The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...Just don't do something indecent to her, big brother.".

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - They Are On A Date, It Seems

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



"We're engaged!!!"

Lerish suddenly declared to the two of them as she clung onto me. The alarms inside my mind went "wee-woo-wee-woo!!!" as her chest presses on my arm with a 'funyuu~'. What the hell are you doing so suddenly?!

Saku and Saki, widened their eyes and opened their mouths in shock.


"...Is that true, Brother Ren?"

When Saki asked me, I only nodded lightly in resignation.

The two of them hurriedly distanced themselves from us and whispered to each other. After a few seconds, they faced us again.

"O-Oh my, we're surprised that our friend Ren got engaged to the Princess! How do I put it, it's a great honor for us to be friends with the Princess and her fiancé!" Saku said happily as he approached me and grab my left hand for a handshake.

"Brother Ren, congratulations! I wish happiness for the two of you!" Saki grabbed my other hand and also did a handshake with my right hand.

Lerish hugging my arm and the two siblings shaking my two hands. I'm being restrained by three people.

"L-Let me go, you three!" I said as I forcibly separate myself from them.

After some time, they let go of me. The two only scratched their heads while smiling at me wryly, and Lerish's face became red.

"Haaaaah...why did you say that so casually, huh? Also, can you be more quiet, Saku, Saki? We don't want anyone yet to know about this." I let out a deep sigh as I show a tired expression to them.

"S-Sorry, I can't control my urge to say it to everyone. Hehehehe." Lerish apologized while smiling wryly.

"Even though you're the one who gets flustered easily, you really want to tell it to others?" I said as I glared at her. She only giggled as a response.

I just realized, she is just as troublesome as Rin.


Before anything could come worse, I immediately went back to our room for me to sleep. As I lie down on the bed, I let out a deep sigh as I thought of all the troubles I have experienced up until now. Maybe, if I sleep now I could forget all of them for a while.

"Geez, I never knew that she can be like that..." I muttered to myself.

Usually her face gets red easily when something embarrassing happens, but for some reason she clung onto my arm without any hesitation. It just really proves that we still don't know each other's traits well.

Well, since we're 'friends' now, there's more time for us to get to know each other.

...The first step will be the 'condition' set by her.


The next morning, in order to fulfill that 'condition', the two of us walked around the town.

In short, a 'date' for the two of us.

At first, Aoi also wants to go with us, but Saku whispered something to her, and then she said, "...Just don't do something indecent to her, big brother.".

As if I'll do something like that, Aoi?! I can't even hold her hand in public!

As we walked, we saw many food stalls on the town plaza. Today's a weekend, that's why there are so many of them here.

"Hey Lerish, you want to try that one over there?" I asked her while pointing my finger at a food stall that I saw.

"Nn. Let's go!" She agreed happily.

The two of us walked towards the stall, and ordered two caramelized Weird Apples on stick.

We sat on a bench while we eat the apples.

"Uwaaaaa! Delicious!" She said happily while nibbling the caramel on her apple.

She's acting like a child.

"Is this your first time eating that?" I asked her in wonder.

"Yeah. Even though I travel often, I haven't experienced eating these kind of foods. Granz often says to me, 'Princess, it would be bad for you if you eat something like that.'" She said in a sad tone.

Granz really is a strict person, though I can't blame him for being like that. As a guard for a princess like Lerish, it's his duty to protect her from any harm.

"Now that I'm with you, I could eat foods like this without thinking about my status as a princess!" Her mood brightened up, and she smiled at me.

Life must be really hard for a princess like her. Then, as a 'friend', I have to do something.

"If you want...we can eat the foods that you haven't eaten before here." I suggested.

Upon my words, her eyes sparkled with happiness.

"Really?! Thank you very much, Ren!" Then she continued to nibble on her apple.

I only noticed, the other people, especially men, looked at us with eyes of envy. I could also hear them saying, 'Damn, that girl looks so beautiful!' and 'Woooahh, she looks like a princess!'. I also heard something like 'That man beside her, what a lucky bastard! I wish he explodes!' and 'Tsk. That scum, just die already!'.

Then, I could see those men who looked at her with eyes filled with lust. Scumbags.

Lerish didn't notice it, but we made quite a scene here.

...There's a limit in being too naive, Lerish.

