The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"T-That's why, with this [Arcana], I'll return the favor!"

reku-chan here.

Note: The title is based on the Episode 3 of Myriad Colors Phantom World, "Operation Copy-Paste Memories/Kioku Kopipe Sakusen". Yeah, I just want to let you know that.

This is the last Episode of Arc 5: Tower Waltz.

Arc 6 title will be: The Power to Create and the Power to Destroy

Thanks to all who continue to read SekaiMotte as well as the spin-off guide!

Here's Episode 41, senpai!

Chapter 41 (v.1) - Nouryoku Kopipe Sakusen! (Operation Copy-Paste Abilities!)

Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018



"A-Affinity?!" Lerish asked in shock and fear as she tried to extinguish the flames on her hands.

In my hands, the book was burned completely, leaving no trace.

Meanwhile, Aoi widened her eyes in surprise as she saw the strange phenomenon happening right now.

"That's right. In some cases, a creature can obtain a power of an [Arcana] even though he doesn't have [The Fool] in him. In your case, Princess, you have an affinity for [The Tower]..." Erlai explained.

So it means to say that, Lerish can now use [The Tower]?

"...You're fortunate that you have an affinity for an [Arcana]." Erlai said to Lerish while smiling.

"B-But...What about Ren? Does that mean that he didn't obtained [The Tower]?" Lerish asked her in a worried tone.

Maaa, if she obtained [The Tower] instead of me, then it can't be helped. Even so, I'll feel sad because of it.

Erlai glanced at me, who is feeling disappointed right now.

"Ah. Don't worry about that. Use your power in front of him, and he can use the power of [The Fool] to copy the [Arcana] inside you."

With Erlai's words, Lerish felt relieved.

"Now, I'll tell you the details about the two [Arcanas] that you got..."

After some time, we finally got down from the tower. We started to go inside early in the morning, and it's already afternoon when we returned.

" feels good to be outside again!!!" Aoi hopped happily as we get out of the tower entrance.

"Hey, watch your step." I reminded Aoi from a distance.

While walking alongside me, Lerish just looked at the ground. Is she still worried about it?

"Um, anoo...Ren, thank you." She said to me in a faint voice.

"Eh?" My head tilted in wonder as I looked at her.

"T-Thank you for bringing me inside. Without you guys, maybe I'll never experience such amazing things inside the tower."

Amazing things...even though you almost died?

"T-That's why, with this [Arcana], I'll return the favor!" She said as she created a small magic circle on her palm that looked like a hologram.

The blue magic circle has sixteen green arrows protruding from the circle radiating from the center, representing the four directions and their subdivisions. There is also a black arrow that serve as the needle of the compass.

"Copy my ability, Ren!" She said to me with a bright smile on her lips.

I looked at the magic circle on her hand as I prepare to use [The Fool].

"W-Well then, excuse me. [Copycat]."

At her permission, I used [The Fool] to copy and integrate [The Tower] to my body.

I could feel my body temperature rising up.

"'s it?" She asked me.

I immediately tried to see if the [Arcana] is completely copied from Lerish. I concentrated the divine power coming from [The Tower] at my hand to create a compass just like the one in her hand. A few seconds later, a small magic circle also formed in my hand.

"You did did it!" Lerish said in high spirits.

I thanked her as we go back to the carriage.

Inside the carriage, I did a small experiment on the two [Arcanas] I obtained.

"[Search: Aoi]."

Using [The Tower], I tried to look for Aoi. Of course, she is beside me sleeping, but I want to see how this [Arcana] works.

The 'needle', at my words, instantly pointed towards Aoi.

"[Search: Lerish]."

The needle then pointed towards Lerish, who is in front of us.

"[Information: Lerish]."

I then used the power of [The High Priestess] with Lerish as the test subject.

Suddenly, a red book suddenly appeared in front of me. I opened one of its pages, and read it.

"Name: Lerish Relia Narashel. Age: 15. Occupation: Princess of Narashel Kingdom..."

Lerish, who is about to sleep opened her eyes when she heard me reading the details about her in a book.

"Height: 156 cm. Weight: 40 kg. Hair color: Brown. Eye color: Green..."

"W-Wait..." Lerish became flustered when I began to read her physical attributes. Her hands trembled as she tries to reach for the book in my hand.

"B/W/H: Eighty-four, fifty-seven, eighty-th--"

Lerish suddenly grabbed the book while I'm reading it and threw it outside the carriage. Her face is red, and she looked at me with teary eyes.

"Geez, don't read it out loud! Ren, you idiot, idiot, idiot!" She said angrily at me while she grabbed my shirt to shake me.

"Ah, ouch! Ouch! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!" I apologized while being shaken by her.

"I won't stop beating you until you forget those information!!!" She said furiously.

"I-I'm sorry for reading it! I promise I won't tell anyone about it!!!"

Meanwhile, Aoi woke up from our noise and saw Lerish and I having our bodies too close to each other as if we're about to do something indecent.

The sight in front of her was, Lerish pulling my clothes towards her as she bent her body toward mine.

"...B-B-Big brother, what's the meaning...of this?" Shocked, she asked us.

She began to emit a killing aura again.

"...Big brother...for doing something so indecent...unforgivable!!!!!" She screamed as she instantly created a black magic circle in front of us.

"W-W-Wait! Let me explain!!!" I said to her in panic.

Lerish, upon seeing the [kill mode] of Aoi up close and personal, fainted, and her body collapsed over mine, her face on my chest.

"L-Lerish?! A-A-Aoi!!! Wai--"


On that day, the people at Harlin got startled because they heard a small explosion sound coming from afar.

In my mind, I swore to God that I'll never use the power of an [Arcana] in that way again.

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