it here at the top of this tower, you will be bestowed with the powers of the Sixteenth Arcana, [The Tower] and the Second Arcana [The High Priestess]."

When she said that, a book from somewhere suddenly flew to her hand.

"This is the [Relic] of the [High Priestess]. Along with the compass of [The Tower], you will be granted the power to seek anything in this world, as well as access to all the information gathered since time immemorial."

She placed the book on my hand, then she looked at Lerish.

"Give the compass to him, Princess." Erlai said to her.

"Eh? Ah, yes!" Lerish got startled when Erlai addressed her as 'Princess'. Did Erlai knew even that?

Lerish approached me, then presented to me the compass in her hands.

"Ren, take this..."

When she is about to give me the compass, the two [Relics] burned in our hands with a black and blue blaze.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiihhhh!!! W-W-What's going on?! I-I-I'm burning!!!" Lerish screamed when the compass in her hands suddenly burst into flames.

Lerish swayed her hand frantically to put out the fire, but it still kept on burning.

Erlai's eyebrows raised when she saw the compass burning on her hands.

"Oh. It seems that you have an affinity for [The Tower], Princess."

Erlai said to Lerish as she just watched the burning compass in enthusiasm.

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