The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Let me hold you like this for a while."

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Hopeless Pervert, Panic Princess

Submitted: January 14, 2018

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Submitted: January 14, 2018



It was evening when I regained my consciousness. My body still hurts because of her straight punch.

"...Big brother, are you okay?"

Aoi let me use her lap as a pillow when I fainted. She looked at me in worry.

"N-Nn. I'm fine now." I said while trying to get up.

"W-Where's Lerish?" I then asked her.

"...She said she wants to go to the plaza, big brother."

"I-Is that so...I'm sorry for earlier." I muttered in a sad tone.

"...If you want to apologize, apologize to her." Aoi said in a serious tone.

I went downstairs, and met Saku as he goes up. I told him that I'll look for Lerish outside for a while, so I might be late for dinner.


I ran towards the plaza in hurry. When I reached the destination, I saw Lerish sitting on one of the benches, eating candied apples.

"L-Lerish..." I slowly approached her.

When she heard her name, she looked at me for a moment, then continued eating.

"I-I'm really sorry for the things I have said and done earlier..."

I apologized to her while bowing my head.

"For you to experience such shameful things because of me, I won't forgive myself for that."


She didn't answer, she just nibbled the caramel on her apple.

"If you're really angry at me, you can use your status as a princess to send me to jail, or even..."

" need."

She said something in a soft voice, then she looked at me.

"...There's no need to do that. I'm not angry because, I know that it was just an accident. It's just that, my emotions got the best of me."

Her face gradually became red.

"I always get panicked easily, I always get flustered, and I'm always exaggerating my emotions. Since the time we met, every day's full of surprises that there was never a chance for me to prepare myself..."

She stood up from the bench, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She also rested her head on my chest.

"I'm still embarrassed right now, you know? I'm so embarrassed that I want to hold you in my arms."

Right now, aside from the caramel apple vendor, the two of us are the only people here. A really awkward situation.

"Let me hold you like this for a while." She said in a sweet voice.

My body tensed as her soft hands rested on my shoulders. I could also smell the fragrance of her hair.

No good. If this goes on, I might fall for her for sure.

"...It's funny, the man in front of me is a hopeless pervert." She said jokingly at me.

Great. She called me hopeless, then a pervert now.

"Even though you're a hopeless pervert, I still want to be at your side. You do know that, do you?"

I don't know what to react on this situation, my mind's going blank!

"Well, if I'm a hopeless pervert then you're a--"

...Crap, I forgot what to retort to her! Stupid Ren!!!

She chuckled as she raised her head to look at me.

"Fufufu--hahahaha! You're really hopeless, Ren! Hahahaha!" She suddenly laughed at me while her hands still rest on my shoulders.

We just stood there for a minute, but it felt like a hundred to me.

"Haaaaah. Yosh, I'm fine now. Thanks!" She said as she removes her hands from me.

Her face's still red, but she's more lively now compared to before.

"T-Then let's go back, shall we? Aoi's waiting for us." I said.

"Nn. Let's go!" She said with a radiant smile.

Just like that, the hopeless pervert and the panic princess walked back to the inn together.


The next day, with a refreshed feeling, I experimented on [The Magician] at the backyard. In front of me, there are arrows that we bought yesterday, and some fire stones that I bought from a trader at the market street.

I'm planning to create incendiary arrows for Lerish. With these, she can deal more damage to more than one target.

While recalling the information I got from [The High Priestess], I induced a manifestation of [The Magician].

"Let's, [Synthesis]."

At my words, a yellow magic circle is formed under the two objects that is placed on an old table. After a few moments, the magic circle glowed more intense, and swallowed the two objects. When the light subsided, only the arrows remained.

"Did the fire stones got absorbed by the arrows? Hmm..." I said to myself as I picked an arrow and the bow on my side.

"I hope this works." I aimed at a nearby tree, and fired the arrow after some adjustments.

When it got contact with the tree trunk, the tree suddenly bursted into flames with a 'foooom!'. The fire is so strong that it razed even the ground below.

"W-What's going on here?!" Saki immediately went outside the inn when she saw the tree suddenly burned.

"Saki, get water, quick!" Saku instructed his little sister to fetch water.

No good. I need to extinguish the burning tree fast.

I created water above the tree by accumulating water vapor from the atmosphere. When I created enough water, it dropped from floating in midair and doused the blazing tree.

The charred tree sizzled as the flames got extinguished by the water.

The incendiary arrow is powerful, but the power of [The Magician] is way more powerful.

"Ren, what happened here?!" Saku asked me, his eyes widened in shock by the sight of the tree being burned.

"I'm sorry, I got an accident when I used my magic. Hehehe." I apologized as I smile wryly.

"I-Is that so? Thank goodness that you're safe." Saku said to me while smiling, though his eyes weren't.

Aoi and Lerish just looked at me from the back door, Aoi looking at me with eyes of pity and dismay, and Lerish placed her hand on her forehead.

"Saki, call the town chief." Saku ordered his sister while looking at me with a serious expression.

Because I burned a tree, I got punished by the town chief when he came to investigate.


Starting tomorrow, I'll clean around the neighborhood everyday for a week.

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