The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Eeeehhh...being too haggard isn't cute!"

reku-chan here.

Even though I'm busy these past few days, I still managed to post a chapter every day. Tanoshii!

Here's Episode 54, senpai!

Chapter 54 (v.1) - This Isn't a Field Trip, But We're Going as a Class

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



Milfer Town, boundary between Arandel and Narashel.

The whole class also started to travel towards Sadari in the kingdom of Narashel.

They are accompanied by 250 soldiers led by the bald captain who always observe while hiding at the distance, Rasheed.

"Yaaah...I can't believe I'll join you again in the battle, hahahahaha!!!" Captain Rasheed laughed as he speak to the class.

"You'll hide again, just like the last time?" James glared at him. "Of course! I'm trying to record your experiences in a book, you see?" Rasheed replied while showing to them a notebook with a crudely written title 'The Adventures of the Promised Ones' in the front cover.

"""What the hell?!""" The whole class muttered in disgust when they saw Rasheed showing off his masterpiece with a grin.

"Ehem. Leaving that aside, I wish that the fortunes of war be at our side, for the situation in Sadari would make a great impact on the future encounters against the demonkin. You know that, did you?"

Captain Rasheed said with a serious face as he try to boost the morale of the class.

"By the way, where's Mari?" Kai asked his classmates.

"She's sleeping inside another carriage. She didn't slept last night just to prepare everything for us." Karen replied.

At her reply, Kai only nodded with an "Ah." as he thought of the efforts of their class prez. He felt pity for her, because she had to take responsibility for everything. "It really is hard to be the prez, huh?" James muttered while sighing.

"I'd feel guilty just watching her do things by herself, that's why we need to help her in any way that we can..." Kai added.

"I'm sure she will say, 'It's okay, I can do this myself' just like usual." Iza said as she gave Karen a lap pillow.

"But that side of her makes her cute, right?" Karen said while laughing lightly.

"Eeeehhh...being too haggard isn't cute!" Iza retorted.

Karen continued to laugh while saying "My, my" to Iza. Captain Rasheed just silently writes their dialogue in his notebook.

A few minutes has passed, and their carriage came to a stop.

"Eh? We're in Narashel already?"

Captain Rasheed looked outside the window to see the situation, and he saw an outline of a town from afar.

"We're lucky that the kingdom of Narashel is tolerant regarding foreign policy, if their policy is more strict, it would cause problems for us." Captain Rasheed said.

The kingdom of Narashel is well-known for their tolerant treatment of people, that's why many refugees from the wars between humans and demonkin decide to seek refuge there.

"So this is the kingdom of Narashel, huh? Somehow I could feel the hospitality of the surroundings here." Rin muttered to herself as she looked around.

"We're gonna stay here for today, then we'll continue moving next day." Captain Rasheed instructed.



The whole class formed a large circle around the bonfire as they eat their dinner. Aside from the light of the flames, they are being lighted also by the stars in the sky.

"Maaa, it's regrettable that I only experienced doing things like this here in another world." Mark said in a sad tone.

"Hah! You're pitiful, you don't survive if you got trapped inside a forest by yourself!" His partner, Ike ridiculed him.

"Well, it's a given, since you're a monkey." Ivan said to him.

"What did you say?!"

Ike glared at Ivan while the class laughed at him. He became embarrassed because of that, and started to eat his portion silently.

"Ah. No, no, no. You mustn't do it. Do it like this." On the other side of the circle, Edna teaches Claire on how to grill the meat carefully. Claire just watched her in astonishment and enthusiasm, for she doesn't know how to cook.

"" Claire thanked her in a shy manner when she received the cooked meat from Edna.

"Oy, oy, don't steal my Claire in front of me!" Yuki said to Edna as she hugged Claire who is beside her, as if she's hiding Claire away from her.

As the whole class continued to enjoy their meal they heard a faint scream at a distance.

"Who is that?!" Kai said as he got startled by the sound.

"L-Let me see..."

Eina, who is a [Tracker] used her night vision and clairvoyance to see the situation in the place the thought the sound came from.

"Did you see anything?" Rin asked her, her hands gripping on the handle of her katana.

"N-None. I can't see anyth--"

She stopped her words when she found a peculiar scene at a distance.