"Lerish!" I grabbed her hand as I stand up from the bench. She almost dropped the caramel apple due to surprise.

"E-Eh? Where are we going?!"

"There's too many people here. Let's go." I said to her as I pulled her from the bench.

Though hesitant, she nodded at me, and the two of us went away from the gaze of those bastards.


We entered a small cafe just to keep her from people like those. I wonder what would be the punishment for looking at the Princess in that way?

"Ren, what happened? Why did you take me here?" She asked me, still unaware of the situation.

"I'm sorry for suddenly pulling you. I-It's just that...anoo, I want to keep you away from those lustful gazes." I said to her.

She didn't realized it, but she definitely stands out in a crowd, even she only wore adventurer clothes today.

Earlier at the market street, there are also gazes aimed at her and sometimes, even at me. I don't know why, but they looked at me as if I'm a trash.

When she finally realized the situation, her cheeks blushed, and her shoulders twitch due to shock and embarrassment.

"T-Thank you, Ren." She timidly thanked me.

"Maaa, since we're here, how about we take our lunch?"

She dropped her candied apple somewhere when we ran away from those men.

"Nn." She nodded.

We find ourselves a table for the two of us, it is fortunate that there are less people here compared at the plaza.

We sit in the chairs while facing each other. It's the first time for both of us to go to a 'friendly' date.

"Hehehehe." Lerish grinned at me.

"W-What's with the grin?" I asked her.

"Nothing. You planned to bring me here, right?" She said jokingly.

"No. You're wrong." I said as I glared at her.

"Fufufufu. You're really hopeless when it comes to this, Ren! Fufufufu..." Lerish chuckled as she mocks me.

Hopeless, huh? Said the girl who gets flustered easily.

...When I really think about it, am I really hopeless?

Then, I ordered Demon Beef steak and orange juice while she ordered pancakes and milk.

"Ren, say 'Aaaaaaaaahhh'." Lerish said as she puts her spoon near my mouth.

"W-Why would I do that?!" I asked her in surprise.

"It's a part of the 'condition', that's why say 'Aaaaaaaaaahh'..."

She puts her spoon nearer to my mouth. How did it ended up like this?

"Haaaah. Just one time, okay?" I said as I let out a sigh.

I put the spoon into my mouth. How do I put this, the pancake is sweet, fluffy and delicious. It's always like that, but what is this strange feeling that I have now?

After that, she continued to eat using that spoon. From the look of her face, I could see that she's overjoyed from having an indirect kiss from me.

"I wonder what will my classmates say if they saw us...", I muttered to myself.


After lunch, she dragged me into a weapons shop. What can I say, I'm surprised! I expected for her to bring me to a clothing store, but she wanted to go here of all places.

"L-Lerish. What are we doing here?" I asked her.

"I want to buy a weapon!" She replied in high spirits.

How unnatural it is for a princess to go to a weapons shop.

"O-Okay, let's check them out for a while." I consented.

As we enter the shop, a bearded old man greeted us and asked what kind of weapon does she want.

"I'll have a bow and arrow!" She replied.

The old man guided us to the bow and arrow section. Inside, there are countless bows of all types, material and sizes. Lerish checked the size and the strength of the bowstrings for some time, then she finally chose a bow for herself.

"This is it! The size is not that big nor small, and the string's perfect for rapid firing!" She said happily as she presented to me her chosen bow. She prefers firing speed over range, it seems.

"Lerish, have you used one before?"

"Nn. Even though I'm like this, I can hit a running Demon Cow from a distance!" She said confidently as she puffs out her chest.

We also bought arrows and a quiver. There are also protective gear inside this shop, so I bought a leather armor set for her.

"Thanks for this, Ren!" She said as happily accepted the armor set from me.

While we're walking towards the counter, we passed through the magic tools section, and I felt a sudden sharp pain in my chest when we are in front of some magic staffs hanging on the wall.

"Ren, what's wrong? Are you alright?!" She asked in a worried tone.

"Nn. I'm okay. Don't worry." I replied.

This feeling, I already felt something like this when we're inside the tower.

"W-wait, don't tell me that..."

I looked at the black wooden staff hanging on the wall.

...For some reason, we found an [Arcana] inside a weapons shop that is being sold at a 30 percent discount.

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