The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm


reku-chan desu.

Exams here, exams there, exams everywhere. Wish me luck.

Here's Episode 53, senpai!

Chapter 53 (v.1) - Surprises to Make this Trip Fun and Exciting

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



We left the capital before sunrise the next day. The knights rode in horses while we rode in a wagon as we travel to Kizun.

There are 30 soldiers assigned to investigate the death of Duke Gorez, under the command of Lerish's personal guard, Granz.

"Princess, even though for now you're just an ordinary adventurer, if you want something just ask me or the other knights so that we can get it for you."

Granz said as he ride his white horse beside our wagon.

"Granz, it's okay. I can do it even without help." Lerish said as she drive the wagon we're currently using.

This wagon is a gift given to us by the King. Since we're adventurers now, we need to have a decent means of transportation when going to far away places.

Lerish drives the horse-driven wagon, while Aoi and I just sit inside.

"But, Princess..."

"No. Thanks." Lerish said in a serious tone while glaring at him.

Granz still has something to say, but he chose to be silent for now. He then advanced forward to lead the way.

"Granz is always too stubborn. Why is he like that?!" Lerish grumbled.

"Don't be like that. You're fortunate to have a guard like him that takes care of you, so be grateful to have him around." I said to her to calm her down.

"I-I know that already! But, I wish that hopeless person should be the one who's taking care of me instead of Granz..."

She said in dismay while glancing at me repeatedly. What are you doing, eyes on the road! "...Big brother...I'm bored. Can I kill all the beasts in this forest?" Aoi said lazily while looking at the scenery outside.

"D-Don't do that, Aoi! It will be bad if you killed all the beasts here!" I replied to her in panic.

As her big brother, I'll teach her the laws we had on Earth to make her an upright and law-abiding person, er, goddess.

"Are you tired of playing with me everyday?" I asked her.

"...N-No, big brother! I won't get tired of playing with you, never!" She said while frantically shaking her head from side to side.

"Is that so? I'm relieved." I said as I placed my hand on my chest.

Maybe I'll have to think of another game to keep her awake. -

The forest road that we passed through became more and more like a maze because of the foliage as we continue to travel. The beasts we encountered also gradually increases in number, that's why we have to be alert in case a beast suddenly attacks us. Though we have a talisman to repel them, it's better that we're prepared for that.

"Lerish, how long does it take to reach Kizun?" I asked her.

"Ummm...let's see...half a day, I guess?" She said.

It's been about six hours since we left Harlin, so we're still halfway there, is what she's saying.

"'s been a while since I've been to Ki--"

While Lerish is talking, something flew in front of her face like a wind with a 'whoosh!'. The object then pierced itself to a tree at the side.

"A-Arrow?" Lerish said in astonishment as she saw an arrow almost hitting her from the side.


"Princess! Take cover! Everyone, protect the Princess!"

Granz shouted at the knights. Each of them brandished their weapons, their eyes showing a vigilant look.

Lerish, upon Granz' order, hurriedly went inside the wagon. "Lerish! Are you hurt?" I asked her in worry.

"No, I'm okay." She replied while smiling lightly.

"Lerish, stay right here. Aoi, protect her."

"...Okay, big brother. But, where are you going?" Aoi asked in confusion.

"I'm going to search for anything suspicious."

I said to her as I get off the wagon. As soon as I got off the wagon, another arrow came towards me.


I hurriedly created a wall of earth using [The Magician] to block the arrow.

When I looked at the trees where the arrows came from, I saw two people wearing white masks on their faces, and white and gold colored robes that covered their bodies. They both carry crossbows on their hands.

"Archers, aim at them!" Granz commanded the five archer knights that joined the party.

At his signal, several arrows were fired towards the masked guys, but all of the arrows were dodged by the two of them. One of them picked up something from his pocket, and threw a white ball to the tree branch where the two of them are standing. At that instant, smoke suddenly appeared and after the smoke was gone, the two already escaped.

"W-What was that?" I asked Granz in wonder as I tried to chase after them.

"I'm not sure, but if we can catch them we can find it out."

Catch them, huh?

I immediately used [Locate] to find the two mysterious guys. Let's see...they're not that far away from us, I guess?


While looking at the hologram-like magic circle in front of me, I created a simple curse using the power of [The Death] in order to stop their tracks. It's impractical to kill them without having them spill the beans, so this is just enough.

"Granz, those two guys are over there, I think." I said to Granz while pointing towards a certain direction.

"Eh? You found them using magic?!" Granz muttered in surprise.

"S-Something like that." I replied to him vaguely.

Luckily, Granz didn't asked me more than that, and ordered four of his men to go to the place where the two men is. I then returned to the wagon to check Lerish's state.

"Ren? What happened?" Lerish asked me.

"Don't worry about that. Though I don't really understand what happened, Granz will take care of the situation, he said."

"I-Is that so..."

Lerish almost got hit by that arrow, but why is she still calm even now? Is she not afraid of dying? Honestly, I don't really understand how her emotions work.

"Lerish, could you come here for a moment?" I asked her to come.

"Eh? W-Why?"

"Just come here."

At my request, she reluctantly came closer to me. She repeatedly averted her gaze as she stood right in front of me, and her hands also became fidgety.

"I-I'll check if you got grazed by that arrow, so just stay right there..."

I reached my hand into her face as she looked at me while feeling confused. I lightly touched her forehead to see if there's any wound, but luckily there is none. I looked at her from up close, while my hand touches her cheek and enjoying its smoothness and softness.

"R-Ren...what are you--"

"Thank goodness that you're safe. I will be worried really much if something happens to you..."

I said to her as I lightly tapped her nose using my finger. At that instant, her cheeks became deep red.

"I-Idiot! W-What are you doing?!" She said as she frantically distanced herself away from me.

"You're the one who said you wanted to be taken care of by that 'hopeless person', right?" When I said that, her shoulders suddenly twitched.

"W-Well, that 'hopeless person' has very little experience when it comes to taking care of people, so..."

I looked away from her. This awkward situation is too much for me.

"D-Don't worry, that 'hopeless person' will take good care of you. I promise that."

"Nn. Thanks." She timidly nodded.

Before anything could become more awkward, Granz returned along with some of his men dragging two masked men wearing white and gold robes. The two men apparently fell down from the trees when I used [Fracture] on them and their heads collided with the ground, that's why they're unconscious for the meantime.

"N-No way...Lumiari?" Lerish gasped in surprise when she saw the masks worn by the two men.

"Lumiari...wait, you mean that Lumiari?" Granz also muttered in surprise.

"Who are they?" I asked the two of them.

"The Lumiari is a secret organization that worked behind the scenes onthe government of each country in the world, except Narashel."

Lerish said while feeling tensed.

Eh? They're that kind of organization? What are they, Ill*minati?

"It is said that the organization already existed before the first encounter with the demonkin occurred, that's why many people thought of their existence as just legend..."

"But for them to suddenly attack the Princess...I can't think of a single reason why'd they do that." Granz said while thinking.

"Did they do it because Father didn't allowed them to interfere with the affairs of the country?" Lerish said.

Based on what I heard from them, that organization sure is fishy.

"J-Just a guess, but I think I know the reason..." I said to them timidly.

"Eh?" Granz only said a stupid response at my words.

"W-We don't have evidence yet, but I think it has something to do with the situation in Kizun and Sadari."

I said as I looked at them with serious eyes.

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