"W-What is this?!" Eina said in shock.

"What's wrong?" Kai asked.

"T-There's a village s-somewhere over there, they are being attacked by d-d-demonkin!"

When Eina said the word 'demonkin', everyone became tensed.

"Let's go there, hurry!!!" Kai said to everyone.

At his words, each of them prepared to attack.


The village that Eina saw is currently under attack by agroup of demons numbering about 100. Several men from the village tried to defend the village, but some of them got killed. All women and children are hiding at the biggest house at the center of the village, and are being kept hostage.

As soon as the class reached the village, they immediately launched an attack in order to save the village.

"Light our way, [Midnight Sun]!"

Karen used her special spell she only learned a few days ago to create a sphere of light in the sky that rivaled the sun in brightness. Because of that, it looks like the night suddenly turned into day.

"Defeat all demons!" Kai ordered.

"Cut everyone in my path, [Ten Cutting Threads]!"

At that instant, Rin suddenly dashed towards a bunch of demons and passed through them while holding her sword. When she returned her katana to her sheath, ten demons instantly got split into two.

Because of Rin's initiative, each of them also launched their attack and some also rescued the villagers.

"Karen, there's a group of injured people here!" Eina said to Karen as she used her sight to locate injured villagers.

"Nn. I'm on it! [Heaven's Blessing]!"

Numerous magic circles appeared on the village, each of them is above the heads of each injured villager. Warm light then came out from the circles that covered their bodies, and after a while their wounds got fully healed.

"They're all healed. Let the boys rescue them." Karen said to their class [Psychic], Violet.

"Okay. I'll relay it also to Captain Baldy."

Violet began to relay Karen's message to everyone, and they immediately responded.

"[Round and Round!]"

Iza created a dome-like barrier that covered the entirety of the house where the women and children are hiding. Several demons tried to break the barrier, but they can't even make a single scratch on the impregnable defense.

"[Light Cutter]!"

Kai used his holy sword to create a blinding wave of light that cuts everything in its path. At that instant, several demons also got their bodies bisected into two as they tried to attack him.

"How many are left?" James asked while landing an uppercut at a demon.

"Ten, I guess." Kai replied.

"Ten? Understood. [Enemy Chaser]!"

Edna, the class [Marksman] fired ten special arrows simultaneously that chased her chosen targets, allowing no escape from them. Each of the arrows reached their target in a split of a second, killing them without a sound.

Everyone checked the situation of the village after their attack. While the boys searched for any demons, the girls are taking care of the rescued villagers.

"Luckily, the village is quite small. That's why we found them easily." Iza said in a relieved tone.

"So the demonkin really is on the move..." Rin muttered.

"Are they searching for supplies?" Karen asked her classmates.

"I guess so. The other reason is that, they just want to kill people. There's no way that they will find supplies in this small village." Rin replied.

While the girls are talking to each other, a demon crept behind Iza while holding a dagger. The demon had plenty of wounds on its body, for it survived the attacks of the students by playing dead.

"Iza, behind you!!!"

Karen shouted at her, and Iza looked behind in panic. She saw the demon, looking at her with reddened eyes filled with madness. The demon swung his hand that held his dagger to stab her. Due to shock, Iza didn't cast her barrier and just looked at the tip of the dagger moving towards her. Suddenly, a knife flew towards the demon and pierced its head before his dagger could pierce Iza.

"E-Eh?" Iza and the others got stupefied by the sudden turn of events and looked at the person who threw the knife.

"C-Claire?" Iza said in shock.

The docile girl in class, Claire, threw a knife at the demon with cheat-like accuracy, causing her classmates to be surprised.

"Claire, are you really a [Healer] like Karen?" Rin asked her in a serious tone.

She got intimidated by Rin's presence, and began to avert her gaze at them.

"I..I a-assassin..." She said in a faint voice that made it hard for them to hear what she's saying.

"[Assassin]? So that's why we can't feel your presence each time we're fighting?!" Rin asked in surprise.

Claire only nodded while smiling lightly.

At that time, Karen suddenly laughed.

"Fufufufufu, you're the cutest [Assassin] that I ever heard of! Fufufufufu..."

Because of that, the girls also laughed.

Claire's cheeks reddened while smiling lightly at them due to embarrassment.

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