The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"I won't forgive you if you don't follow the conditions!"

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Arc 6: The Power to Create and the Power to Destroy

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Return to Plate Town

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



The carriage only formed small burn marks due to the explosion. I also managed to protect Lerish, but my clothes became tattered.

...If I don't have [Partial Immortality], I'm already ashes because of Aoi.

For some reason, Lerish is really angry at me. Is she insecure about her body size?

"...I'll forgive you, on one condition." Lerish finally spoke after ignoring me for about two hours. Her eyes show that she's really, really angry at me.

"Eh? it?" I got startled at her words.

"When you return to Plate Town...take me with you." She looked at me with a serious expression.

"A-Ah? Um, Okay, I will..." I said to her.

"Also, anoo...let's have a date when we got there." She still looked serious, but her eyes suddenly glistened with charm.

"Wait, you said only one condition, right?!" I said to her while being surprised.

"I won't forgive you if you don't follow the conditions!" She said angrily at me.

"L-Like I said earlier, let's go on a date when we return to Plate Town! The town plaza is beautiful and there are many food stalls there!!!" I hurriedly changed my response so that she could finally forgive me.

"Then, I'll look forward to it, Ren." She finally smiled brightly at me before walking back to the castle ahead of us as she whistled happily.

"Haaaaaaaah..." I only let out a sigh as I look at her walking away.

When I looked behind, Aoi is walking towards me from the carriage.

"Aoi..." I only muttered to her.

She grasped the hem of my shirt when she stopped beside me.

"...Big brother." She called me as she looked at the ground.

"W-What is it?"

"...Promise that you'll give me more attention than any other girl in the world."

"Eh? Why?" Perplexed, I asked her.

"...Because...since you met her, you give less attention to me than before. Also, you two always flirt in front of me while I'm asleep..." Her grip on my shirt became more tight.

She really thought that I gave less attention to her as compared to before. Her little sister game is really strong, it seems.

"Nn. I promise that I'll give more attention to my cute sister more than anyone in this world. Though we're not flirting actually, I also promise that I'll be more careful from now on." I said as I looked at her blue eyes.

Her hand let go of my shirt and she then held my hand.

"...Then, let's go back, big brother!" She ran as she pulled my hand. We returned to the castle while chasing her.

I'll play with her tonight to compensate for my shortcomings recently.

The next morning, we prepared ourselves again as we will return to Plate Town this time. We're currently in the audience room, and the King expresses his good wishes for us while sitting on his throne..

"Ren, even though it's hard for me to let go of my daughter, I want to say that please take care of my Lerish."

"Yes, Your Majesty. Rest assured that I will protect her with everything that I have." I said while bowing my head to the King.

"Nn. Very well. I'll expect more from you." The King said while feeling satisfied.

"Lerish. Make him fall for you, understood?" The Queen said to her.

"I will do my best, Mother!" Lerish replied with determination in her eyes.

"Ren, don't make her cry, okay?" The Queen then looked at me.

"U-Understood, Your Majesty." I also replied. -

After some preparations, we rode the carriage again.

It will take another three hours to reach Plate Town.

As Aoi and I look at the tower from afar, Lerish suddenly chuckled.

"...What is it?" Aoi asked her.

"N-Nothing. I'm just happy, that's why." She replied. I'm also happy that she finally forgave me.

"Happy?" I also asked her.

"Yes. I'm too happy that you saved me back there, I'm happy that I met you and Aoi and I became your 'friend', I'm happy that you took me inside the tower and got an ability. I'm happy that I'm together with the two of you. " She said happily as she looked at the magic circle compass in her hand.

"Thank you so much for letting me experience wonderful things that I haven't knew until now!" Tears began to form on her eyes, and after a while it spilled to her cheeks.

I hurriedly grabbed a handkerchief and gave it to her.

"You're exaggerating. Well, it's just because that you're too stubborn that we let you go with us inside, and it's just a coincidence meeting you in the first place. Though, I won't regret the things that already happened between us." I glared at her as she wiped her tears.

