The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"I'm one of them."

reku-chan desu.

I would like to say that I'm sorry for my sudden outburst last time. It was really wrong for me to say that.

Here's Episode 51, senpai.

Chapter 51 (v.1) - Impending Threat

Submitted: January 20, 2018

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Submitted: January 20, 2018



"...They're coming."

"Who's coming?" I asked her again.

From the expression on her face, this really is a serious matter.

"Aoi, tell me. Who's coming?" I asked in a strong tone.

Aoi kept on looking at the horizon as her fists clenched and her teeth bared in rage.



"...Seraphs are the subordinates of the [False Gods]. Big brother may not know it, but in this world they are called [Demonkin]." She explained.

I see.

The [Seraphs] Aoi said refers to the bastards that instigated Trajan to betray the kingdom of Arandel, and killed all of the people whom I'm indebted to.

"Aoi...can you feel their presence?"

"...I can, big brother...but they're too far away. I can't keep track of them for too long at this state."

So they're planning to attack again?

"Ren, Aoi...what's the matter?" Lerish asked us in worry.

I faced Lerish with a serious face.

"Lerish, can you search for any traces of Seraphs here in Narashel?"

I asked her to use [The Tower] to find those Seraphs. Though I can use the improved version of [Search] to make things easier, it's better to rely on others sometimes. That's what I learned from Vice Commander Lieman and the Cannon Fodder.

"Eh? Ah, okay. Wait a minute...[Search: Seraphim]"

At her words, the hologram-like compass formed on her hand. The black needle rotated for a while before stopping towards a certain direction.

"E...tto, South...southwest. T-There's a number appearing on the compass. 125.21..."


"[Locate: South southwest, 125.21 km away.]

With the necessary information I got from Lerish, I used [Locate] which is a spell created by adding [The Tower] and [The High Priestess] to show the location of the Seraphs.

In front of us, a holographic map about a meter long and half a meter wide appeared. On the map, a flickering white dot showed their current location.

"The place...Kizun?" Lerish muttered in surprise.

"Lerish, do you know the place?" I asked her.

"Yes. According to legend, a mysterious hole in space suddenly appeared in Kizun hundreds of years ago..."

A space?

"The legend says that, once upon a time a group of hunters accidentally found the hole while they were hunting. The hole that appeared can't be touched, as it felt like touching air, and if someone used magic to light it, you won't see anything in its darkness."

For a hole to suddenly appear in that place...they must be the cause of it.

"Four days after that, the whole town is attacked by horrible-looking creatures, and caused the deaths of all its residents. Thus, the great war between humans and demonkin began and continued up for until now."

As I thought, they appeared from that hole.

"But I don't understand...the hole should be gone three centuries ago. Maybe--"

Lerish looked at Aoi after coming up with an assumption.

"Another hole appeared in Kizun."


We decided that we will report this to the King. Lerish didn't changed her clothes into that of a princess, for she will go with us to Kizun afterwards.

As we arrived in Harlin, we saw countless knights in white and blue armor in formation while being commanded by Granz. When they saw us, they immediately placed their fists on their chests and bowed their heads to greet Lerish.

"Granz...what's going on?" Lerish asked him.

"Princess...Duke Gorez has been killed."

At his words, Lerish became shocked.

" whom?"

"I'm not sure about this, but they informed us that a strange phenomenon is happening in Kizun. Maybe the killer has something to do with it. For now, the knight order has been instructed to investigate the case, and to hunt the perpetrators." Granz replied seriously.

Kizun is under Duke Gorez' jurisdiction. For him to be killed by the demonkin...

"Granz, do you know any reason why someone had to kill him?" I asked him.

"No. Like I said, we are going to investigate it, but as far as I know, his ancestors sealed the first hole that appeared in Kizun hundreds of years ago."

If that's the case...the demonkin killed him because of grudge?

Meanwhile, Franz suddenly appeared from somewhere.

"Princess, the King is waiting for you." Franz said to Lerish.


We informed the King about what the things happening in Kizun inside the audience room.

"Eh, so you're saying another hole appeared?" The King asked while being perplexed.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Though we're not sure about this, but it seems that the demonkin killed Duke Gorez." Lerish said to the King.

" they really made another move, huh?" The King said while thinking.

"Your Majesty...are you not troubled with the situation?" I asked the King.

Meanwhile, Aoi looked at him with a serious expression.

The King rested his chin on his two hands.

"No. As a King I won't allow such act to happen. That's why, I've been communicating with the King of Arandel about this matter."

"Arandel?" I asked him again.

"Right. News about a group of men and women fighting demonkin began to spread even here in Narashel. The King of Arandel said that, the [Promised Ones] as they call it are going to the city of Sadari in the south to stop their advance."

[Promised Ones]...

"...Big brother, what's wrong?" Aoi asked me in worry.

When I heard that, I remembered again the things that happened in Arteim.

"Ren, you're from Arandel right? Have you heard about that group of people with extraordinary abilities fighting off demons?"

The King asked me.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I know them."

"Eh? You know them?" Lerish asked me in surprise.

"Nn. I know them. In fact, I know them really well..."

"What makes you say so?" The King also asked me.

I raised my right hand and showed to them the black ring on my finger.

"I'm one of them."

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