The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"""Four days?!"""

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - The Class President is Struggling in Many Ways

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



The next day, the class assembled on an open space outside the fortress of Barchen. Most of them are yawning, for they have to wake up earlier than usual for this day, and some are still unaware of what is going on.

Mari, on the other hand, didn't slept through the night. The visions kept on bugging her, and many times she cried the whole night.

It really is hard for her to be a [Diviner].

Karen approached her when she noticed that Mari is just looking at the sunrise on the horizon.

"Mari...are you sure you're okay? You can go back to your room if you want to." Karen said in a worried tone.

She just shook her head, without saying any word.

"I know you're just pressured from the responsibility of being the class prez, but we believed that you can handle things smoothly. If not, why did the student body elected you as the Student Council President?" Karen encouraged her while letting out a radiant smile that rivals the rising sun.

Mari smiled a little because of her words.

"Nn. Thanks, Karen. You're thoughtful as always." Mari said in a kind tone.

Karen talked with Mari to ease her tension and to make her mood brighten up.


The students chatted with each other to kill time while waiting for any announcement that will take place.

The duo, Mark and Ike tell jokes to liven up the mood of everyone, with Iza supplementing on their skits. The girls, Yuki and Eina and the others punched the duo when they start telling perverted jokes. The boys only laughed at the two while being healed by Karen.

Early in the morning, and the class became a chaotic mess.

While everyone is playing around, a figure of an old man suddenly appeared and looked down on them from the terrace. Beside the old man, is a young woman having the same age as theirs.

The whole class assembled themselves properly when they saw the people on the terrace. Each of their expressions became serious, while Mari's face became more sullen.

"Everyone, I apologize for waking you up this early, but I have to announce an important matter that needs urgent attention."

At that instant, everyone became tense.

"I don't know if Mari told you about this, but the demonkin made another move, and is planning to attack Sadari in the kingdom of Narashel."

The class looked at Mari in shock, their faces implying, 'What the hell is the King talking about?', and 'We're not informed about this!'. Mari's face showed deep guilt and regret.

"Because of that, everyone will go to Narashel, four days from now." The King declared in a strong tone.

"""Four days?!""" Everyone shouted in shock and surprise.

"Right. Your friend here saw the things that will happen, and that gave us a rough detail on what will be the necessary course of action. As humanity's last hope, the [Promised Ones], we are hoping for your assistance in winning this war."

At the King's words, each of them have mixed emotions shown on their faces, a mixture of fear, excitement, anxiety and anger as to why they have to risk again their lives.

"I will personally tell to you the details four days from now, so for the time being, everyone should prepare what is needed. You can go back to your usual activities now."

The King then left along with the Princess.

When they left, some of them approached and spoke to Mari.

"Mari, why didn't you tell us about this?!" Her classmate Mamet said angrily to her.

"He's right. Why did you do that?" Violet said as she glared at her.


"Mari, we believed in your omens, but why hide that thing from us?!" Drake also glared at her as spoke in a strong tone.

"Drake, everyone, calm down." James said to the others, trying to make everyone settle down.

"No. What do you think will happen if something really bad will come, and she doesn't told us about it? Do you think we can prepare ourselves for that, huh?!" Drake said loudly while looking at Mari with an angry expression.

Mari only looked at the ground, tears began spill like rain.

"Everyone, please understand. Mari is trying her best to make our class organized and to keep us from falling apart. Maybe she has a reason why she didn't tell us that earlier, but please don't blame her for the things that is yet to happen..." Kai spoke in a calm tone to everyone.

"If...someone dies again...will she face responsibility for it?" Claire timidly asked Kai while hiding behind Edna.

Kai, at that moment, widened his eyes in surprise.

For the docile member of the class to speak, this really is a grave matter for them.

Mari still kept on looking down while crying, and her friends Karen and Iza tried to comfort her.

"I didn't knew Mari would be like this. I'm disappointed." Ivan looked at her with eyes of pity.

At that instant, she raised her head and looked at her classmates as tears continue to stream down her cheeks. She bit her lip to show that she is guilty of the mistake she have done.

"I...didn't tell it to you...because...I know that you won't like it anyway!!!" Mari suddenly screamed at everyone.

"M-Mari..." Karen muttered in surprise at her sudden outrage. Everyone also got startled.

"Do you think it's easy for me to see what will happen in the future? Do you know how much it hurt for me to know if somebody in our class will die? Do you know about it?!" She said angrily as she looked at the face of her classmates. More tears formed in her eyes that she removed her glasses to keep it from blurring.

"That's not the point...what's important right now is the reason--"

"Did anyone asked me if I'm okay seeing the deaths of each one of us every night? Did anyone asked me if I'm okay seeing myself being burned, mutilated, decapitated and crushed to bits in my dreams? No one! No one asked me if I'm okay with that!!!"

Her scream pierced the hearts of everyone, each of them became silent due to her words. Even Ivan, who is trying to ask Mari the reason why she didn't tell them beforehand suddenly stopped his words.

"I'm a [Diviner] as you all know it. Somebody would say that it's good to know what will happen in the future, but for me it's a curse! I'm having a nightmare even when I'm awake!!!"

Her hands gripped tightly on the hem of her skirt.

"You're asking me if I'll take responsibility if someone dies again? Yes, I'll take all the responsibility from it. Now, what if I tell you that everyone will die, who will take full responsibility? It's always me until the end, right?!"

At that sudden declaration, many of them looked at her again in shock. Others showed regret, for they relied on her too much.

"E-Everyone...will die?" Iza muttered.

"Yes. A white person holding a white sword will appear at Sadari, and he'll kill everyone. Are you all satisfied with that information?"

When she asked, no one answered her question.

"I tried my best in order for us not to fight in Sadari, but you know what? The King prioritized honor over our lives! He'll never hesitate to use us as sacrificial pawns!"

At her words, each of them became angry to the King. They didn't realized until now that the King only exploited their role as the [Promised Ones].

"Very well. As your class prez, I'll take full responsibility for any incidents that will happen in the future. I hope you're satisfied with that." She calmed herself down as she wiped her tears, and spoke in a serious tone.

Then, she left the place, leaving her classmates behind.

"Mari..." Karen looked at her in worry, her fist clenched as she placed it on her chest.

The class, just looked at her figure walking towards the fortress with a worried expression.

In their minds, they imagined how hard it is for her to see things that shouldn't be seen, and the struggles of being their class president.

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