The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Don' dare touch her."

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - The Blade of Dreams

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



"This sword is the Relic for [The Death]?"


She nodded timidly as a response to my question.

"But, why did you say that only now?!"

"...Because...I wanted first to make sure that the state of your life force big brother is stable." She looked at me with eyes of guilt and regret.

"My life force?"

"...Nn. When [Nadir] integrates into a host body, it will try to eat away the life force of its user as a price for using the power of [The Death]. Many heroes even tried to touch my Relic, but they all ended up dead, their organs completely eaten from the inside."

Then, [The Death] is a parasite living in my body? "...But you successfully integrated [Nadir] into your body, big brother. I expected at first that your body will rot away the moment the integration took place, but I'm glad that it didn't happen up until now!"

She said in a somewhat happy manner.

"...I took measures to make sure that your body can withstand the burden of having my Arcana inside you, but it was unnecessary after all."

She walked closer to me, and touched the sword that I'm holding.

"...[The Death] can't be easily obtained even with the use of [The Fool] Arcana, but now you have complete control over it, and you also successfully summoned [Nadir] using Creation Magic!"

The way she looked at Nadir feels like it's her long lost child.

"...That's why big brother, please make good use of my Relic."

She then looked at my face. Her radiant aura is really different from her real identity as a death goddess.

"Nn. I promise, Aoi." I kindly said to her.


While walking around the town to find a place for us to eat, I asked Aoi about Nadir, that is currently hanging on my waist.

Earlier, we went to a blacksmith, and asked if they have any available sheaths for this kind of sword. He said that it was the first time he saw a sword like Nadir, and suggested that we should go to the city of Sadari on the Southern Provinces if we want to have a custom-made blade sheath.

Since it is too troublesome to go to a far place just to have a sheath for this sword, I decided to create it on my own using the materials I bought from the blacksmith earlier.

The resulting product is a black colored sheath made of pure Zerethium ore bought at a freaking high price. Since Zerethium is much more stronger than Orichalcum, the sheath can be used also like a second sword. The size is adjusted so that, I can easily do an Iai strike with Nadir. I'm not good with Iai, that's why I won't say details about it.

"Hey, Aoi. Why is this sword nicknamed, 'The Blade of Dreams'?"

Aoi, while eating the crepe I bought for her, looked at me in surprise.

"...E-Eh, ano, because...if someone gets cut by it, they will be sent into eternal slumber."

What? Is this sword really that deadly?

"...You may not know it, but a small cut could cause death even on lesser gods."

Eh, Seriously? This sword could kill even gods?!

"...Don't worry, big brother. Nadir won't kill its user and the important people around him." She said with a smile.

"I-Is that so? Then it's fine, I guess." I said to her while letting out a sigh of relief.

I became afraid that if someone like Lerish accidentally touched the sword, she will be put to harm.


As we walk, we saw a lot of people gathered at the center of the street. When we checked to see what's going on, we saw a bunch of men punching and kicking a merchant. The people only watched in fear as they saw that the men carry weapons with them.

"Hey, you! How many times did I tell you to pay your debt, huh?!" The muscular man carrying a greatsword on his back said to the merchant.

"A-As I said...m-my shop has...f-fewer customers since...last month..." The merchant said in a pained voice as he hold his abdomen in agony.

"Tch. You owed us a large amount, then you're saying that you can't pay it?!" The muscular man said angrily to him.

"T-That's...not it...I will pay the amo--"

The muscular man kicked the merchant on the head, causing him to let out a loud cry of pain and seems that he will faint anytime.

"Hey all of you, finish this bastard. I don't want to see his face--"

Before he finished his sentence, a small rock flew into his head.

"Hey...who threw that?" He glared at the people surrounding the scene, and saw me holding a stone in hand and hiding Aoi behind me.

Why did I do that? I don't know.

"You brat, you got some nerve picking a fight with me, huh?"

He said as he walked toward us with heavy steps.

The people, including his subordinates held their breaths in surprise and stopped moving.

"Even though you're just a weak person, how dare you throw a stone at me..."

When he got closer to us, he then looked at Aoi, who is hiding on my back.

"I see. So you have a cute little girl with you. She could fetch a high price if--"

I pointed Nadir on his neck while still being sheathed.

"Don' dare touch her." I said as I looked at him with eyes of hatred.

The muscular man only laughed at my words.

"Hahahahahaha! You really talk big, huh? Well then, as an apology for throwing a stone at me, let me use her to let out my desires for a while..."

His hands reach out to grab Aoi as he looked at her with eyes filled with burning lust.


When he's about to touch her arm, I used the power of [The Death] to cause his muscles to twitch for a short time.

"Eh? What did you say--GEFUUUUUUHHH!!!"

