The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

"...I'll deal with you later."

reku-chan desu.

I created another novel entitled "Succubus-san Wants to Drain My Life!" and I'm planning to post new chapters of that novel every week. I hope you guys read it as well. Thanks!

Here's Episode 55, senpai!

Chapter 55 (v.1) - Lumiari and Interrogation

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



"What do you that?"

Lerish asked me in confusion.

"It's only my own theory, but their attack coincides with the situation happening in Kizun and Sadari. I don't know who they are as an organization, but it feels suspicious to me..."

I said to her my thoughts.

"You may or may not have a point, but with the purpose of investigating the murder case of Duke Gorez, we can use it as a lead." Granz said.

While we're talking, Aoi suddenly pulled the hem of my shirt lightly.

"What is it, Aoi?"

She beckoned me to come as she walked towards a tree away from Lerish and the others.

"Ah, anoo...can I talk to her for a while?" I asked Lerish.

"Nn. Okay." Lerish nodded.

Aoi and I walked towards the tree and she pointed earlier.

"Aoi, is something wrong?"

"...Big brother, I think...their target is me." She said.


"...Those guys existed even at the time the [Old Gods] and the [False Gods] are fighting...and since then they despised me as a god."


"...Being a death goddess means that I am also the symbol of darkness. Those guys believed in righteousness and justice, that's why they helped the [False Gods] in overthrowing me..." She said in a sad tone.

Figures. They're really a fishy organization.

"How could they do that to you?" I asked her in disbelief.

"...I don't know. I only remembered that they are the ones that sealed me inside the cave, nothing else."

So the bad guys increased by one, I guess?

"Can we tell it to them?" I asked her.

Aoi, grasped tightly the hem of her skirt.

"...Nn. It would help us complete the puzzle."


We returned to where Lerish and the others are, and said to them our thoughts.

"Eh? They existed thousands of years ago?!" Lerish said in surprise.

"Aoi told me that they also participated in the war between the gods, and they are the ones who sealed her in the desert." I said.

I looked at the two men who fell unconscious. Because of what I heard from Aoi, I felt an urge to kill them.

"Still, we have to obtain information. Not just some theory from a little girl, we need facts." Granz said while thinking about the things we said to them.

"But the things we said are..."

"Are you saying that this girl right here is a real goddess? Are you an idiot?" Granz said in a strong tone.

"Granz!" Lerish glared at him.

"I'm sorry Princess, but it's hard for me to believe what she said. As a knight, I have to draw the line between right and wrong, the truth from illusion."

Lerish was right. He's too stubborn.

"...I'll show to you that I'm a real goddess--"

Aoi is about to create black flames from her hands, but I stopped her.

"Aoi, let him be."

At my words, she didn't continued with her flames.

"Not everyone would believe that you're a goddess. That's human nature, after all." I explained to her.

Aoi looked at me in a regretful expression, then looked at Granz.

"...I'll deal with you later." She said to him in an angry manner.

I faced Granz.

"We will find sufficient evidence that will prove our hypothesis, along the way." I said as I looked at him with serious eyes.

"Very well. That would be a great help for us." He replied.

"L-Let's continue moving before it gets dark..." Lerish suggested.

"Right, Princess." Granz consented.


Aoi and I returned to the wagon and we continued to move towards Kizun. Along the way, we encountered different ferocious beasts but they all ran away in panic when they saw Aoi smiling at them. They sensed her deadly aura, I think?

The two mysterious men from earlier are tied together inside our wagon. They are starting to regain consciousness, so we decided to interrogate them.

"...He-lloooooo~ are you guys awake now?"

Aoi poked the cheeks of the two while waking them up.

"...Do you want to wake up or not?"

Being impatient about them not waking up yet, she created black flames on her right hand.

"If you don't want to die, stop pretending to be asleep." I scolded the two of them.

Immediately, the two men opened their eyes.

"H-How...did you find out that we're awake?" One of them said to us.

"Based from experience, I know when a person is pretending to be asleep or not." I replied.

I always get scolded by my parents when I pretend to be asleep each afternoon when I was a child, that's why I know how it looks like when a person does that.

"Leaving that aside, why did you attack us?" I asked them in a strong tone.

"W-We don't know what you're saying!" The other person replied to my question.

Feigning ignorance?

"W-Wait a moment, Ren. It's better to ask them with their faces exposed to us." Lerish said as she removes the masks covering their faces.

"Eh? You two..." Lerish muttered in surprise when she saw their faces.

"Do you know them, Lerish?" I asked her.

"Nn. They are former members of the knight order, but they suddenly left without telling us the reason why."

"T-That voice...P-Princess?!" The first man with a beard said in shock.

The two of them widened their eyes when they saw Lerish looking at them with cold eyes.

"F-Forgive us, we didn't know that the Princess is the one driving the wagon!" The second one with a scratch on his cheek spoke with teary eyes.

"We want to know the reason why did you attacked us?" Lerish said to them.

"W-We're only small-time bandits! W-When we saw a group of soldiers going here we thought that it's a good opportunity for us to earn big!" The second man continued to speak while trembling.

"Our comrades suddenly ran when the knights fired arrows at us, that's why we're the only two left..." The first man added.

I don't know if they're telling the truth, that's why I'll leave the decision to Lerish.

"Why are you wearing the robes of Lumiari? Are you one of them?" Lerish continued to interrogate them as she looked at them coldly. It's my first time to see this side of her.

"W-We found it somewhere in Kizun! A-Also, we are not members of that Lumiari you're talking about!" The first man replied while his mouth opened and closed like a fish.

"...You...found it?" Aoi asked them.

"Y-Yes. We stole it from the baggage of two people while they're taking a bath at a pond in Kizun. Believe us, we really don't know what Lumiari is!" The second one replied to Aoi.

If they're not members of Lumiari...then the people whom they stole things are the real members?

"It looks like they don't know anything about Lumiari. Shall we free them?" I asked Lerish.

"No. Let's ask them information about the situation in Kizun." Lerish said in a serious tone.

Ah. I almost forgot.

"Then, do you know about the murder of Duke Gorez and the appearance of a hole in Kizun?" I asked them.

"W-We don't know about the Duke getting murdered, but we know the appearance of a hole in Kizun." The first one answered.

"Tell us everything you know, then we'll decide whether you live or not based on your information."

When I said that, both of them squealed.

"We'll tell you everything! Please don't kill us!" The second man cried.

According to them, it's been about a week since the hole appeared in Kizun, on the side of a mountain. Nothing happened much, until they noticed that the hole is growing. Since then, no one is allowed to enter the mountains.

"That's all you know about the hole?" Lerish asked.

"Yes, P-Princess...we don't have the courage to delve deeper on that issue." The first man answered.

If I were to ask, the attack earlier was just an isolated case.

"...Aoi, what do you think?" I asked Aoi, who is currently listening attentively at them.

"...Big brother, they don't know anything about the situation." She said.

"Then, shall we free them?"

"Let's tie them into a tree after we disarm them. It's better if we also take the robes with us." Lerish suggested.

At her order, the knights tied the two into a large tree using very thick ropes. Their weapons have been confiscated, and the robes of Lumiari are taken as well.

"P-Princess, what will happen to us?!" The first man asked her. Lerish then looked at them with a bright smile.

"That, is for you to find out." She said as she returned inside the wagon.

After that, we left the two of them inside the forest as we continue our journey.

The place where they are is a feeding ground for tiger wolves and thunder lizards. I wish them good luck.

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