The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"...It's okay. Big brother has me."

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Here's Episode 52, senpai!

Chapter 52 (v.1) - The Weakest [Promised One

Submitted: January 21, 2018

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Submitted: January 21, 2018



"I'm one of them."

At my declaration, Lerish and the King widened their eyes. Even Aoi, who is beside me, gasped.

"W-What do you mean by that?" Lerish asked me.

"I'm also one of the [Promised Ones], is what I am saying."

I replied to her in a serious tone.

"But for you who is a [Promised One] here in Narashel...why? Why are you not with the other [Promised Ones]?!" The King also asked me.

"Your Majesty...have you heard the news about the attack at Arteim a few weeks ago?"

"Yes. I heard that quite enough."

"While my classmates are fighting against an army of demonkin at Sarca, another group of demons also attacked Arteim. At that time, I'm the only one left among the [Promised Ones] to defend the capital."

Even though I'm one if them, I'm the only one without any abilities.

"Ren..." Lerish looked at me in worry.

"Many of my comrades died in order to defend Arteim. Even as a [Promised One], I can't do anything to help them."

I'm too powerless, even with all the training I had then. Even until now, I'm still weak.

"I watched them die in front of me as they helped me escape that hell. I fell into an abyss and crossed the desert, while blaming myself for what happened."

I clenched my fist as I speak. I'm controlling myself for my emotions to not burst.

"...Big brother..." Aoi's eyes moistened as she heard my story.

I don't know if I already told Aoi about it, but I could tell that she's really surprised.

"The reason why I can't return to Arandel is that, I can't show my face to my classmates. I can't have them see me in this pitiful state. I don't know, but it's better for them to think of me as a dead person."

I won't forgive myself if I showed my shameful self to them once again, is what I told to myself.

"Maybe, Lerish is right. I'm really hopeless and wea--"

"That's not true! Even though you're hopeless, you're not a weak person!" Lerish suddenly shouted at me.

I looked at the two girls beside me in surprise.

"...Big brother...if you're weak then I'm still sealed inside that cave...!"

"True! If you also didn't saved me then I'm already dead in that narrow street!"

The two of them shouted at me. Their eyes emits a determined aura as they looked at me.

Ah. I remember now. I met both of them when they needed help.

I only did a small thing to them, but for me to be helped by them this much...

"...Big brother, all this showed me how beautiful this world is! You showed me that even a dangerous being like me can have a family! Big saved me more than what you think!"


"Ren, even though we still not knew each other quite well, I know in my heart that you can be the strongest this world can ever have...that's why, um, have more confidence in yourself, hopeless pervert!"


These two girls...they believed in me.

"There you have it. [Promised One] or not, there are still people who believes in your abilities." The King said to me.

I looked at the King. He kindly smiled at me.

"You're too fortunate to have women that are willing to share their lives with you. We have a saying here in Narashel, 'you can live even if you only have one finger, but life is much easier when you have ten'. Ever heard of that?"

He said heartily.

"They already made a promise without you being aware of it. We in Narashel keeps our promises as if our lives depend on it." He continued.


"Y-Your Majesty, to be honest...I promised myself that I will protect them and set things right. In order to do that, I need to become strong."

I said as I looked at him with eyes of determination. Both of them nodded at my words.

"I decided. I will go to Kizun." I declared.

"Then, what will you do about the matter in Kizun? If you want to set things right, you should go with the knights that will go to Sadari." The King asked.

"No, Your Majesty. If I had to do it, I have to go to the root of everything. That's why...even though it's rude for me to ask Your Majesty, I would like to go with the knights to Kizun." I said to the King.

"Ren, are you serious? It's dangerous! Never mind being not weak, it's the demonkin we're talking about!" Lerish said to me while feeling worried.

"...It's okay. Big brother has me." Aoi calmly said to her.

"But, Aoi..."

"...I won't let them hurt my big brother. If big brother will go to Kizun, so do I." Aoi said to the King.

The King became worried also at Aoi's words.

"Are you sure about this, Goddess? This has nothing to do with--"

"...No. If it has something to do with my big brother then it has something to do with me also." Aoi interrupted the King's words while glaring at him.

Being glared at by Aoi, the King's body became tensed.

The King already knew from Lerish that Aoi is a death goddess, that's why he can't say anything bad against her. Fortunately, because of that fear, he can't tell it to others.

"L-Lerish, are you also going to Kizun with them?" He asked Lerish while feeling anxious.

"Yes, Father. If they're going, then I'll go with them through thick and thin." Lerish replied in conviction, and instead of addressing the King as 'Your Majesty', she addressed him as 'Father'.

The King, upon hearing our intention to go, calmed himself and looked at us with serious eyes.

"Well then. You three will go with the knights who are ordered to go to Kizun to help in the investigation about Gorez' death. Report any suspicious people along the way that might have any connection with the case. Since you three are now adventurers, I'll also assign this as a guild quest."

The King decreed.

"You will be under the command of Granz. Lerish, since you're going as an adventurer, you will be treated as an adventurer instead of a princess. Understand that?"


"Good. The investigation team will leave for Kizun tomorrow before sunrise. Food and supplies has been already provided, that's why all the preparations you only need is to rest." The King said in a serious tone. The three of us bowed in affirmation before leaving the audience room. -

As Aoi and I are lying on the bed we used after that party several days ago, I just looked at the ceiling while thinking about my classmates.

"...Big brother...are you still awake?" Aoi asked me as she snuggled beside me with her eyes still closed.

"Nn. Don't worry about me, you need to sleep." I said while brushing her blue hair with my hand.

"...Big brother...are you still...blaming yourself to what...happened in the past?"


"...As a death goddess...I know that feeling...of losing someone...that's why...don't blame yourself for that...big brother..."

She said to me while half-sleeping.

"...I won't let that...happen again...big brother...I will protect how you"

She finally slept.

"Thank you, Aoi." I thanked her in a soft voice as I continued to brush her hair.

I guess, I'm really lucky to have her at my side.

The reason why I'm still mentally stable after all the tragedy I've experienced is because of Aoi. Even when asleep, she's still worried about me.

Cute, kind and deadly. Is there a need to ask for more?

That's why, I'll protect her with all I have, even if it means that l need to kill everyone in this world.

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