"Geez, you're ruining the mood. Learn to read the atmosphere, Ren." She jokingly said to me. It's good that we have a new companion. I guess, this journey will be more fun from now on.

"Wait, I forgot to ask you this...but is it really okay for them to let you go with us to Plate Town?" I asked her.

"Nn. I think they can manage even without me. Father is still capable of ruling the country as the King, and he also is assisted by Mother, that's why it's okay for me to just wander around for a while." She replied with a grin. are neglecting your duty as a princess, am I right?

"Also, Father himself said to me that in order to effectively rule this country in the future, I need to see and experience many, many things, though it is regrettable that he also said, 'I need to have my grandchild now, that's why do it when opportunity arises!'." She said with a deep sigh.

Your Majesty, what are you saying to your daughter?!


We reached Plate Town by noon and we hurriedly returned to Sandy Fish Inn.

When we opened the door, Saku and Saki leapt to us and embraced me.

"Ren! What have they done to you? Are you okay? Did they torture you or something..."

"Brother Reeeeeeeeen!!! We thought that you molested a little girl, that's why you were arrested! We're so worried about you!!!"

Saku and Saki screamed as they cry while embracing me. Don't do that in front of the customers!!!

Also, why did you think of me as a child molester huh, Saki?!

"S-Stop it please! You're bothering the customers!" I said to them.

Even though I said that, the customers just continued to eat their food without minding us. Did they got used to their antics?

"I-I-I'm fine, okay? Let me go!!!" I said as I forcibly separated myself from the siblings.

"Is that so? Sorry, Ren. We're just shocked that a knight suddenly came here and picked you up." Saku said in a relieved tone.

"It's okay. Just let us return to our room so that we could rest for a while."

"Anoo...Brother Ren, who is that girl?" Saki pointed her finger to Lerish.

Lerish looked surprised as she looked at me.

"A-About her...can we go to some place away from the customers?"


The two of them guided us towards the kitchen. We could smell the aroma of grilled meat and spices on the rack. Aoi instantly got hungry, and she grabbed some plates and served herself some food.

"Then...what is it about her that we need to go inside here?" Saku asked me.

"W-Well...Saku, Saki, this is my 'friend' Lerish." I introduced her to the two.

"M-My name's Lerish. Nice to meet you." Lerish timidly introduced herself.

"I-I am Saku. S-Saku Rainen. This is my s-sister Saki." Saku blushed at the sight of a beautiful girl in front of him.

"I'm Saki Rainen! Uwaaaaaaa! You looked like a princess, Sister Lerish!" Saki said while hugging Lerish.

"I-Is that so? Thanks...S-Saki, Saku also."

"Hey, Ren. You have a cute friend here, but why do we really need to--" Saku angrily glared at me then suddenly, he looked at Lerish's eyes. Saki became puzzled, and she also looked at her eyes.

"N-No way, Brother she..."

"...A real princess?"

The two of them looked at Lerish in surprise. Well, aside from her beauty, her green eyes really is a sign of being a member of royalty.

""Pardon us for our rudeness, Princess!!!"" The two of them instantly bowed their heads, with Saki adding 'Sister' to 'Princess'.

"I-It's okay, it's okay!" Lerish said in panic as her arms waved in the air.

The two stood up straight at her words.

"Ren's friends are also my friends, that's why you can act natural to me. Okay?" She said to the two. The two only nodded strongly.

Awkward silence reigned for a while. Then Saku raised his hand.

"Um, P-Princess, what's with the two of you?" Saku asked while trembling.

"Eh?" I got startled at his question.

"Um, anoo...Ren and I are just 'friends'. Why do you ask?" Lerish replied in surprise.

"...T-Then, why are you so close to him?" Saki also raised her hand.

I realized that our shoulders touch as we stood next to each other.

Lerish became surprised for a while, then after a few seconds she hugged my right arm tightly and winked at me in a cute way.

"We're engaged!!!" She said happily while smiling brightly to the two of them.

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