Using that opening, I punched him on the face. Even though I'm not strong, my punch caused him to stumble on the ground. It's all thanks to the soldier training I got in the past.

The man regained his stance, and his eyes burned with rage.

"You brat! I'll make you pay for this!" He said as he drew his great sword from his back.

"I'll mince you to bits! Now, DIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" He shouted as he charged towards me.

The people began to fall back in panic when they saw the man drew the large sword and swinging it at me.

"Aoi!" I held Aoi by the waist as I tried to evade his sword.

"How rash of you to show your back at me!!!"

He swung his great sword again when I looked behind to check Aoi's condition. I immediately faced forward, and blocked his attack with my sword, still on its sheath.

"Oh, you have good reflexes, brat! You made my blood boil even more!!!" He began to push me while crossing swords with me.

"Hey you, gang up on this guy! Let's see if he can withstand being attacked by many people." He said while grinning.

At his words, his subordinates brandished their weapons while also grinning at me.

This is bad. I have no choice but to use it.

I drew Nadir from the sheath that blocked his sword, and leapt sidewards to escape.

"Hueeeh--?!" The muscular man lost his balance and fell face first as he stumbled again to the ground.

"Unleash thy wrath, [Harq Ayrel]!"

At that instant, Nadir got covered in black flames that greatly scorched even the air around it.

"Whaaaaaa--!!!" The muscular man glanced at me when he stood up again. His eyes widened when he saw the burning katana in my hand.

"No way...dark magic?!" One of his subordinates muttered in shock, his body petrified by the malicious aura emitted by the flames.

"Raze thy enemies, [Maleun Krak]!"

When I swung the katana in a wide angle, a massive wave of black flames surged from the blade like a crescent cleaver, burning anything in its path. It will kill anyone who touched the flames, but I controlled the damage output before cast, causing only for their clothes to be burned instead. I can't do it with [The Death] alone, so I created a version of it using [The Magician]. As a result, I created black flames that could not only burn the surface, but also the soul.

Well, I don't intent to kill them in the first place, rather I just want to carve fear into their minds.

All ten of his subordinates got their clothes completely burned. In an instant, they all ran away in all directions while holding their crotches and raising girly screams.

I looked at their leader, who dropped again to the ground because of shock and bewilderment. I walked slowly towards him.

"N-No...don't, don't come near me!!!" He screamed at me while crawling backwards.

Unfazed, I continued to walk slowly towards him.

"S-Stay away! Don't walk towards here!"

I kept on walking while I looked at him with an expressionless face. At the same time, his backward crawling became faster.

"Don't come near here!!!" He pointed his greatsword at me as he held it using only one hand.

When the tip of the sword almost touched my chest, I cut his sword into two using Nadir.

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHH!!!!!" He squealed in a high pitched way when he saw the tip of his sword flying and pierced the ground as it landed.

Then, I pointed Nadir into his forehead.

"I will kill whoever dares to look at my little sister like that. Understood?" I said to him in a cold tone.

Sweat began to flow on his face as he knelt on the ground. His groin part became wet also.

"Also, don't try to harm that man again. If you don't..."

Using Creation Magic, I created an earth spike that bursted from below, then stopped in front of his throat.


He ran away from the place while raising the most girly scream that I heard in my life.

The other people looked at me with eyes of fear and astonishment.

I only glanced at them before looking at the merchant still lying on the ground.

"Somebody help him! Take him to a doctor, quick!" I shouted to the people.

They regained their senses afterwards, and helped in carrying the merchant to the doctor.

Aoi, walked towards me.

"...Big brother...are you okay?" She asked in a worried tone.

"Nn. I'm okay." I said to her while sheathing Nadir with a clicking sound as the hilt touched the sheath.

"...Thanks, big brother." She said in a sweet voice, her eyes starting to form tears.

I patted her head to comfort her.

"It's alright. I will protect you from those kind of guys, so don't worry. Ne?"

With that, she began to sob. The people looked at us with kind eyes when they saw such scene in front of them after seeing a fearsome fight. It was like, they completely forgot about it.

"Let's go home?" I asked Aoi while she's sobbing.

Aoi, wiped the tears in her eyes with her hands and replied in a happy tone as she smiled brightly.


We started to walk home, but I forgot to do something. I snapped my fingers, then we continued walking like nothing happened.

"...Big brother, just now..."

I winked at her to let her know what I did just now.

"...That's why I love you so much, big brother!!!" With a leap, she hugged me as we walked.

The people looked at us happily without them knowing that I just used [Pinpoint Death] on that muscled man from earlier as punishment for looking at Aoi in a lewd way.


Later that day, the news about a man suddenly dying on the middle of a street spread like wildfire.

Well, as a brother of a death goddess, I have to get used to these kind of things sooner or later.

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