The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"B-But...if you by chance you wished for it, then..."

reku-chan desu.

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Here's Episode 57, senpai!

Chapter 57 (v.1) - Divine Intervention

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018



"A-are you sure about about that?" I asked Aoi.

"...Nn. Only gods has ichor on their bodies, that's why I'm sure that a god killed the duke." She replied in a serious tone.

" mean those [False Gods]?" Lerish also asked.

Aoi only nodded.

We only considered two probable suspects for this case, so it is unimaginable to us.

"But to think that a god would kill a there any reason to do that?" I said while looking at the knife in my hand.

"...Gods doesn't need reason to act. Each of us just do what we wanted to do, no questions asked."

Aoi replied.

"...For example, big brother...I can kill everyone in this world, anytime that I wanted to do it. The reason? I am a death goddess. Do I need to explain it to them?" She added.


So she's saying that, in this world gods just acted on a whim?

"So...what should we do now?" I asked again.

Aoi looked at me, her eyes filled with burning rage from deep within her heart.

"...Let's kill the god who killed Duke Gorez."

Kill...a god?

"...The hole that appeared in this place is one way for the gods to go to the world of humans. If this goes on, their Seraphs, or demonkin as you call it, could also use that hole to invade. Without any god to trigger that event, the demonkin won't make a move."

Aoi explained.

"B-But, it's impossible, right? Gods are immortal beings, so how can we kill them?" Lerish said to Aoi.

Aoi only smiled at her.

"...Lerish, if you have to choose between a [False God] and an [Old God], which of them should you fear the most?"


"...Should you fear a subordinate who revolted against its master, or the one who has the ability to end worlds with a snap of a finger?"

Aoi...sometimes you scare me a lot.

"...With most of my divine power sealed, I don't have the ability to kill a god, but big brother can."

"Eh? Me?" I asked her in surprise.

"...Nn. Using more than half of my divine power, I created [The Death] with a purpose of killing all [False Gods] in this world. Big brother, you are the only one who can do it." She said to me with pleading eyes.

I looked again at my hands that held the knife. Do I really have the ability to kill a god?

"Ren...I believe in Aoi. If you don't kill the god who killed the duke, the demonkin will attack again." Lerish spoke to me.

I looked silently at the ground for a few seconds, then I faced them.

"If it's the only way to protect you and Aoi, I would kill even a god."


We returned inside Duke Gorez' castle in order for us to rest for a while. The maids let us use the Duke's room, because it is the only room in this castle to have a bed. Thus, aside from Aoi, I will sleep together with Lerish tonight.

"W-Why is there no other rooms in here?!" I complained.

"I-It can't be helped, you know? He doesn't have a wife or children, and he's stingy when it comes to finances." Lerish said while feeling flustered.

Aoi went inside the pantry because she got hungry, that's why the two of us are the only persons inside this room.

"I-It feels awkward to have a girl sit beside me in a bed..." I muttered.

"Y-You're right. It looks like we're already married, or something..."

Lerish glanced at me with upturned eyes, then her cheeks suddenly became red as she averted again her eyes at me.

She is right. Without Aoi to mediate the situation, we really looked like a married couple on a honeymoon inside this room.

"We'll wait for Aoi before we sleep, okay?!" Lerish said to me.


"Don't 'Ha?!' me! We won't do anything like that yet, right?!" She spoke with a vein popping up on her head.

"M-Maaa, we're too young for that. Hahaha." I said to her while smiling wryly.

"B-But...if you by chance you wished for it, then..."

She pulled herself closer to me as we still sit side to side on the bed.

"L-Lerish? What are you doing?!" I screamed in surprise. What is going on? Her gaze became bewitching suddenly?!

Also, she loosened one of the buttons on her blouse, revealing her cleavage. What are you really trying to imply?!

"As your 'friend' I should also make you happy. Ren, when that time comes please, please don't hold back." She said to me in a sweet tone while looking at me with a tempting gaze.

Then, her face became closer and closer to me.

"That's why...for tonight, we'll only sleep, okay?"

Being stared at by a beautiful woman in front of me, I'm really going to be drawn towards her if I don't do something.

"W-Wait a moment, I need to go to the toilet for a while!"

"Eh? Ah, okay." She said as I distanced myself from her.

After that, I ran outside the room to go to Aoi, who became surprised when she saw me running towards her table and screaming, "Aoi, SAVE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!".

No good. Lerish is a predator in heat!

Aside from the demonkin, Lumiari and the [False Gods], I should be careful of Lerish from now on.

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