The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"Aoi, that's a good idea!"

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 56, senpai!

Chapter 56 (v.1) - Start of Investigation

Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



"Look! Over there!"

Lerish, while driving our wagon, suddenly shouted while pointing her finger at a distance. Aoi and I looked outside, and we saw a town at a mountainside.

"Is that...Kizun?" I asked Lerish.

"Nn. The mountains of Kizun also covers parts of the cities of Harju, Imatale, Zabem and Sadari which is on the other side of the mountain." Lerish explained.

If Kizun is located on the side of a mountain that also situates other cities, there is a possibility that the demonkin will attack in one of these cities.

"We will immediately go to Duke Gorez' castle once we reach there." Granz said to us.

At his order, we moved faster towards the town.


For the meantime, we have to prepare in case we encountered beasts, demonkin or even members of Lumiari. Any of them could be a nuisance to us, that's why there is no time to be complacent.

"Princess, I know that you find me annoying, but are you sure you're going to the mountain with them?" Granz said to Lerish in worry.

"Granz, don't worry. I'm an official E-rank adventurer, and Ren is with me." She said while puffing out her chest.

"M-Maaa, I'll protect her, don't worry." I said to Granz.

Granz only glared at me while gritting his teeth.

"Ren, Aoi, let's go?" Lerish asked us.

""Nn."" Both of us nodded.

Since we're here as adventurers on a guild quest instead of a bunch of people going here because of personal interest, the three of us are called the adventurer trio [Spectre]. When I asked the reason why she thought of that name, she said that Aoi and I are like the spectres that haunt those who disturbed our peace, and she is the spectre who haunts to disturb the peace of another.

Regarding the roles of each of us, Lerish is the marksman while Aoi is our mage. I have no choice but to assume the role of a vanguard.


Kizun is situated on the side of the mountains of Kajaru. Inside the town, there are countless hot springs and cool ponds that is the source of income of the residents living here. So this mountain is just a dormant volcano?

All of us went to the castle of Duke Gorez to start the investigation. As the knights are doing the actual process, the three of us are just loitering around.

"...It's so boring here." Aoi sulked as she looked at the bronze bust of the duke.

"I know right? Every place here in Kizun is wonderful, except for this castle." Lerish also sulked in dismay.

Well, it's true that this place is so boring. It's so quiet here, and the corridors only contain various bronze figures of the late duke. This castle is more like a museum, I think.

"Who do you think killed Duke Gorez, the Lumiari, or the demonkin?" Lerish suddenly asked a question out of the blue.

"I don't know. For now, we can help Granz find some important evidence that would solve this case." I replied.

"...If we can find the murder weapon used to kill him, it will be easier for us." Aoi suggested.

Murder weapon...that's right!

"Aoi, that's a good idea!" I said to her as I patted her head.

"...Nn, big brother! When it comes to killing, you can count on me!" She said happily.

At Aoi's suggestion, I used [The Tower] to look for the weapon.

"What weapon is used for the murder?" I asked Lerish.

"Hmmm...when I asked the maids about what happened to the duke, they told me that he was stabbed in the heart." Lerish said.

"Okay. That would work. [Locate: All the knives and swords within 30 meters from the castle]"

At that instant, a medium sized magic circle appeared in front of us, showing the results from the query, and is represented by white dots.

"Let's see...most of the knives are found on the pantry, then aside from the swords that the knights carry, the swords are located inside the castle arsenal. Then..."

Lerish analyzes the location of the weapon used to kill the duke.

"There is a white dot on the outside of the castle." I muttered.

"Is that the weapon we're looking for?" Lerish asked.

"...Nn." Aoi nodded.


We went outside the castle to look for the weapon.

"E-tto, in that direction, there!" Lerish used [The Tower] to help us find it easier.

"Wait, I think I found it..."

I found a shining object on a patch of tall grass. When I reached my hand to it, I saw a small knife stained with dried blood.

"...Big brother. Can you confirm whose blood is it?" Aoi asked me.

"Eh? okay. [Information: Blood stain]"

Using [The High Priestess], a book suddenly fell from the sky. I opened one of its pages, and read the information aloud in order for them to know.

"Blood stain. Composition: Duke Gorez' blood, 99 percent; ichor, 1 percent."

"...I-Ichor?" Aoi suddenly gasped in surprise.

"Aoi, you know what is ichor?" I asked her.

Aoi's face looks troubled when I looked at her.

" the blood that flows in the veins...of a god like me." Aoi said while looking at the ground.

"Y-You don't mean to say that..." Feeling perplexed, Lerish asked her.

"...Nn. A god killed Duke Gorez."

Aoi replied while clenching her fist.

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