The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - I Will Do My Best Since I Don't Have Any Abilities!

Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017



Two weeks had passed since we were sent into this world. My classmates is gradually adjusting to the situation and is diligently training at their best. I could see from a distance who's improving, and who's just slacking off. Their trainers are strict at some point, so it's a mystery as to why they can slack off like that.

Meanwhile, we Cannon Fodder are taking a break from the grueling training we are doing. We always talk to each other during breaks in order to strengthen our bonds. Such thing is needed after all.

However this time, the topic was...

"Hey Ren, what type of boys does Rin like?" The one who asked is the carefree member of the group Claude.

I got startled when I was asked by that question suddenly.

"I-I don't know, why would you ask me?!" " see, I like girls that is as cool as I am" "I don't know if you're hearing what you just said but I guess you're up to no luck with her" I calmly declared.

"W-why is that?" He is shocked by what I said.

"That girl, she only likes 2D boys. In other words, if you're not a drawing you're no good with her."

I'm sorry Rin, but I am saying things about you without having you knowing.

"I-is that so? I guess dreams sometimes won't come true after all..." Being dejected, Claude just sighed.

"T-Then, what about C-Claire?" The one who asked next is the docile type, Huey.

"Claire, huh? Well she does not talk with us very often, because she always read books. I guess a man who also love to read books can be a match for her."

I think my analysis is off the target. Wait, what am I doing?!

Then the members of Cannon Fodder began to ask me questions.

"Ren! What about Iza?" Asked Garth.

"Can Mari love someone like me?" Asked Deneb.

"I love Yumi, what should I do?!" The who said that while panting like a maniac is Freed.

These perverts.

Our ordinary chit-chat became a love consultation slash confession session. Allen didn't participate in the foolishness and just facepalmed himself while trying not to laugh.

The training ended when the sun had begun to set. My classmates already returned in their respective rooms to rest. I am walking back to the castle when I saw a man riding a black horse that is running fast towards the castle. The man is carrying a lance with a red flag tied to it. In this world, this could only mean one thing based on what I read in the library: enemies approaching.

The time that we had to fight is approaching fast, I think.

I decided not to tell it to my classmates and let the higher-ups do it. They may not believe me if I said it beforehand.

We continued our training the next day. This time, it is a sparring match between each member of the group. As for me, I will go against Allen. Mismatch, indeed.

I observed the fighting style of my group for the time being. At this moment, the outgoing Claude is up against the docile Huey. The two of them grabbed their weapons and entered a crude looking circle written on the ground that acts as a ring. The weapon of choice for Claude is a short sword, and a spear for Huey. Since it is just only a practice match, all weapons are made of wood. At the signal, Claude quickly dashed towards Huey. Huey, on the other hand, feels like he doesn't know what to do. He hurriedly swung his spear in a crescent sweep in panic, but he realized it too late that he had given Claude an opening. Claude immediately dodged the trajectory of the sweep, and dashed forward at the time that Huey had shown his back on him. He aimed his sword at Huey's right flank.


Huey groaned in pain and dropped to the ground while holding his right flank. The match had been decided. If it was a true battle, his torso might be split into two. He was carried by the soldiers using a crude stretcher to the side, and applied healing magic to the injured Huey. His ribs might be broken even though we wore armor. After some time, he finally became calm and slept while still lying on the ground.

The next match is finally ours. Allen and I began to walk after choosing our weapons. Both of our weapons are wooden swords, so it is expected that it will be a swordfight.

As we enter the stage, I noticed that the way he hold his sword is different from mine. The so-called backhand grip. I firmly hold my sword and held the tip of my sword above my head. I also checked my stance as not to stumble when he attacks. Yosh, let's do this.

At the signal, Allen dashed towards me and began swinging his sword as if to stab me with it. I parried it immediately, but since his body structure is bigger than mine I was pushed back a little. I swing my sword downwards but it is also parried and took some distance. Now I am the one who is charging and did a diagonal slash coming from below that aimed at his left flank. He quickly changed his grip and deflected my sword to the side, thus making an opening for attack. I immediately bend my body away to evade his slash.

The exchange continued for some time. I could feel the fatigue had began to set in.

"You're good, I think." Allen complimented me while crossing swords with me.

"Thanks. You too."

I deflected his sword and took some distance from him and changed my stance. I held my sword on my right side as if I am a samurai preparing for a quick draw. I guess since it came to this I will put my all into this one slash. Allen sensed an opportunity and began to charge towards me. I lowered my body and put my right foot forward. When he began to swing his blade down towards me, I flicked his sword aside with mine and did a quick slash at his side. It is fortunate that I managed my sword some millimeters away from his side so there's no contact at all.

"I think that the match has ended." Allen calmly said. He dropped his sword and raised his two hands.

Wow. I didn't think that crude technique I learned from anime worked!

I immediately took my sword away from his side and "sheathed" it like a katana. They won't notice it, right?

As I step away from the circle I saw my classmates looking at me. They have been watching at my match since it started. They applauded when I looked at them. Stop it, it's embarrassing.

The training for today is ended it seems, so I decided to regroup with my classmates as they continue to train. It really is a sight to see that my classmates use magic and weapons while in their white and black school uniforms.

"Hey Ren, congratulations!" Karen said while smiling brightly at me. I guess their training too has ended.

"A-Ah, t-thanks." I replied while trying not to make eye contact with her due to shyness.

What's this? Seems like my fatigue has lessened with her smile alone. As expected from a [Healer].

Then after that someone hit my head with his/her hand.

"Hey, why the hell are you acting there like a samurai huh?" Rin said to me when I looked behind to know who hit my head.

"I-I don't know, it came out in reflex." I immediately answered while holding my head. Can she stop hitting my head when she's feeling irritated?

"""Heeee....""" My classmates nodded all at once.

"As expected of Rin's childhood friend. He knows how to handle a sword." Mamet said, and everyone nodded again.

Hey, don't lump me with this freak.

When we planned to return to the castle to have our dinner, we were told that we are requested to go to the audience room.

Perhaps, he will tell everyone about that thing.

We immediately walked toward the audience room and we saw the king on his throne. We knelt and bowed our heads.

"It seems like everyone's adjusting to this world." The king said to us.

"Y-yes Your Majesty, it is difficult, but we gradually accustom ourselves to the culture and practices of this kingdom." Kai replied to the king. We had agreed beforehand that he will be our spokesperson every time we have to meet the king.

"Very well. In fact as gratitude I would like to give everyone clothes that is suitable for your training. You can have it when you return to your rooms."

Ohhh, ever since we were summoned to this works we don't have any clothes aside from our school uniforms.

"Also, I have something to tell everyone. Trajan"

As soon as he said that, a bearded man in red military uniform came to the king's side.

"Read the contents of the report." The king ordered the officer named Trajan.

"Understood, Your Majesty. There are some sightings of demonkin army approaching the boundaries of Arandel, near the town of Sarca. It is estimated that their numbers are more than 5000, and they will reach the kingdom walls three days from now on."

Everyone is shocked by what the general had said.


"Hence, during this three days you will prepare yourselves for the battle that will happen. I decided to tell you this beforehand to everyone of you in order to know the situation we are facing right now. Also, you will march towards Sarca along with the army starting tomorrow, so everyone must take a rest tonight." The king said in an imposing manner.

We were advised to rest for today.

Trouble, indeed.

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