The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...A-Anoo, Big brother, is that spell used like this?"

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Here's Episode 46, senpai!

Chapter 46 (v.1) - Combine and Conquer

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



A week has passed since I burned a tree on the backyard of the inn. As a punishment, I am sentenced to a week-long community service around the neighborhood every morning.

Today's the last day of my sentence.

While I'm busily sweeping the leaves on the alley, I heard faint voices from afar.

"...Big brother!"


When I looked towards the direction where the voices are, I saw the figures of Aoi and Lerish running towards me while waving their hands. They brought something like boxes on their hands.

"Aoi, Lerish, why are you here?" I asked them in surprise.

"...Muuu, big brother! Since you woke up early just to clean the neighborhood, I have to eat breakfast alone!" She said angrily to me.

"Hehehe. I'm sorry. It's my fault after all that the tree burned." I apologized to her.

"Ren, why did you aimed that kind of arrow on a tree in the first place?!" Lerish is also somewhat angry at me.

I didn't expected that arrow to be so powerful, that's why.

"But still, thanks for that awesome gift, Ren." Lerish said as she smiled at me wryly.

"...Big brother, we brought you food!" Aoi presented to me some boxes. Inside, there are fried rice and stir-fried meat and vegetables. There are also fried eggs, minced potatoes and salads. Lerish holds a canister on her hand.

"We decided that the three of us will eat breakfast together, instead of waiting for you to return to the inn. Now, let's eat!"

"...Let's eat!!!"

The two girls spread a blanket over a grassy spot as we prepare to eat. As soon as everything's ready, we dig in to the food in front of us.

"...Uwaaaaaa, yummy!" Aoi said in delight as she eats her food.

"Aoi, don't talk while eating..." I reminded her.

When I tasted the fried rice and the stir fry, I noticed that the flavors are different from the usual way Saki cooks those dishes.

"'s it?" Lerish asked me as her eyes glisten with curiosity and expectation.

"W-Well, the fried rice is full of spices while the stir fry somewhat lacks in flavor. I guess the flavor is balanced when the two are eaten together..." I said.

Lerish, upon hearing that, her face became somewhat troubled. By any chance...

"B-But I'm not saying that it's not delicious! I'm just saying that, the stir fry goes well with the fried rice. That's all." I hurriedly said to her in panic.

From her reaction, it's obvious that she cooked our breakfast for today instead of Saki.

"...Thanks for the food, Lerish." I expressed my thanks to her. When she heard that, her cheeks blushed.

"I-I'm still not good in cooking, but I'll do my best to improve in order to be a good wife for you..."

I don't know what you're talking about, but still, do your best.

We returned to the inn when my task is done. While walking, Aoi held my hand as she happily skipped down the road. I'll compensate for all the time that I didn't play with her every morning.

Aoi also held Lerish's hand. By the looks of it, three of us looked like a family with Aoi in the center.

As soon as we reached the inn, Saku and Saki welcomed us with a smile on their lips.

"Yo, Ren! Did your punishment went well?" Saku said to me jokingly.

"Are you still angry at me? I'm sorry." I apologized to him.

"Brother Ren, even though we're friends, we're still the owners of this inn, and it's our responsibility to take care of our business establishment. I hope you understand." Saki said in a serious tone.

"Yeah. You're right. I'll be more careful from now on." I promised to them.

Let's stop with the incendiary arrows for a while.


Aoi and I went to a mountainous part of the town in order to continue my experiment on [The Magician], and for us two to have a bonding time together.

This time, we'll try to combine the effects of two [Arcanas] using [The Magician].

"...Big brother, try to combine [The Tower] and [The High Priestess]…"

At her words, I immediately thought of a spell that would make use of the two.

[The Tower]'s ability is [Search Magic], while [The High Priestess] is [Information Magic].

Searching for things and getting information from it. If I combined the two...

"[Locate: Narashel Great Tower]"

When I said the search query, a hologram-like magic circle appeared in front of me. The magic circle looks like a radar or a map, and it showed the location of the tower by a blue dot on the map.

The details about the tower appears right in front of me afterwards.

{Narashel Great Tower. Location: 79.3 km northeast of Plate Town. Height: 36952.27 meters above sea level.}

"...Amazing! [The Tower] and [The High Priestess] really works well with each other!" Aoi said happily.

"Yeah, I never thought that this Arcana can be this useful."

By using [The Magician] to combine Arcanas, my skill set will be increased depending on the situation.

"...Big brother, let's try to combine more Arcanas!"

"Nn. Okay!"

Next, we tried to combine [The Tower] and [The Death].

"...Was it successful?"

"I don't know. Let's see." I said as I extend my hand to the front.

"[Pinpoint Death]"

By using Information Magic earlier, I knew the details about the new skill that I created.

[Pinpoint Death]. When used, it can cause sudden inevitable death to a target even from a very far distance. I created a very dangerous skill that can be used even if I can't see the target.

"...A-Anoo, Big brother, is that spell used like this?"

Aoi snapped her finger, and suddenly a Demon Cow eating grass at a distance suddenly stopped moving and fell to the ground.

I turned myself to her like a door that has been rusted for a long time.

"A-Aoi...d-did you just..."

"...Nn! With that spell big brother, you can also do the same!" She said as she let out a radiant smile at me.

No good! She just killed a Demon Cow on a whim!

"L-Let's try some other combinations, Aoi." I said while cold sweat drips from my body. -

There are a minimum of 6 unique possible combinations that can be made if I try to combine two Arcanas from the four that I currently have. Aoi told me that, each combination can have more than one result.

The last combination that we will try now is [The Death] and [The Magician].

"Yosh, Here we go! [Combine]!"

I extended again my hand to the front. Then, yellow light glowed from my hand. Combination complete.


I then used Information Magic again to know the details about the created spell.

"...Ah, I see." Aoi only nodded when she saw the details on the hologram.

According to the information that I got, I have to create a magic circle first on the ground using my blood as a catalyst.

"Okay. Here I go."

I bit my pointing finger until blood came out from the wound. Using my blood as ink, I created a crude magic circle on the ground while being guided by Aoi.

I won't die from blood loss, Aoi assured me that.

"...Big brother, say the incantation." Aoi said as she ordered me.

I took a deep breath, then I started to chant.

"O sword of death, heed my call, come forth, and purge the light with the darkness in thy blade..."

At that instant, the magic circle became black, and released a thick haze, so thick that the clouds above also became dark.

"Curse all who dare shed light in this world, and cut all who dare to stop thy carnage..."

Then, a sword handle slowly emerged from the circle. The ground shook as the sword slowly rises from the surface, and the magic circle pulsed into pitch black.

"Arise, the Blade of Dreams, [Nadir]!"

I continued to chant as I try to pull the sword from the magic circle. While pulling it, the air around us became heavy that I feel like I'm being strangled as I tried to breathe.

I struggled to pull it because the sword becomes heavier and heavier. After some time, I finally pulled the sword from the magic circle.

"The incantation worked...Areee, is this..."

When I looked at the sword, I noticed that I this sword I'm holding and the sword that I picked up on the desert looked exactly the same.

"...Big brother." Aoi called me.

"W-What is it?" I asked in surprise as I hold the sword while trembling.

"...Big brother, that sword you found on the my Relic." She said.

Then, this means that...this black katana I'm holding right now belongs to her?

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