The Strongest in the World Doesn't Have Any Abilities?!

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"So...this is war, I guess?"

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Here's Episode 58, senpai!

Chapter 58 (v.1) - Girls Talk, and The Declaration of War

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



Unel, near the city of Sadari.

The whole class stayed for a while at the village that they saved from a demonkin attack. Having received warm hospitality and gratitude from the villagers, they decided to keep watch for any signs of an another attack.

"Eina, how's everything in your watch?" Mari asked Eina, who is the class [Tracker], and is currently standing on top of a watchtower.

"Negative for now, prez."

"Ah. Notify us if you see something suspicious. My omen doesn't specify the exact time or place they will attack, so we have to make sure." Mari said with a sigh.

"Are you tired, prez? You can rest for a while more." Eina said to her in worry.

"N-No, I'm okay. I'm thinking that if we survive in the end, I will sleep for two days!" She replied with a smile.

"Okay. If you need help just ask me or the other girls, prez."

Mari nodded at her as she climbs down the watchtower.


"I guess it's about time we go to Sadari."

Captain Rasheed told everyone when they assembled outside the village.

"Even though I'm useless as a fighter, I will do my best to help when it comes to strategy and emergency response. Especially this girl here, she has great talent for managing every aspect of war. How about you join the army, Mari? You will go down in history as the first female military strategist in the history of Arandel if you want it'." He said while looking at Mari, whose cheeks blushed as she is being praised by the bald captain.

"I-It's a great offer, but I'm an otherworlder, and I will find a way for us to return to our world. That's why, I can't accept your invitation. I'm sorry." Mari replied to him.

"Oh. I forgot. Forgive me for that." The bald captain apologized.

"Everyone, get ready. We're leaving." He then ordered to the whole class.


It would take two hours to go to Sadari from Unel, so while they're moving, the two girls, Rin and Karen talked to each other while sitting behind the carriage.

"Those children from the village, they reminded me of him." Rin muttered in a soft voice while staring at the village from behind.

"Hm?" Karen got startled at her words.

"Hahaha. Sorry, sorry. It's just that, he acted like a child, even up to now." Rin explained while smiling wryly at Karen.

"He still acted like a child?" Karen asked her.

The two of them didn't refer to their classmate who went missing by his name, so that they could talk to each other in peace.

"Yeah. Remember when we're in second year, when he flew a giant kite on the open field in school? I can't hide my embarrassment for him while I accompanying him when he got called by the principal!" Rin said in an irritated tone.

"Ah, I remembered it! I don't know how did it got past the guards, but it sure was funny for me to watch him ran around like crazy with a kite string in his hand." Karen replied in high spirits.

"Also, when we did a science experiment last year, his frog went missing. We spent the next hour searching for that frog, right? Then, when we took our lunch in the cafeteria, he shrieked like a girl when he found the frog inside his lunch box."

"I-I don't know if that has something to do with his childishness, but I saw him fell from the chair due to so much shock." Karen said while feeling sorry for their classmate.

"If only he knew that I am the one who put that frog inside his lunch box, as a revenge for putting a dead cockroach inside my pencil case when we're in first year." Rin muttered with a grin.

"E-Eh?! You two do those kind of things to each other?!" Karen asked her in surprise and disgust.

"Of course. In the ten years that we've been together as childhood friends, there's always a time that we will do something childish to each other. It's an endless cycle, but both of us would only laugh at each other at the end of the day..."

Rin said in a sweet tone.

"You really are inseparable, huh?" Karen muttered while looking up in the sky.

"I-Is that so? I guess it's because if I'm not with him he will do something stupid again." Rin replied to her shyly.

The two of them paused for a while.

"...Just like last time, he went missing because I'm not with him."

Karen, upon hearing that, clenched her fist.

"Rin...are you thinking of him as just a childhood friend?" Karen suddenly asked her.

"E-Ehhh? Why did you ask that?!" Rin got startled at her question, her cheeks blushed.

"I know that you believed that he's still alive just as I do, right? We both prayed that he will return someday, but you still want to keep him as just like that?"

"O-Of course! We've been childhood friends for ten years, and it will go on forever!" Rin answered in panic.

Karen, upon hearing that, felt relieved.

"Why are you asking me questions like that?!" Rin glared at her.

"Rin...I like him, you know?"

Karen said in a very faint voice, just enough to let Rin hear it. Her eyes still looked at the sky.

"W-Wait, Karen...why are you saying this to me?!" Rin asked in confusion while also keeping her voice down.

"As his childhood friend, you should know right? Besides..."

Karen paused for a while, then looked at Rin's eyes with eyes of determination and conviction.

"I can't just ignore being defeated by his childhood friend."

Rin, upon hearing that, widened her eyes.

She didn't knew this side of Karen, who is always nice and caring, to be rash and competitive.

"I'm envious of the two of you, because you go together to school most of the time, then you go home together also. I haven't experienced that with him, not even once."

Karen spoke in a serious tone.

"The time that I met him is nothing compared to the ten years you've been together. That's why..."

Karen pointed her finger at Rin.

"I will do my best so that, I won't lose to a girl who only consider him as just a friend!" She said with a smile.

Rin, also smiled at her words.

"Karen...I'm surprised at your sudden confession to my childhood friend, but I haven't told you everything."


"You said that you won't lose to a girl who only consider him as just a friend, right? That's why, for the first time in my life, I will tell this to another person. About my real feelings for him."

Karen only looked at her with serious eyes, hiding the fact that she's surprised.

"I loved him since the first time we talked to each other. Since then, we laughed and played everyday, and my feelings grew along with the two of us over the years..."


"...Thus, I could safely say that I will never lose to a girl who only met him three years ago." Rin said with confidence.

The two girls only looked at each other while smiling.

A cool beauty with a ponytail and a nice and caring girl with long straight hair hanging down up to her waist. If the person whom they're talking about is standing between these two beauties, he will be confused with the situation.

"So...this is war, I guess?" Rin asked her.

"Nn. A friendly war, that is." Karen replied.

The two shook hands while still looking at each other with eyes filled with burning determination.


A classmate, a friend and a rival at the same time. Their battle in becoming a woman has begun.

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