The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Keep the change!"

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - [The Magician]'s Staff of Creation

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



I'm quite sure that the staff in front of me is an Arcana [Relic]. I don't know what type of [Arcana] does it contain, but I can find it out using [The High Priestess].

"Ren, is that...a Relic?" Lerish asked me.

"I don't know. Let's find out. [Information: Blackbane Staff]"

Suddenly, a book fell from above. When I looked up, there are no holes on the ceiling, so where did this book came from?

I opened a random page, and read its contents.

{Blackbane Staff. A staff made from blackbane wood. Used as an amplifier for magic processes, max efficiency 21 percent. Relic for [The Magician].}

As I thought, this really is an Arcana [Relic]. But still, [The Magician]?

"[Information: The Magician]."

The pages on the book fluttered as if being blown by the wind, and showed a result in a different page.

{The First Arcana, [The Magician]. Ability type: Creation Magic. An [Arcana] capable of creating anything as long as there are sufficient materials present...}

Oooh! Creation Magic!

{...[The Magician] also has an ability to combine two or more [Arcanas] to form complex manifestations of divine phenomena.}

That means...I can combine [The Death] with my present Arcanas using this?

{Access for integration granted: [The Fool] and [The High Priestess] present in the system. Initiating integration...}

Upon reading that line on the book, the staff in front of me began to release black smoke.

"W-W-Wait! I haven't paid for it yet!!!" I said as I tried to dispel the smoke in panic.

"Awawawawa! Let's hurry!!!" Lerish also panicked as she waved her hand frantically.

Lerish and I hurriedly grabbed the staff and the items we bought as we rushed to the counter.

There are many people forming a line as they wait for their turn to pay for their items.

"I'm happy that I got this sword at a 50 percent discount!" The man in front of us said to himself.

Crap. We're on a hurry, come on! Can't you see that the staff I'm holding is releasing smoke?! What should I do?

...Lerish, forgive me for this.


As soon as I shouted, all people standing in line got startled, and let us go first in front of the counter.

Lerish, also due to surprise, placed her hand on her abdomen.

Seems that even though it's a lie, they still believed it due to reflex.

"15 gold coins, including the staff." The old man said while feeling confused with the situation.

"Keep the change!" I hurriedly placed two platinum coins on the counter, then I ran outside as the staff continued to let out smoke.

"We're so sorry. Have a nice day, everyone!" Lerish smiled brightly to the people around her then she also ran outside the shop in panic while carrying her items in order to escape humiliation.

We stopped running when I found a fountain on the town proper, and dipped the staff in there to stop it from releasing smoke.

"Haa, haa, Ren, why did you say that I'm pregnant?!" Lerish, while panting, grumbled at me.

"I-I'm sorry, I can't think of any other plausible excuse..." I replied while apologizing and averting my eyes from her.

After a while, I glanced at her again, and her face showed mixed emotions. Is she angry at me because of that?

"The smoke's gone. Let's hurry." She only said to me.


We ran back to Sandy Fish. When we reached there, we saw Aoi playing outside with Saki. I immediately pulled her hand to come with us to our room.

"Saki, I'm sorry, but I'll talk to Aoi for a while." I said to her.

"E-Eh? Okay. But, Brother Ren, why is that thing releasing smo--"

She didn't finished her question as we rushed inside the inn.


Inside the room, I showed to Aoi the staff.

"...Big brother, is this [The Magician]?" Perplexed, she asked me.

"Nn. When we entered a weapons shop, I felt a pain on my chest when we're in front of the staffs hanging on the wall.

The staff in front of us measures about a meter long and is colored black, with yellow stones embedded on it. The tip is made of mithril, so it can be used by mages as a melee weapon. All in all, this staff looked like a giant chopstick with yellow things on it.

"So, what abilities does it hold?" Lerish asked.

"[The High Priestess] said that it can create anything from scratch as long as there are materials present. It can also be used to combine [Arcanas]."

Even with this alone, I can create weapons from Earth in this world as long as I have the materials at hand.

This Arcana is better than [The Death], in my opinion.

"...Big brother, from the look on your face you're probably thinking that [The Magician] is better than [The Death], am I right?" Aoi glared at me as she saw me grinning while I'm looking at the staff.

Aoi...are you an esper?

"No, Aoi. You said that each [Arcana] is different, right? Besides, for me the best is the [Arcana] from my cute little sister." I said as patted her head to ease her worries. She only let out a "Fuuu..." as I pat her.

"Ren, the smoke!" Lerish shouted in panic.

Before we realized, the smoke becomes flame and started to consume the staff. After several seconds, there are no traces of the staff left on the bed.

"...Big brother..." Aoi looked at me when I stopped moving my hand.

How would I know if I obtained [The Magician]?

"...Big brother, try to create something."

But, I don't know what will I create? There are no materials present here that can be used. It's impossible to use water, though.

Suddenly, a drop of water suddenly formed and floated in the air. Soon, many droplets formed and coagulated to form larger drops, and when the water became too heavy for the air to hold, it fell on Lerish's head.

"F-Fuhaaa--Ren, w-what are you doing?!" She said in anger and surprise to me as she got soaked by the water.

Wait, when I thought of water, was it formed because there are water vapor present in the air?

Also, Lerish, who is in front of me got her clothes soaked by the water that I created, causing it to stick onto her skin and revealing her healthy proportions.

"Ren, w-what are you looking at?!" She said as her face turned red and she covered her chest with tears on her eyes.

I didn't noticed that I just stared at her soaked figure for several seconds.

"W-Wait, it's just an accident!!!" I hurriedly explained to her in panic.

It's really an accident, believe me! It all happened really fast!

"E-EH-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" Due to so much embarrassment, she lands a straight to my abdomen with her fist while still covering her body.


I took the blow directly, and I flew a few meters away from her.

As my consciousness start to fade, that wonderful sight from earlier became engraved on my mind.

Well, I'm not a pervert, though.

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