The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...They're coming."

reku-chan desu.

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Anyways, here's Episode 50, senpai!

Chapter 50 (v.1) - The Princess Wants to be an Adventurer

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



Strange. I dreamed of them last night. I wonder if they're alright back there in Arandel?


It's been two days since that incident happened at the town proper. For today, Aoi, Lerish and I will go to the adventurer guild and apply for membership.

Rin told me in the past that adventurer guilds are a staple when it comes to things about another world, and to rise among ranks using cheat powers is one of the best things to happen for a person who is sent to another world.

To be honest, I'm not that fond of adventurers, but the reason we're going to a guild is because of our panic princess.

Earlier while we're having breakfast at the inn, she suddenly said, "I want to enter an adventurer guild!" out of the blue. She then asked Aoi and me if we want to join as well. Aoi instantly agreed while I hesitated if I should accept or not. The two girls, with a wide grin on their faces, began to pull me outside the inn as they cling tightly into my arms.

And so, they kept on clinging on my arms as we walked towards the guild. The surrounding men looked at us with eyes of jealousy and killing intent aimed at me. I had to endure the embarrassment until we reached the guild headquarters.

Maaa, it really is a blessing and a curse to have two beautiful flowers clinging on my left and right.

After some more time we finally reached the guild. When we entered, I saw many adventurers chatting and laughing while drinking hard liquor. There are also people on the counter, and in front of a bulletin board.

As I thought, this floor serves as the gathering place for the adventurers when they want to hang around or to look for missions.

As we approached the counter, we are greeted by a young woman with pointed ears, silver hair styled into a braid and dark skin. A Dark Elf, if I take the words of Rin.

"Welcome, how can I help you?" The Dark Elf clerk asked us.

"Ehhhh...tto, we want to apply for membership!" Lerish replied in behalf of us.

It was only the two of you who wants to join the guild, so don't include me.

"Ah, the three of you, including her?" The clerk said in surprise as she looked at Aoi.

"Anoo, is it not allowed for her to join?" Lerish asked in worry.

"N-No. There are little girls her age that are members of our guild, but without any adults to accompany them, they could only do low-ranked missions."

Aoi, when she heard the explanation of the clerk, pouted her lips in dismay.

"If you two could form a party with her, she can participate in higher difficulty missions." The clerk said in a kind tone.

Aoi looks like a little girl even if you turn the world inside out. She's been living for thousands of years, and she's never changed her form. When I asked her the reason why she didn't, she just said, "she can't'".

"Just write your names on these forms, and when you're done you place your hands on each of these cards. This will be your membership card. Oh, I forgot, you will also pay a membership fee before we start." She instructed us.

We paid the corresponding amount to her, and began filling up the forms. After we're done with the forms. we placed our hands on our respective cards, and the cards glowed a radiant blue, white and green for each of us. After the light subsided, our names are written on the cards.

"Okay! With this, we're done!" The clerk said happily as she clapped her hand.

Eh? It's done already? I'm expecting that a membership examination will take place after we filled up the forms.

"My name's Dian, and in behalf of the Adventurer Guild, Narashel Branch, welcome to the guild, er, Aoi, Ren Mortel and..."

As she read our names written on the cards, she paused when she's about to read Lerish's name.


"What's wrong?" Lerish asked Dian in wonder while tilting her head.

Dian looked at her in panic while her hands trembled.

"D-Don't worry, P-Princess, the m-management keeps the sensitive d-details about the m-members of t-the guild in strict c-confidentiality. Nn." Dian stuttered her words like she's about to faint anytime because the Princess of Narashel is in front of her.

Dian calmed herself for a while, and regained her cheerful state.

"Now, I'll explain to you how things work in the guild..."

According to Dian, adventurers have a rank ranging from F for the lowest, to S as the highest rank. When we placed our hands over our cards, it determined our rank upon registration. Lerish and I got a rank of E, while Aoi got a rank F. I can't help but feel sorry, so I patted her head to comfort her.

A death goddess having the lowest rank among the adventurers? Is their system bugged or something?

Also, the missions that we can do depends on our rank, so at this point we can only do missions up to E rank, and by completing a mission the guild will reward us the amount stated on the request as well as getting guild points. If we obtained sufficient points, we can be promoted to a higher rank.

Dian also said that disputes among adventurers must be resolved outside the guild premises, otherwise the concerned parties will face punishment.

There are so many details she said about being an adventurer, so let's just leave it for a while.

We went outside after the orientation ended. Lerish's face looked like she's refreshed because we're officially adventurers. Aoi, on the other hand, looked like she's displeased.

"...Even though I'm a death goddess...even though I'm a death goddess..."

She just kept on muttering something on her own.

"It's okay. We'll prove to them that they're wrong on assigning an F rank to you." I said to encourage her.

When I said that, her mood brightened up and looked at me with a determined expression.

"...Nn. I will do my best, big brother!"

We decided to go to a cafe to celebrate our first day as official adventurers. As we walk on the street, Aoi suddenly stopped her footsteps.

"Aoi, what's wrong?" I asked her.

When I looked at her, she looked tense. Is something bad happened to her?

"...Big brother." She said in a soft voice.

"W-What is it?" I asked in surprise.

She then looked at the sky. Her eyes gives off an aura filled with hatred and rage.

"...They're coming." She said while looking at the horizon in front of us.

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